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Machine Passage

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Machine Passage
KAR Machine Passage Track Image.jpg
A view of the Machine Passage course.
Laps (default) 2
Hazard(s) ramps, Dash Panels, fan blades, Cannon, rails, bumpers, conveyors
Enemies Dale, Gordo, Heat Phanphan, Pichikuri, Plasma Wisp, Waddle Dee, Wheelie
Theme Music

Clips of the course music from Machine Passage

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Machine Passage Icon.png

Machine Passage is the seventh course in the Air Ride mode of Kirby Air Ride. It is set in a futuristic structure full of lights and moving hazards, featuring a large cannon as part of the course, along with lots of narrow passages and tight turns. It is a medium-length, but very complex course, and the default number of laps run on it is two.


The track display of Machine Passage.


Machine Passage is a convoluted cluster of mostly straight pathways that fold in on each-other, making the track line fairly convoluted and the turns fairly challenging. Despite this, the branching paths do not deviate very far from each-other, making the course fairly straightforward. The track begins along the lowermost horizontal line of the track, and heads off in a mostly clockwise manner. After heading up the initial road, the path turns sharply right, splitting into three possible paths as it enters a wide chamber filled with green liquid before reconverging in the next hall. From there, another sharp right leads to a split into two more narrow passages that gently curve right. The upper path is a very narrow glass tube, while the lower one is lined with rotating fan blades which the racers can crash into. The paths merge in a chamber with fans in the floor that can be used for a boost before reaching a u-turn leading outside of the complex and up to the base of a huge cannon.

Once the racers enter the cannon, they are fired to a faraway catwalk lined with Dash Panels that loops back into the building, where a series of ramps and rails on the sides of the hall ahead can be used to bypass some bumpers in the middle of the path. After another sharp turn, the racers will pass through a series of laterally-moving conveyors before heading down more tight turns. The final part of the track has the racers moving straight forward and avoiding flippers that pop out of the walls before reaching the finish line and completing a lap.

Setting and enemies[edit]

Machine Passage takes place in a futuristic and fully artificial environment, most of which takes place inside a large metal building of unknown purpose filled with machinery. The background is a deep red and seemingly lifeless skyline, reminiscent of Planet Mekkai from Milky Way Wishes.

There is less variety in the enemies in Machine Passage than most other stages, though the most common ability-granting enemies are Plasma Wisp and Wheelie, with Pichikuri and Heat Phanphan also making appearances. Gordos can appear on this track, both in standard Air Ride and in the Time Attack mode.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all of the checklist objectives that specifically pertain to Machine Passage:

Objective Reward Notes
Air Ride: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish 2 laps in under 01:48:00! None
Air Ride: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish 2 laps in under 02:10:00! None
Air Ride: MACHINE PASSAGE Race over 4,500 feet in 2 minutes! Machine: Jet Star Must be done in Time mode, rather than Laps mode.
Free Run: MACHINE PASSAGE Do 1 lap under 00:57:00 on Swerve Star! None
Free Run: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish 1 lap in under 00:56:00! None
Free Run: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish 1 lap in under 01:05:00! Machine: Rocket Star
MACHINE PASSAGE: Finish in 1st place without touching the walls even once! None
MACHINE PASSAGE: Shoot 3 characters out of the cannon at one time! Music: Revenge of Meta Knight 2 Alternative music for the course Machine Passage. Original track of "Boarding the Halberd" from Kirby Super Star.
Time Attack: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish in under 03:10:00! Music: Air Ride: Machine Passage
Time Attack: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish in under 02:48:00! None
Time Attack: MACHINE PASSAGE Finish in under 02:50:00 on Rex Wheelie! None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スチールオーガン
Suchīru Ōgan
Taken from in-game in the Japanese version upon starting the course. Combination of "steel" and "organ".
French Machine Passage -
German Machine Passage -
Italian Machine Passage -
Spanish Machine Passage -