Wild World - Stage 6

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Wild World - Stage 6
Coily Rattler Fight 2.jpg
Kirby avoids an ancient assailant.
Level Wild World
Sun Stones 1 (Grand Sun Stone)
Boss Coily Rattler
Stage Order
Wild World - Stage 5 Wild World - Stage 7 EX
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Wild World - Stage 6 is the boss stage of Wild World in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This stage is a battle against Coily Rattler. It requires 8 Sun Stones to enter, and clearing it grants access to Endless Explosions.


The stage begins with a trek through an ancient, golden temple. Kirby can grab an Assist Star from Bandana Waddle Dee in the background, and then takes a 3D Warp Star to pursue the fleeing Taranza and the kidnapped King Dedede. He has his choice of the Bell, Archer, and Spear Copy Pedestals, and then enters a large chamber that resembles a tomb. Inside, he encounters a large stone statue of a snake, which Taranza brings to life using his magic, creating the ancient idol Coily Rattler.

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Coily Rattler is enshrined in golden armor that protects its body from most attacks, but its head its primary weak point, so Kirby must aim his attacks carefully. For its first phase, Coily Rattler attacks using its tail, slithering about the arena, and dropping from the ceiling. It also spits out fiery rocks that can be copied for the Fire ability or otherwise spat back out as a Star Bullet. When it reaches half of its health, it crumbles apart and reassembles to take revenge with stronger attacks.

For its second phase, Coily Rattler attacks primarily by spinning in fiery coils and hoops, striking Kirby from the background in segments, and generally moving more erratically to make itself more difficult to strike. It can wrap itself around large columns in the background to prepare for its attacks, and even coil around the main stage itself. It can also lunge from the ceiling and drag Kirby across the stage, dealing significant damage if he is caught.

Upon its health being entirely depleted, Coily Rattler attempts to escape up one of the background columns as it reverts to stone, then crumbles apart segment by segment. When only the head remains, it tumbles toward the stage and shatters in midair just before making contact, leaving a Grand Sun Stone behind for Kirby to collect. This causes the Dreamstalk to grow further and reveal the next level, Endless Explosions.

Boss and Abilities[edit]