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Artwork of the Dimension Mirror from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror's JP site.

The Dimension Mirror[1] is a powerful artifact which can be found in the Mirror World in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and also makes an appearance in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is sequestered in the center of the Central Circle of Rainbow Route. The mirror serves as a gateway to another realm, and is adorned with a luxurious golden frame with wing and crown insignia.

In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, the realm of the Dimension Mirror is corrupted and turned into a dark eerie reflection by Dark Mind, whereupon it begins to make evil copies of whatever stares into it. In order to prevent interference from the heroes of Dream Land, one of these reflections - Dark Meta Knight - shatters the mirror into eight pieces and then scatters them throughout the mirror world. It is up to Kirby and his recently-created clones to obtain the shards and restore the mirror before they can face down Dark Mind and save the mirror world. A similar mirror also appears above the skies of Dream Land, which serves as the gateway to the Mirror World. It is seen only in the intro cut-scene to the game.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

Dimension Mirror
KatAM Intro7.png
The Kirbys battle Dark Mind in The Mirror.
Level Nr. 10
Room count 9
Goal Game count N/A
Connected level(s) Rainbow Route
Boss Dark Meta Knight
Dark Mind
Level Progression
Candy Constellation Last Level
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The Mirror is the tenth and final level in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It is unlocked when Kirby collects all of the Mirror Shards from defeating the Bosses in each level of the game. When all the shards have been collected, the mirror-shaped portal, which was deactivated when Dark Meta Knight split the mirror into shards, will turn gold once again. At this point, the portal to Dimension Mirror has been restored, and the four Kirbys can face Dark Meta Knight and vanquish Dark Mind.

The realm inside the Dimension Mirror is split up into nine areas. At the end of each area is a mirror-shaped portal which teleports the Kirbys to the next area. The first area is where Dark Meta Knight makes his last appearance in the game. The area has a large, circular, purple cloud looming above everything which stretches across the entire length of the sky. There also seems to be what looks like the ruins of a coliseum in the background, which is similar to the intact coliseum of the Central Circle in Rainbow Route.

Afterwards is the area where Dark Mind makes his first appearance, with blue rotating circles filling in the space; with smaller, darker blue circles towards the middle. The Kirbys walks on brown cloud-shaped material, with small stars floating above and next to it. Following is what appears to be the inside of ruins. It has a very similar background to the Radish Ruins area, with placed blocks making up the walls, and ladders placed so the Kirbys may climb them. Inside are three switches which must be pressed in order to open the two door pillars which block them from continuing. The pillars close soon after the button is pressed, so Kirby must get past the pillars quickly in order to advance.

In the fourth area, Dark Mind reappears, and it is very similar to the first area Dark Mind is battled from. However, the cloud-shaped material is replaced by blocks, and there are two platforms at the left and right-most parts of the screen. Next is an area which is very similar to Cabbage Cavern. The walls are purple, with bunches of purple and whitish-pink material around it. There are four Star Blocks for the four Kirbys, with a ditch for each of them to fall into. Each ditch has a water current flowing downwards, so the Kirbys can't go back up. Three of the four have something it is, such as a 1-up in the ditch furthest to the right. The second ditch from the right has a cherry, the second to the left is empty, and the left-most ditch has a Maxim Tomato. At the end of the area are once again steps with enemies inside of them, and a Gordo under water.

Directly after is yet another place where the Kirbys must defeat Dark Mind, but the left and right parts of the ground have been dug out and filled with water. Beside each is a rocky area, which is part of the background, so it cannot be interacted with. Succeeding is an area similar to Peppermint Palace, with snowy walls and floating blue blocks. Around are Bomb Block barriers, spikes, and a switch which can only be activated with an attack which goes through walls.

Subsequently is yet another area where Dark Mind must be defeated, with the ground now covered in ice. Finally is the last area, with red and purple smears as clouds, and a bridge which Kirby stands on floating an inch or two from the bottom of the screen, where Dark Mind's true form is faced.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

King Dedede finds the Dimension Mirror at the end of Royal Road in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

At the end of Dededetour!, King Dedede encounters the Dimension Mirror after defeating Queen Sectonia DX. Out of the mirror comes a dark reflection of himself known as Shadow Dedede which he must fight. Upon Shadow Dedede's defeat, the genuine Dedede jumps into the mirror to find the same eerie area featured in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Here, he must face down against Dark Meta Knight's Revenge. After defeating him, Dedede seals him into the mirror and then smashes it to pieces, completing the game.

It is revealed through pause captions that prior to the events of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Taranza had obtained the mirror and brought it to Queen Sectonia as a gift. Both having been unaware of the mirror's dark power, the queen stared into it continuously, growing more physically and mentally warped until she became the mad tyrant seen in the game proper.

The Dimension Mirror also appears as a unique Keychain. It can be collected in Wild World - Stage 2.