Phantom Sillydillo

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Phantom Sillydillo
KatFL Phantom Sillydillo Splash Screen.jpg
Splash screen for Phantom Sillydillo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Relative(s) Sillydillo
Theme music

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Formed from strong psychic energy and modeled on specific memories of his role in the real world, this phantom copy of Sillydillo will forever wander Forgo Dreams, searching high and low for Elfilin and Kirby... At least its dance moves are still impressive!
— Phantom Sillydillo's figure description in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Phantom Sillydillo (titled Armor-Plated Illusion) is a more powerful illusory form of Sillydillo which appears as the boss of Forgo Wasteland in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and can also be fought in The Ultimate Cup Z in the Colosseum. Phantom Sillydillo looks and fights largely the same as its real counterpart, but has a different color scheme, now having pink fur, magenta claws and nose, a green shell, and eyes that match those of Fecto Forgo in its "Invasive Species" form.


Phantom Sillydillo has all of the same attacks as its normal counterpart, but it attacks faster and some of its attacks have new properties. It also has a few new attacks, and has more health than Sillydillo. In the final phase of the fight, Phantom Sillydillo conjures a sandstorm, reducing visibility for the rest of the fight.

Phantom Sillydillo has a few different moves as follows (attack names are conjectural unless otherwise stated). Attacks in green are only used in Phase 2 and 3. Attacks in red are only used in Phase 3.

Phantom Sillydillo's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Variants
Cage Swing Phantom Sillydillo approaches Kirby and tries to capture him with a cage, using a lateral swing close to the ground or a lateral swing up high. If caught, Kirby will be trapped in the cage, and shaken about for heavy damage until he escapes (done by the player mashing the control stick). The swing leaves a Drop Star behind upon finishing. If the player fails to make Kirby escape the cage, Phantom Sillydillo will end the attack by slamming the cage on the ground, defeating Kirby no matter how much health he has left.
Bomb Toss Phantom Sillydillo approaches Kirby with three handmade bombs that resemble the pink puffball and tosses them at him. These can be inhaled and spat back. Despite being bombs, they do not provide any ability if swallowed. In later phases, Phantom Sillydillo may toss out five of these by surprise in a spinning motion.
Rollout Phantom Sillydillo rolls up into a ball and starts revving up. It then charges at Kirby in a straight line at high speed, prompting Kirby to dodge to avoid the attack. Phantom Sillydillo performs three of these charges in quick succession, each one leaving a few Drop Stars in its wake. At the end of the third charge, Phantom Sillydillo leaves more Drop Stars around it and then quickly jumps away.
Spinning Dance Phantom Sillydillo pulls out one of its "dance partners" and starts twirling around with it, bouncing off the walls of the arena and leaving Drop Stars on occasion.
Dance Partner Toss Phantom Sillydillo pulls out its "dance partners" and tosses two of them towards Kirby. These weakly home in on him and leave Drop Stars as they pass. This move is usually performed right after "Spinning Dance".


  • If Kirby fails to escape Phantom Sillydillo's cage after being captured, Phantom Sillydillo will eventually slam the cage down and defeat him instantly. This makes Phantom Sillydillo and its original counterpart some of the few foes in the entire Kirby series to have the ability to instantly defeat the player regardless of how much health they currently have.
  • The figure description for Phantom Sillydillo uses both male and neuter pronouns to describe it. This is likely an error, as Sillydillo (as well as nearly all phantom bosses) are otherwise consistently referred to with neuter pronouns.


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Phantom Sillydillo in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

See Sillydillo for name explanations.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 踊幻甲獣ようげんこうじゅう アルマパラパ・げん
Yōgen Kōjū Arumaparapa Gen
Prancing Phantom Armored Beast, Armaparapa - Phantom
Traditional Chinese 舞幻甲獸 犰魔亂舞·幻
Wǔhuàn Jiǎshòu Qiúmóluànwǔ Huàn
Prancing Phantom Armored Beast, 犰 (qiú) + 魔乱舞 (móluànwǔ) - Phantom
Simplified Chinese 舞幻甲兽 犰魔乱舞·幻
Wǔhuàn Jiǎshòu Qiúmóluànwǔ Huàn
Dutch Gepantserde illusie, Dolledillo-fantoom Armored illusion, Dolledillo-phantom
French Danseur illusoire, Tatoufou spectral Illusory dancer, Phantom Tatoufou
German Illusion-Panzerbestie, Gürteltor-Phantom Illusion-Shell beast, Gürteltor-Phantom
Italian Illusione corazzata, Rappadillo spettrale Armored illusion, Spectral Rappadillo
Korean 환상의 춤추는 등껍질 짐승 팬텀 아르마파라파
Hwansangui Chumchuneun Deungkkeopjil Jimseung Paenteom Areumaparapa
Dancing Back-Shelled Phantom Beast, Phantom Armaparapa
Latin American Spanish Bailarín ilusorio, Armadiloco espectral Illusory dancer, Spectral Armadiloco
European Spanish Bizarro ilusorio, Armadiloco espectral Illusory weirdo, Spectral Armadiloco