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Kirby Printer

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Kirby Printer
KBR Dedede Throne Room.png
In-game screenshot of the Kirby Printer in King Dedede's throne room from Kirby Battle Royale
Type Plot device
Function Creates clones of Kirby
Found Dedede's Cake Royale
Game(s) Kirby Battle Royale
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You see, this here machine is my fancy new Kirby Printer. It spits out Kirby copies, good as the original. Maybe better.
— King Dedede about the Kirby Printer in Kirby Battle Royale

The Kirby Printer is a machine that is featured in Kirby Battle Royale, in Dedede's Cake Royale. It is a crank-powered device which can create clones of Kirby, pre-equipped with Copy Abilities.

In Kirby Battle Royale[edit]

The device itself is a cylindrical metal object, with lights and paint resembling King Dedede's sash. It is set on wheels, has a crank, and an exhaust pipe, implying that it also needs some sort of combustible fuel to operate. To create a Kirby clone, a Waddle Dee operates the crank, turning it continuously as the machine whirrs into life. After enough power, it pops a Kirby clone out the front from a small hatch. This clone is similar to Kirby in most respects, but bears a random Copy Ability, and is a random color, though never pink.

The Kirbys made using this printer also share Kirby's personality, and are generally friendly outside of the battles themselves. Meta Knight notes, however, that these Kirbys' battle prowess is "pathetic", at least in comparison to the real deal.

Throughout the story of Dedede's Cake Royale, the Waddle Dee at the crank is ordered, both by the king and by the soldiers, to produce more Kirbys. Eventually, the real Kirby finds that Waddle Dee laying in a pile of rubble, having apparently busted the machine from overuse. As it turns out, however, the machine was taken by Dedede, and incorporated into his final robotic creation, the Dededestroyer Z. Once that is destroyed, the Kirby Printer goes with it, and all the Kirby clones disappear.

Other appearances[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィプリンター
Kābyi Purintā
Kirby Printer
Traditional Chinese 卡比打印機
Kǎ bǐ dǎyìnjī
Kirby Printer
Simplified Chinese 卡比打印机
Kǎ bǐ dǎyìnjī
Dutch Kirby-printer -
French Imprimante à Kirby Kirby Printer
German Kirby-Duplikator Kirby-Duplicator
Italian Stampa-Kirby Kirby-Printer
Korean 커비 프린터
keobi peulinteo
Kirby Printer
Portuguese Impressora de Kirbys Kirby Printer
Spanish Impresora de Kirbys Kirby Printer