Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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Kirby's Return to Dream Land

KRtDL Boxart L.jpg

Kirby Adventure Wii box art.jpg

KRtDL Kirby Wii JP box art.png

Box art of Kirby's Return to Dream Land in various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Wii:
NA October 24, 2011
Japan October 27, 2011
Europe November 25, 2011
Australia December 1, 2011
South Korea September 6, 2012

Wii U (digital):
Japan January 28, 2015
Europe February 19, 2015
Australia February 19, 2015
NA July 30, 2015
Platform(s) Wii, Wii U (digital)
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E10+.png - Everyone 10+
PEGI: PEGI 7+.png - 7+
CERO: CERO A.png - All ages
Game chronology
Kirby Mass Attack Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition
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A 4-player Kirby adventure!
— Wii save data description

Kirby's Return to Dream Land (known as Kirby's Adventure Wii in British English, and originally known under its working title Kirby Wii) is a main series Kirby game released for the Wii in late 2011. It was the first main series title to be released on a home console since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and would remain the latest title to have that distinction until the release of Kirby Star Allies in 2018. Much of this game is derived from the leftover work done on the canceled Kirby for Nintendo GameCube game. In 2015, Kirby's Return to Dream Land was released as a digital download for the Wii U.

As the American title suggests, Kirby's Return to Dream Land returns the series to its traditional gameplay, and tasks Kirby to traverse several different levels, each with four or more stages, while obtaining and utilizing copy abilities and battling enemies, Mid-Bosses, and bosses. However, several new gameplay features have been added; notably the addition of four-player co-operative play (allowing additional players to join in at any time using King Dedede, Meta Knight, or Bandana Waddle Dee), four all-new standard copy abilities, and a set of special Super Abilities which are powered-up versions of familiar ones, used at specific points in stages. Kirby's Return to Dream Land takes a lot of inspiration from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, particularly when it comes to combat, though the level structure more closely resembles Kirby's Adventure. Kirby's Return to Dream Land also makes use of full 3-D graphics, though only for visual purposes, as the game proper is still played in two dimensions.


Kirby and friends discover sad Magolor shortly after Lor Starcutter's crash.

On an unassuming day on Planet Popstar, Kirby is running along the road in a grassy field with a slice of shortcake in hand, pursued by King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee, past Meta Knight who is quietly reading a book under a knoll. All of this is interrupted when a hole appears in the sky above, out of which comes the Lor Starcutter. The ship crashes into the countryside, shedding parts as it goes, as Kirby and his companions give chase. Once they catch up with the downed ship, they enter to find Magolor - an alien clad in a blue robe - unconscious on the floor. Once Magolor comes to, he immediately rushes to the ship's console to assess the damage, finding that five major pieces of the ship were lost, along with all 120 of its Energy Spheres. At this, he begins to sulk, prompting Kirby to approach and cheer him up. The party agrees to help this stranger by tracking down the missing pieces. In return, he promises to take them on a cruise to his homeworld - a far-flung planet called Halcandra - once the ship is restored.

With this done, Magolor keeps his word and takes Kirby and his friends to Halcandra, but upon arrival, the Lor Starcutter is immediately shot down by a four-headed dragon named Landia. Seeing this, Kirby agrees to defeat the foul-tempered beast. After traveling to the volcano where Landia resides, they defeat him, causing the dragon's golden crown to fall from his head. In the middle of Kirby's victory, Magolor appears from out of nowhere and nabs the crown. After donning it, Magolor transforms into a being of great power, revealing the crown to have been his ultimate goal the whole time. With the power of the Master Crown - Magolor declares his intention to bend the universe to his will, and decides to start by subjugating Popstar. With a forced evil laugh, he departs through a dimensional portal of his own making, leaving Kirby and his friends behind on Halcandra.

The formerly defeated dragon Landia approaches Kirby and prompts him to ride on his back in pursuit of Magolor. They fly through the rift just as it closes and chase him down in Another Dimension. From there, they must first battle the Lor Starcutter, then fight Magolor himself, who is driven mad by the crown's power and transformed into the Master Crown's own projection of Magolor in the process. Kirby and friends defeat Magolor and shatter the crown, but are left stranded in the parallel dimension they found themselves in. Just as the route back to Popstar is about to vanish forever, Landia and the Lor come in and rescue Kirby and his friends, returning them to Popstar. They then see each-other off, grateful to be home safe, and to have put a stop to another evil force.


Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Bandana Waddle Dee in the first stage of Cookie Country.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land returns the series to its roots, taking place in side-scrolling stages (though rendered in 3-D) where the goal is to reach the golden door at the end. While traversing these stages, Kirby will have to deal with numerous different enemies, Mid-Bosses, and environmental hazards such as bodies of water, spikes, bottomless pits, crushers, and more novel things. These obstacles can be overcome with the use of Kirby's Copy power to gain various attacks, culminating in the use of the new Super Abilities at the end of some stages. While traveling through standard stages, Kirby can also collect Energy Spheres, which are used to unlock bonus content from within the Lor Starcutter. Obtaining these spheres usually entails solving a more complicated puzzle or taking the correct route through the stage. It may also involve hopping briefly into an alternate dimension to do battle with the Sphere Doomers, who always yield two spheres upon defeat. In the last stage of each level, a boss is fought, who must be defeated in order to progress to the next level.

Among the most distinct features in this title is the ability for secondary characters to join Kirby in real-time as he travels through the stages, allowing for a multiplayer experience of up to four players. Secondary players can choose between King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, or a Kirby of a different color to play as, and will expend an extra life when they appear. Apart from the other Kirbys, these characters are locked to a particular move-set. If they are KO'd, they will be removed from the game until the player controlling them decides to hop back in, costing another extra life to do so. Characters can interact with each other in various ways, including hopping off each-others' heads, riding piggyback, hanging on to each other as they fly, or sharing food items. Secondary characters cannot travel too far away from Kirby, however, and should protect him at all costs, for if Kirby is KO'd, they will have to start over again.

The Goal Game.

After collecting enough Energy Spheres, Sub-Games and other bonus areas are unlocked inside the Lor Starcutter, which Kirby can return to from the world map. Among these rooms are various Challenge Stages, which will test Kirby's skill with a specific Copy Ability (or with items). Also unlocked are a number of Copy Ability testing rooms, which allow Kirby to practice with various moves, and allow him to leave the Lor with one of those abilities equipped.

Upon completion of the Main Mode, an Extra Mode is unlocked, which will allow the player to play through the story again on an increased difficulty setting. Among other things, playing in this mode cuts Kirby's (and other characters') maximum Stamina in half and changes all Bosses and Mid-Bosses to more powerful forms with more intricate attack patterns.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Kirby's Return to Dream Land introduces four new abilities to the series. While featuring less abilities overall than most of its predecessors, all returning abilities are heavily re-worked, granting each one a revised and expanded move-set, along with providing a few with new hats. Each new ability is similarly fleshed out.

Copy Abilities in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Ability Icon Provider(s) Description Notes
New Abilities
Leaf KRtDL Leaf Icon.png Bulby, Leafan Kirby gains the ability to throw razor-sharp leaves at his opponents, and hide in a pile of leaves for protection.
Spear KRtDL Spear Icon.png Lanzer, Pierce Kirby gains a spear, which can be used to thrust through walls or toss from a distance. Can be used underwater.
Water KRtDL Water Icon.png Pluid, Water Galbo, Water Galboros Kirby gains the ability to ride water waves and spit water to harm foes and douse flames. Also enhances his Water Gun.
Whip KRtDL Whip Icon.png Whippy Kirby can snap at opponents through walls and grab them with a whip. This can also snatch items from afar.
Returning Abilities
Beam KRtDL Beam Icon.png Gemra, Waddle Doo, King Doo Kirby can throw out magical beam attacks, including a beam whip and beam blasts.
Bomb KRtDL Bomb Icon.png Foley, Poppy Bros. Jr., Bomb Machine rockets, various Boss projectiles Kirby can prep and toss bombs at opponents. Gains a new hat.
Crash KRtDL Crash Icon.png Searches Kirby can cause a massive explosion that defeats all foes on-screen. Single-use ability. Gains a new hat.
Cutter KRtDL Cutter Icon.png Jackle, Sir Kibble, Kibble Blade Kirby can throw bladed boomerangs which return to him when thrown and can be steered somewhat.
Fighter KRtDL Fighter Icon.png Knuckle Joe Kirby gains a large number of powerful martial-arts-based moves and a series of energy blasts.
Fire KRtDL Fire Icon.png Flamer, Galbo, Hot Head, Red Sphere Doomer's projectiles, Volcano rocks Kirby can breathe fire or engulf himself in flames.
Hammer KRtDL Hammer Icon.png Bonkers Kirby gains a powerful hammer that can pulverize enemies and pound Posts. Can be used underwater.
Hi-Jump KRtDL Hi-Jump Icon.png Starman Kirby can leap high into the air to defeat enemies or rocket down from the sky.
Ice KRtDL Ice Icon.png Chilly, Snowl, Strike Box projectiles, Silver Sphere Doomer's projectiles, Goriath's ice balls Kirby can freeze enemies solid using icy breath or an icy aura, and can also encase himself in ice for protection.
Mike KRtDL Mike Icon.png Walky Kirby can shout into a microphone to defeat enemies with damaging sound waves. Three-use ability.
Needle KRtDL Needle Icon.png Needlous, Tick, Togekuki Kirby can spout needles of various sizes from his body, and shoot them out. Gains a new hat.
Ninja KRtDL Ninja Icon.png Moonja Kirby gains access to a large number of ninja-like techniques, including throwing knives and slashing with a katana. Gains a new hat.
Parasol KRtDL Parasol Icon.png Parasol Waddle Dee, Parasol Waddle Doo Kirby gains a parasol that can be used to defend, attack or float gently downward. Can be used underwater.
Sleep KRtDL Sleep Icon.png Noddy Kirby falls asleep and cannot do anything until he wakes up. Limited-duration ability.
Spark KRtDL Spark Icon.png Elec, Sparky, Cyan Sphere Doomer's projectiles, Dubior, Metal General's drones and spark bombs Kirby can generate electric fields and fire them at opponents. Takes elements from Plasma in previous titles.
Stone KRtDL Stone Icon.png Rocky, Moundo Kirby can transform into a stone and slide down hills, or attack using a stone fist. Gains a new hat.
Sword KRtDL Sword Icon.png Blade Knight, Sodory, Gigant Edge Kirby gains a sword and a large number of powerful sword techniques. Can be used underwater.
Tornado KRtDL Tornado Icon.png Twister Kirby can transform into a small tornado and cut through enemies at high speed.
Wing KRtDL Wing Icon.png Owgulf Kirby gains a pair of wings and can attack with divebombs and feathers.

Super Abilities[edit]

All Super Abilities hold a time limit on how long they can be used. They are typically very powerful, and using it to destroy a final obstacle is often required to access an alternate dimension where Kirby can obtain two additional Energy Spheres from a Sphere Doomer.

Super Abilities from Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Copy Abilities Icon Normal counterpart Obtained from
Flare Beam
KRtDL Flare Beam Icon.png
Grand Hammer
KRtDL Grand Hammer Icon.png
Monster Flame
KRtDL Monster Flame Icon.png
Snow Bowl
KRtDL Snow Bowl Icon.png
Ultra Sword
KRtDL Ultra Sword Icon.png


All main levels include one boss stage, which is included in the stage count.

Level World Image Name Stages Energy
Ship Part Boss(es) Description
Level 1 Popstar CC Lobby.jpg Cookie Country 5 13 Oars This level is a grassy level with trees and vegetation. Some parts of this level are played underground.
Level 2 Popstar RR Lobby.jpg Raisin Ruins 5 16 Right Wing This level is a desert level featuring ruins and pyramids.
Level 3 Popstar OO Lobby.jpg Onion Ocean 5 16 Left Wing This level has a beach and aquatic type environment.
Level 4 Popstar WW Lobby.jpg White Wafers 6 19 Emblem This level is characterized by being snowy and icy throughout.
Level 5 Popstar NN Lobby.jpg Nutty Noon 6 20 Mast This level bears a vague "Jack and the Beanstalk" feel, as it starts on the ground, then carries to the sky, and then eventually a castle situated in the air. Like in previous games, this level features stages where characters can walk on clouds.
Level 6 Halcandra EE Lobby.jpg Egg Engines 6 21 N/A This level is set in a mechanized and industrialized area, showing signs of decay.
Level 7 Halcandra DD Lobby.jpg Dangerous Dinner 4 15 N/A This level is set in a volcanic, lava-dominated land.
Level 8 Another Dimension Another Dimension Empty.jpg Another Dimension 1 0 N/A This level is a boss level where Kirby must fight the final three bosses of the game. This area is located in a dark, eerie, alternate dimension.
  • In the Japanese, English and Korean versions, the first letters of Level 1-7 spell out CROWNED, the soundtrack title for the final battle with Magolor Soul (his second boss form), indicating how he has crowned himself with the Master Crown.
  • In the Latin Spanish version of the game, the first letters of Level 1-7 spell out CORONAR, (which translates to "to crown" in Spanish), very similar to the English version.
  • In the French version, the first letters of Level 1-7 spell out PARFAIT (which translates to "perfect" in French).
  • The German version spells out KROENEN, with the "OE" likely being meant to symbolize an "Ö", "Krönen" (which translates to "to crown" in German).


Kirby's Return to Dream Land offers a massive array of enemies, many of which have never before been seen in the series. While the majority of these enemies provide no copy ability when swallowed, there are often at least two different enemies who will provide the same ability, offering a good deal of variety. Most enemies are defeated relatively easily, but some are invincible and must be avoided instead.

Neutral enemies in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Name Image New enemy? Description Notes
Armor Dee Armor Dee Capture.jpg
Halcandra ArmorDee.jpg
Yes A heavy metal suit made to resemble a Waddle Dee. Has three Waddle Dees inside which are exposed once the suit breaks. Has a Popstar and Halcandra variant.
Babut Babut RtDL 2.jpg No A bulbous bat which hangs from ceilings until Kirby gets near, whence it will fly toward him and attack by collision. This is Babut's first 3-D appearance.
Barbar Barbar.jpg Yes A giant invincible eel that pops out of holes and tries to swallow Kirby. It will chew him for a bit if successful.
Barracu Barracu.jpg Yes A nasty fish with sharp teeth that swims back and forth and will thrash Kirby with its jaws if it catches him.
Blipper Blipper RtDL.jpg No A fish that wears goggles. It will swim after Kirby or try to jump out of the water to hit him. It flops around on land. This is Blipper's first 3-D appearance.
Bouncy Bouncy RtDL.jpg
Halcandra Bouncy.jpg
No A pink creature with a bow on a spring that bounces in place. Has a Popstar and Halcandra variant.
Bouncy Sis Sisterbound.png Yes A larger and more decorated version of Bouncy.
Bowby Bowby.jpg
Halcandra Bowby.jpg
Yes A floating bow with a face that holds in place and will try to shoot arrows at Kirby. Has a Popstar and Halcandra variant.
Bronto Burt Bronto Burt RtDL.jpg
Halcandra Bronto Burt.jpg
No A stubborn flying ball of a foe who will fly in consistent patterns, hold in place, or pursue Kirby. Has a Popstar and Halcandra variant.
Broom Hatter Broom Hatter RtDL.jpg No A yellow lass wearing a witch's hat who sweeps the ground using a broomstick.
Cappy Cappy RtDL.jpg No A mushroom-like foe who wears a cap. If Kirby attempts to inhale Cappy while its cap is on, the cap will fly into his mouth in place of the enemy proper.
Carry Dee Carry Dee RtDL.jpg Yes A yellow Waddle Dee-like creature with a monkey's face and tail who can be seen holding Keys. Kirby has to chase it down and defeat it to get its key. Known as Key Dee in later games.
Cerulean Cerulean.jpg Yes A spear tip-shaped flying foe who gently glides in a straight direction while sometimes slowly descending. It can only attack by collision but does not actively seek to do so.
Clayn Clayn.jpg Yes A slug-like foe who curls up into a small blob until approached, where it then unfurls and reveals itself. Does not do much aside from this.
Coldtzo Coldtzo.jpg Yes A large invulnerable cannon foe who shoots big ice volleys at Kirby.
Coconut Big Coconut RtDL.png No A seemingly inanimate object which will try to drop on Kirby's head and explode if he passes underneath. Comes in two different sizes. This is the Coconut's first 3-D appearance.
Como Como RtDL.jpg No A spider-like foe who slides down on a strand of silk when Kirby approaches. It will be defeated if hit directly or if its string is cut. This is Como's first 3-D appearance.
Craby Craby.jpg Yes A circular crab-like enemy who scuttles along the ocean floor and extends its arms out diagonally to try and snip at Kirby.
Degout KRDL Degout Screenshot.jpg Yes A floating robotic eye that cannot be inhaled and can be attacked a lot. Most are stationary, but some will pursue Kirby.
Doomers Rapa.jpg
Yes Four different varieties of spectral creatures from Another Dimension who attempt to ram into or shoot volleys at Kirby. From top to bottom, they are named Rāpa, Rīpa, Rupa, and Rēpā.
Gigatzo Gigatzo.jpg Yes A very large invulnerable cannon which fires flaming boulders on a regular basis.
Glunk Glunk RtDL.jpg No An unassuming anemone-like enemy which can fire projectiles from its head, and tends to cling to surfaces without moving.
Gordo Gordo RtDL.jpg No A spiny invulnerable floating enemy which should be avoided.
Hunter Degout Hunter Degout.jpg Yes A red Degout who will pursue Kirby relentlessly, but only if he has a Key.
Hunter Scarfy Hunter Scarfy 1.jpg
Hunter Scarfy 2.jpg
Yes A red Scarfy who will pursue Kirby relentlessly, but only if he has a Key. Reverts to normal if he drops or uses the key.
Iron Barbar Iron Barbar.jpg Yes A massive black Barbar who emerges from lava pits and tries to eat Kirby.
Kabu Kabu RtDL.jpg No A small stone idol which is capable of rolling around, leaping, and occasionally vanishing and reappearing somewhere else. This is Kabu's first 3-D appearance.
Mopoo Mopoo.png No Circular snow-tuft creatures that jump out of fissures in the ground or in clouds and either arc back down or keep rising indefinitely. Fissures produce them continuously.
Mumbies Mumbies RtDL.jpg No A floating red eye wrapped in bandages which will chase Kirby if he is not looking at it. Cannot be inhaled.
Nruff Nruff RtDL.jpg No A woolly pig-like creature which charges and jumps. Waddle Dees can be seen riding them.
Pacloud Pacloud.jpg Yes A cloudy variant of Pacto which has slightly higher stamina, but is otherwise the same.
Pacto Pacto.jpg No A floating yellow monster with a huge maw who will try to eat Kirby if he enters its range. Has rather high stamina. This is Pacto's first 3-D appearance.
Puppet Waddle Dee Puppet Waddle Dee RtDL.jpg Yes A crude paper suit made to resemble a Waddle Dee. Has three Waddle Dees inside which are exposed once the suit breaks.
Scarfy Scarfy RtDL.jpg
Angry Scarfy RtDL.jpg
No A deviously cute flying creature who usually holds in place. If Kirby tries to inhale it or hurts it, it turns into a demon and chases him.
Shelt KRtDL Shelt Screenshot.jpg
KRtDL Exposed Shelt Screenshot.jpg
Yes A small armless creature that wears a pointed metal helmet and charges at Kirby. The helmet can be inhaled or broken, leaving the defenseless Shelt to run in fear.
Shotzo Shotzo RtDL.jpg No An invulnerable round cannon that shoots continuous volleys and may re-orient itself to aim at Kirby. It can fall if the ground is removed from beneath it.
Squishy Squishy RtDL.jpg No A white squid who can swim through water, jump out of the water, and walk around on land. This is Squishy's first 3-D appearance.
Volttzo Volttzo.jpg Yes An invulnerable large cannon which fires large balls of lightning on regular intervals.
Waddle Dee Waddle Dee RtDL.jpg
Halcandle Dee.jpg
No Common and generally passive creatures similar to Kirby in physique, though without mouths. Has a Popstar and Halcandra variant. Can also be seen swinging from ropes.
Walf Walf.jpg Yes Inflatable raft-like turtle enemies who float on the surface of the water and will pursue Kirby slowly.
Wapod Wapod RtDL.jpg No Ghostly Waddle Dees who waft out of pots. The pot must be destroyed to stop Wapods from appearing. This is Wapod's first 3-D appearance.
Copy Ability-providing enemies in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Name Image New enemy? Ability Description Notes
Blade Knight Blade Knight RtDL.jpg No Sword A swordsman in green armor who sits in place or walks slowly and will try to swipe at Kirby if he gets close. This is Blade Knight's first 3-D appearance.
Bulby Bulby.jpg Yes Leaf An animate tuber plant with eyes and limbs that pops out of the ground when startled, then slowly glides down using its flower.
Chilly Chilly RtDL.jpg No Ice A living snowman who can conjure a freezing aura around himself when Kirby gets near. Otherwise, he just shuffles around.
Elec Elec.jpg Yes Spark A robotic eyeball with green protrusions that rolls along walls and can emit electricity. A close cousin of Flamer.
Flamer Flamer RtDL.jpg No Fire A spicy eyeball with pink protrusions that rolls along walls and can spout flames. It will occasionally jump off the wall to try and tackle Kirby. This is Flamer's first 3-D appearance.
Foley Foley KRtDL screenshot.jpg No Bomb A circular flying creature with a propeller cap. If Kirby tries to pass underneath, Foley drops its propeller and falls, exploding once it hits something. This is Foley's first 3-D appearance.
Galbo Galbo RtDL.png No Fire A small dragon-like blob creature which can hop around and breathe fire.
Gemra Gemra.jpg Yes Beam A floating crystal ball with a hat that holds its position and fires a beam whip toward Kirby.
Hot Head Hot Head RtDL.jpg No Fire A flaming octopus-like enemy which spews flames from its snout. This is Hot Head's first 3-D appearance.
Jackle Jackle.jpg Yes Cutter A floating enemy similar to Wheelie in appearance which throws a cutter boomerang in whatever direction it is facing.
Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe RtDL.jpg No Fighter A young karate master who knows many different moves, though is still very susceptible to Kirby's inhale.
Lanzer Lanzer.jpg Yes Spear A purple-clad knight who marches back and forth and jabs with its trident.
Leafan Leafan.jpg Yes Leaf A bulbous orange creature with a leafy crown and tail which can float gently through the air and spit seeds out on both sides of itself.
Moonja Moonja RtDL.jpg Yes Ninja An elusive foe in a purple ninja cloak who knows many tricks, but is susceptible to Kirby's inhale.
Needlous Needlous RtDL.jpg No Needle A spiky caterpillar-like foe that can roll up into a ball and rush forward. This is Needlous's first 3-D appearance.
Noddy Noddy RtDL.jpg No Sleep A pink armless opponent who spends most of its time asleep.
Owgulf Owgulf.jpg Yes Wing A red owl-like bird that can throw feather projectiles at Kirby.
Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol Waddle Dee RtDL.jpg No Parasol A Waddle Dee holding a Parasol. Can be made to drop the parasol if attacked or after landing from a drift.
Parasol Waddle Doo KRtDL Parasol Waddle Doo.jpg No Parasol or Beam A Waddle Doo holding a Parasol. Can be made to drop the parasol if attacked or after landing from a drift.
Pierce Pierce.jpg Yes Spear A flying bumblebee soldier who uses a spear to attack.
Pluid Pluid.jpg Yes Water A blob of water with eyes that drops from ceilings and tries to bump into Kirby.
Poppy Bros. Jr. Poppy Bros. Jr. RtDL.jpg No Bomb A small trickster who throws large bombs at Kirby. The bombs can also be inhaled for the ability.
Rocky Rocky RtDL.jpg No Stone A rock with eyes, feet, and a headband who falls very quickly after a leap or after walking off a cliff.
Searches Searches.jpg Yes Crash A floating spherical creature which will detonate if Kirby gets too close.
Sir Kibble Sir Kibble RtDL.jpg No Cutter A yellow suit of armor who throws cutter boomerangs at Kirby.
Snowl Snowl.jpg Yes Ice A frosty owl who flies back and forth and drops chunks of ice on regular intervals.
Sodory Sodory.jpg Yes Sword A living sword who hops using its blade and uses its hilt like wings. It can swipe at Kirby with its blade.
Sparky Sparky RtDL.jpg No Spark A green tear-shaped blob enemy who can hop and emit an electric barrier around itself.
Starman Starman RtDL.jpg No Hi-Jump A star-shaped superhero with a cape who can make great leaps upward. This is Starman's first 3-D appearance.
Tick Tick RtDL.jpg No Needle A white blob who can shoot a huge needle out the top of its head when Kirby tries to pass overhead.
Totenga Togekuki.jpg Yes Needle A spiky orange creature who rests atop a tall green spiky cactus. Hits to the cactus cause it to shrink. Totenga cannot be inhaled until the cactus base is completely gone.
Twister Twister RtDL.jpg No Tornado A yellow spinning top foe who can briefly turn into a mini-tornado. This is Twister's first 3-D appearance.
Waddle Doo Waddle Doo RtDL.jpg No Beam A small cycloptic creature similar to Waddle Dees who can fire a beam from his giant eye. Can also be seen swinging from ropes.
Water Galbo Water Galbo.jpg Yes Water A blue Galbo which spits globs of water instead of breathing fire.
Whippy Whippy.jpg Yes Whip A limbless cat-like creature with a long whip tail that it can strike with at far range.
Super Enemies
Super Blade Knight Super Blade Knight.jpg Yes Ultra Sword A more decorated version of Blade Knight who otherwise acts the same.
Super Chilly Super Chilly.jpg Yes Snow Bowl A more decorated version of Chilly who otherwise acts the same.
Super Hammer Super Hammer.jpg Yes Grand Hammer An inanimate hammer that can appear during the final boss battle in Extra Mode.
Super Hot Head Super Hot Head.jpg Yes Monster Flame A more decorated version of Hot Head who otherwise acts the same.
Super Waddle Doo Super Waddle Doo.jpg Yes Flare Beam A more decorated version of Waddle Doo who otherwise acts the same.
Super Enemies will drop ability stars upon defeat. Super Bonkers is mentioned in the Mid-Bosses table.

Super Ability-specific enemies[edit]

The following enemies appear exclusively in Super Ability sections in stages. Without exception, they bear glowing stars somewhere on them to mark them as targets for the Super Abilities, and can only be destroyed by said abilities. All of them are new to this game and have not appeared in any game since.

Note that other environmental objects with stars on them can be targets for the super abilities as well, but since these do not actively attack Kirby, they will not be listed here.

Super Ability-specific enemies in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Name Image Description Notes
Bomb Machine Bomb Machine.jpg A large bomb on a wheel trolley and crank which re-positions it. It fires missiles from its mouth and can be defeated by lighting its fuse with the Monster Flame ability. The missiles provide the Bomb ability if swallowed.
Burner Box Burner Box.jpg A fire-spewing box which can be pounded flat using the Grand Hammer ability.
Drill Machine Drill Machine.jpg A spiky piston-based machine that can be destroyed using the Flare Beam ability.
Giant Flotzo Giant Flotzo.jpg A large pale octopus-like creature who hides inside a shipwreck, and can be defeated using the Monster Flame ability.
Merman Statue Merman Statue.jpg A waddling statue with a barrel in its mouth. The barrel can be struck when exposed using Monster Flame.
Moai Block Moai Block.jpg A series of stone blocks; some being able to spew flames from their 'mouths'. Can be broken using Flare Beam.
Strike Box Strike Box.jpg A jack-in-the-box-like enemy who pops out in various places to fire beam blasts. Can be smashed using the Grand Hammer ability. Its projectiles provide the Ice ability when swallowed.


Note: The more difficult forms of these mid-bosses played in Extra mode have a different color scheme and an "(EX)" appended to the end of their names.

Mid-Bosses in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
KRTDL Bonkers.png
KRTDL Bonkers EX.png
Hammer Bonkers' debut 3D appearance. He attacks much like his counterparts in previous titles, but has an EX version with more formidable techniques.
Super Bonkers
KRTDL Super Bonkers.png
KRTDL Super Bonkers EX.png
Grand Hammer A super variant of Bonkers who provides the Grand Hammer ability. Despite his name and look, Super Bonkers is not any tougher than normal Bonkers.
KRTDL Dubior.png
KRTDL Dubior EX.png
Spark A floating UFO-type enemy that can generate an energy shield and fire sparks in various patterns. It can also summon little minions that can be swallowed and spat back at it.
Gigant Edge
KRTDL Gigant Edge.png
KRTDL Gigant Edge EX.png
Sword A large armored swordsman who carries a shield and charges with his blade. His attacks are slow, but dangerous.
Kibble Blade
KRTDL Kibble Blade.png
KRTDL Kibble Blade EX.png
Cutter A large silver version of Sir Kibble that throws huge inhalable cutter blades and sometimes charges head-first at Kirby.
King Doo
KRTDL King Doo.png
KRTDL King Doo EX.png
Beam A very large Waddle Doo with a long hair-lick draped over his eye. He can fire his beam in many different ways, much like Beam Kirby can.
KRTDL Moundo.png
KRTDL Moundo EX.png
Stone Resembles a tiny mountain with eyes, a craggy mouth, a headband, and a pair of sandals. It attacks by rolling about and crashing down from above.
Sphere Doomer
KRTDL Sphere Doomers.png
Sphere Doomer EX arena.png
N/A Spectral beings from Another Dimension that come in four variants. Each Doomer is characterized by its vaguely bird-like features attached to a spherical ghostly body. They attack with various flying maneuvers and firing energy orbs that can be inhaled and spat back. Most Sphere Doomers drop two Energy Spheres upon defeat.
Water Galboros
KRTDL Water Galboros.png
KRTDL Water Galboros EX.png
Water A large Galbo-like enemy that spits water projectiles. It also performs various attacks with its girth, by charging and slamming.


These bosses are fought throughout the game at the end of each level, in this order. In Extra mode, these bosses have an (EX) appended to the end of their name. Lor Starcutter, Magolor, and Magolor Soul are all played in Another Dimension. In The Arena, these bosses, along with 3-mid boss challenges, are fought in no particular order, except for the Another Dimension bosses, which are played in order at the end of the Arena. In The True Arena, the EX forms of the bosses are fought.

Bosses in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Boss Main form HP (Main) EX form HP (EX)
Whispy Woods Whispy Woods arena icon RtDL.png 340 Whispy Woods EX arena icon RtDL.png 480
Mr. Dooter Mr Dooter arena icon.png 420 Mr Dooter EX arena icon.png 580
Fatty Puffer Fatty Puffer arena icon.png 560 Fatty Puffer EX arena icon.png 700
Goriath Goriath arena icon.png 460 Goriath EX arena icon.png 540
Grand Doomer Grand Doomer arena icon.png 580 Grand Doomer EX arena icon.png 640
Metal General Metal General arena icon.png 600 Metal General EX arena icon.png 640
HR-D3 No No HR-D3 arena icon.png 720
  • Phase 1: 288 (40%)
  • Phase 2: 432 (60%)
Landia Landia arena icon.png 640 Landia EX arena icon.png 720
Lor & Magolor Lor arena icon.png 580 Lor EX arena icon.png 680
Galacta Knight No No Galacta Knight arena icon RtDL.png 540*
Magolor Magolor arena icon.png 600 Magolor EX arena icon.png 800
Magolor Soul Magolor Soul arena icon.png 750 Magolor Soul EX arena icon.png 999


Kirby's Return to Dream Land received a generally positive reception; Destructoid gave the game a perfect 10/10, praising everything except for the soundtrack, saying it was not as memorable as other games. GameSpot was a bit harsher, giving it a 7.5/10; the game was lauded for its multiplayer capabilities and its charm but was criticized for its lack of difficulty. IGN gave it a 7.5/10 as well, complimenting gameplay and its lasting appeal but underwhelmed with its graphics and sounds. Joystiq gave the game 3.5 out of 5 stars, saying that it had a good charm aimed toward the younger audience, but that "the complete lack of difficulty makes what should be an enthralling game sometimes boring."


Kirby's Return to Dream Land builds upon the legacy for modern Kirby series games that was previously set by Kirby Super Star Ultra, with some characters, concepts, places, and assets making a mainstay in future Kirby games to come, such as the following:

  • The main engine of Kirby's Return to Dream Land would become the main basis for future games rendered in 3D, and as such, many assets were reused in future games, especially audio and graphics.
  • Another Dimension would become a mainstay (including its dimensional rifts) in modern Kirby series games, such as Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Kirby Star Allies, although the concept of parallel bosses didn't debut until the former.
  • Various characters and enemies who have debuted in this game, such as Magolor and Landia, would become mainstays within the Kirby series, whether as cameo appearances or even as playable characters.
  • Ultra Sword the Super Ability would receive more cameo appearances than any other Super Ability seen in the game, and was even incorporated into Kirby's Final Smash in the Super Smash Bros. series since Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

Unused content[edit]

A number of unused ability icons exist in the game's files. Among them include icons for super versions of Cutter and Spark. Additionally, a pair of icons with a clock inset are present.

In addition, there is an unused purple switch variant which can be accessed in the game's files, along with an unused enemy called "Hearbell" which looks similar to Pacflower from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.


The following is a list of staff who have worked on Kirby's Return to Dream Land:

Staff of Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Position Developer(s)
Director Shinya Kumazaki
Assistant Director Yuki Endo
Tatsuya Kamiyama
Program Director Hiroaki Nakano
Lead Action Programming Katsuyoshi Sumitomo
Programming Akio Hanyu
Masaaki Fukunaga
Takaaki Kawahara
Tomokazu Tsuruoka
Isao Takahashi
Sho Tajima
Tomohiro Kamochi
Masami Ishiguro
Keita Tanifuji
Rui Uchida
Yoshihiro Nagata
Takayuki Sugano
Ryoichiro Atono
Takashi Nozue
Design Director Tadashi Kamitake
Lead Character Design Kazuyuki Nakamura
Kenichiro Kita
Design Akiko Hayashi
Hitoshi Kikkawa
Tsuyoshi Wakayama
Tetsuya Mochiduki
Shigeyuki Kawata
Tsuyoshi Fujita
Riki Furhmann
Masa Matsubayashi
Souta Sugisaki
Monami Matsuura
Akihiro Kanno
Tomoyuki Iwakuro
Tsutomu Taniguchi
Lead Motif Design Tadashi Hashikura
Motif Design Noriko Itoh
Daisuke Morishita
Masashi Fujiura
Shigeru Hashiguchi
Tomomi Minami
Yuki Honda
Kumiko Itoh
Level Design Support Koji Akaike
Movie Kunio Watanabe
Sub-game Director Hisatoshi Takeuchi
Kazushige Masuda
Sub-game Programming Takuya Abe
Kouji Mori
Munemasa Kimura
Yoshiya Taniguchi
Hideto Fukushima
Sub-game Design Kazuo Yazawa
Ayaka Kimura
Teruhiko Suzuki
Shingo Yamada
Yuuta Kawakami
Haruka Abe
Sound Hirokazu Ando
Jun Ishikawa
Voice Makiko Ohmoto (Kirby)
Team Support Seiji Otoguro
Design Adviser Ashura Benimaru Itoh
Public Relations Satoshi Ishida
Tomohiro Minemura
Artwork Tetsuya Notoya
Rieko Kawahara
Yumiko Sano
Hisayo Osanai
Keiko Inoue
Sachiko Nakamichi
NOK Artwork Jiyoung Shin
Siyoung An
Testing Masaru Kobayashi
Akimitsu Ushikoshi
Dai Suzuki
Kenta Nakanishi
Tsuyoshi Komura
Naofumi Terazono
Yuuki Tanikawa
Miyuki Murato
HAL Debug Team
Mario Club
Technical Support Chiharu Itoh
Tatsuhiro Tanoue
Koutarou Hiromatsu
Shingo Okamoto
NOA Localization Management Nate Bihldorff
Reiko Ninomiya
Tim O'Leary
Leslie Swan
NOA Localization Hélène Bisson-Pelland
Kristin Kirby
Anne-Marie Laperrière
César Pérez
Morgan Ritchie
Galia Rodríguez Hornedo
Tom Slattery
NOE Localisation Management Erkan Kasap
William Romick
NOE Localisation Producers Andrew Steele
Barbara Wallace
NOE Translation Coordination Daniele Braglia
Translation Benjamin Roffey
Thomas Berthollet
Sabrina Jouillat
Susanne Becker
Philipp Zechner
Kent Robello
Mirko Capocelli
Miguel Sánchez
Miguel Rodríguez
NOE Quality Assurance Coordination Stefania Montagnese
Quality Assurance James Clarke
Michael Reid
Sarah Rutherford-Bryant
Nicolas Jéhanne
Tristan Germanaud
Ahmed Bounouar
Mareike Krause
Peter Eiselt
Hannah Siebert
Edoardo Toniolatti
Robert Roja
Alessandro Crosa
Miguel Ángel Carnero Calderón
María Gay Moreno
Jesús Gutiérrez
NOA Product Testing Management Masayasu Nakata
Kyle Hudson
Eric M. Bush
Sean Egan
Tomoko Mikami
Nicko Gonzales De Santiago
Teresa Lillygren
NOA Product Testing Scott Callahan
Stephen Ward
Christopher N. Hicks
Josh Newman
Kindra Timmerwilke
Sara Hoad
Stéphane Arlot
Noriko Kaji
William Hixenbaugh
Ludovic Tientcheu
NOK Localization Management Yu Fukaya
Hyokjin Jung
NCL Localization Management Kimiharu Hyodo
Kimiko Nakamichi
NOK Localization Jihyun Choi
Joohe Kim
NCL Localization Coordination Chulsoo Yoon
Ilho Kim
Jonghoon Park
NOK Testing Junbong Lee
Sungmin Park
Kyoungim Na
Weonjun Jang
NOK Debug Team
Special Thanks Masanobu Yamamoto
Hiroshi Fujie
Zenta Ando
Kensuke Tanabe
Taira Murakami
Ken Osada
Hiromasa Endo
Haruka Itou
Kanako Omori
Shunsuke Akagi
Toshio Yasuhara
Yoshimi Takahashi
Katsuhiro Sakoda
Shinya Watanabe
Hitoshi Ishimura
Yuki Nishimura
Shinichi Kawaji
Yuzo Honda
Tetsuya Noge
Tatsuya Murase
Hiroshi Ohnishi
Kazuya Konishi
Yasuhiro Mukae
Yukari Kemmochi
Ryusei Matsuo
Hiromi Deyama
Akinari Kaneko
Yusuke Ota
Yumi Todo
Tadashi Ikegami
Toru Yamashita
Tomoaki Tsuji
Managing Director Kazuhiro Yoshikawa
Yurie Hattori
Project Management Tetsuya Abe
Producer Hiroaki Suga
Hitoshi Yamagami
Shigefumi Kawase
General Producer Masayoshi Tanimura
Shinya Takahashi
Executive Producer Satoru Iwata
HAL Laboratory, Inc. and Nintendo are the authors of this software for the purpose of copyright. All rights reserved.
HAL Laboratory, Inc. et Nintendo sont les auteurs de ce logiciel au regard du droit d'auteur. Tous droits réservés.
©2011-2012 HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo

HAL Laboratory, Inc.


  • Many elements of this title, and possibly the base engine itself, were taken from the canceled Kirby for Nintendo GameCube game, including certain musical tracks, the Piggyback mechanic, and HR-D3.
  • This game takes many elements from Kirby Super Star, such as the multiplayer feature, and generally the same storyline as Milky Way Wishes, with Magolor being like Marx, asking for help so that they could each achieve ultimate power. Each also has a harder, more powerful form, known as Magolor Soul and Marx Soul respectively.
    • This similarity is further compounded by one of Kirby's Stone transformations in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, which depicts both Magolor and Marx together as a golden statue.
  • On October 23, 2015, Satoshi Ishida from HAL Laboratory revealed in a Miiverse post that HAL was considering Kirby's Return to Dream Land to be titled Kirby Wii: Super Friends during development. This combined 'Super' from 'Super Abilities' "with the image of adventuring together", and "'friend' evokes the concept of friendship, which is one of the game's main themes".[1]
    • Ironically, the title 'Super Friends' would arguably have been even more fitting for the later game Kirby Star Allies.
  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land is the first Kirby title to be rated E10+ by the ESRB, as well as the first to be rated 7+ by the PEGI. The primary reason for the ESRB rating is the Scope Shot minigame, in which "players assume a third-person perspective to fire pellet guns at an oversized tank and passing blimps—the sequence is accompanied by constant projectile fire and realistic explosions."[2]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィWii
Hoshi no Kābii Wii
Kirby of the Stars Wii
Chinese 星之卡比Wii[3]
Xīngzhī Kǎbǐ Wii
Kirby of the Stars Wii
Canadian French Kirby's Return to Dream Land -
European French Kirby's Adventure Wii -
German Kirby's Adventure Wii -
Italian Kirby's Adventure Wii -
Korean 별의 커비 Wii
Byeorui Keobi Wii
Kirby of the Stars Wii
Latin American Spanish Kirby's Return to Dream Land -
European Spanish Kirby's Adventure Wii -

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