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Celebration Pictures are special images of artwork formed by collecting Picture Pieces in Kirby Star Allies. Each Celebration Picture consists of 80 pieces, the pink empty slots of which can only be filled in using the Rare Picture Pieces found in each regular stage of the Story Mode. Sometimes, a picture piece can fill in a slot already occupied. Completing every Celebration Picture is not required for 100% completion of Kirby Star Allies, though finding every Rare Picture Piece is.

List of Pictures[edit]

As of Kirby Star Allies Version 4.0.0, there are 18 pictures in total, each one depicting a different game or set of games in the Kirby series. Each picture from the base game is drawn by a guest artist, while pictures added in the updates are drawn by HAL Laboratory employees. The artists are credited in the game, with their names showing when the image is viewed. When viewing a completed picture, a specific tune will also play matching the artwork's subject matter.

The following table lists each picture as well as other details pertaining:

Celebration Pictures in Kirby Star Allies  
Image Name Artist Game(s) Represented Music Version Added Notes
The First Rival.png The First Rival Toshinao Aoki
Kirby's Dream Land "Welcome to Dream Land"
Title theme of Kirby's Dream Land
Base game The art style is reminiscent of the artwork from the manual for Kirby's Dream Land.
It depicts a number of different enemies and bosses in the background around the wrestling ring.
While most of the characters use their Kirby's Dream Land designs, Kabula uses her Kirby Super Star Ultra redesign.
A Dream Above The Clouds.png A Dream Above the Clouds kanahei
Kirby's Dream Land 2
Kirby's Dream Land 3
"Grass Land (1)"
from Kirby's Dream Land 3
Base game All of the Animal Friends (except for Nago who is oddly missing) and Gooey are depicted here,
along with Kracko, a cloudy version of Whispy Woods, and some Waddle Dees around the area.
The Star Rod can be seen next to Rick despite not appearing in Kirby's Dream Land 2 or Kirby's Dream Land 3.
Super Ultra Battle.png Super Ultra Battle! lack Kirby Super Star
Kirby Super Star Ultra
"Arena Showdown"
from Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Base game Depicts Fighter Kirby against the principal bosses from both games.
A Delicious Picnic.png A Delicious Picnic Kouichi Ooyama
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards "Project K-64"
Staff credits theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Base game Depicts a Picnic from the Kirby 64 Goal Game.
Enemies in the background are Bouncy and Flora. Whispy Woods can be seen in the distance.
The Great Labyrinth Battle.png The Great Labyrinth Battle Ashura Benimaru Itoh
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Kirby: Squeak Squad
"Squeak Squad Appears!"
from Kirby: Squeak Squad
Base game Elements from both games are packed into a single image,
with Squeak Squad primarily occupying the left side, and Amazing Mirror occupying the right.
Fight For The Crown.png FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! Ashura Benimaru Itoh
Kirby's Return to Dream Land "Welcome Your New Overlord"
from Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Base game The artwork is split into several panels depicting different events from the game.
The title is a reference to the Master Crown.
A Miracle Sent to The Skies.png A Miracle Sent to the Skies Toshinao Aoki
Kirby: Triple Deluxe "One of the Miracles"
Ending and Secret ending theme from Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Base game The art depicts Kirby watching from the Dreamstalk as Taranza takes King Dedede away.
The visage of Queen Sectonia can be seen in the sky above.
Robobot Memories.png Robobot Memories Yuji KAIDA
Kirby: Planet Robobot "VS. Star Dream"
from Kirby: Planet Robobot
Base game Depicts Kirby in the Robobot Armor, with Susie, President Haltmann, and Star Dream on the periphery.
Friends' Getaway.png Friends' Getaway T.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.) Kirby's Adventure
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
"Rainbow Resort":
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 3.0.0
3.0.0 Depicts Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee, King Dedede and Meta Knight taking a break at the Fountain of Dreams. A Coner can be seen behind Kirby's chair.
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
  • Although Crazy Mischief in the Stars came before this picture, it comes after in the lineup.
  • King Dedede swimming in the Fountain of Dreams' waters is a reference to Kirby's Adventure, in which Kirby catches Dedede swimming there while investigating why Dream Land can no longer dream. The introductory cutscene that plays after waiting on the NES game's title screen for long enough depicts Dedede in a similar pose and with a similar inflatable ring when recounting this part of the story.
Crazy Mischief in the Stars.png Crazy Mischief in the Stars R.F. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
  • Possibly Riki Fuhrmann (ファーマン力)
Kirby Star Allies "Gourmet Race":
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 2.0.0
2.0.0 Depicts Kirby with the Dream Friends added along with this picture.
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
Chasing Our Dreams.png Chasing Our Dreams H.M. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
  • Possibly Hikari Miura (三浦 光理)
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards "Planet Popstar"
(from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards):
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 3.0.0
3.0.0 Depicts Kirby (holding a Dream Rod), Adeleine, Ribbon, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede going through a tunnel made of paint.
Plugg has been caught up in the paint tunnel, while and three Dark Matter pieces can also be seen outside the tunnel. Other items in the tunnel also appeared in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, like the Ice-Spark Ability Star sticking out of the paint, the crystal[1], the Enemy Info Card, the Ice Cream Bar, the rice ball (as featured in the Japanese version of the game), and the Yellow Point Star.
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
Shadowy Partners.png Shadowy Partners S.O. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
  • Possibly Saori Ono (小野 早央里)
Kirby Star Allies "Storm Cloud" (Kirby: Squeak Squad) /
"Deep Sea Area" (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror):
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 3.0.0
3.0.0 Depicts Daroach and Dark Meta Knight back-to-back against a horde of Jambelievers, Jammerjabs and Two Faces from Jambastion.
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
The Shape of a Heart.png The Shape of a Heart K.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
  • Possibly Kenichiro Kita (北健一郎)
Kirby's Return to Dream Land "Magolor, the Far-Flung Traveler"
from Kirby's Return to Dream Land:
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 4.0.0
4.0.0 A stylized mural depicting Magolor along with his final boss form, the Lor Starcutter, Landia, and several Energy Spheres.
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
Rockabilly And Blues.png Rockabilly And Blues M.Y. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
  • Possibly Minoru Yoshikoshi (吉越 実)
Kirby: Triple Deluxe "Moonlight Capital"
(from Kirby: Triple Deluxe):
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 4.0.0
4.0.0 A collage depicting Taranza, Kirby, King Dedede, and Queen Sectonia amidst the Dreamstalk in moonlight.
In the middle is the Dimension Mirror which bears an image of Sectonia before her transformation.
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
Break Time Breakdown.png Break Time Breakdown S.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.) Kirby: Planet Robobot "Time for Dessert!"
(from Kirby: Planet Robobot):
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 4.0.0
4.0.0 Depicts Susie in a workshop performing maintenance on her Business Suit. An ice cream sundae is visible on a workbench nearby.
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
Let Them Know We're Happy.png Let Them Know We're Happy T.F. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
  • Tsuyoshi Fujita (藤田剛志)[2]
Kirby Star Allies "Song of Supplication" and "La Follia d'amore":
New remix
  • Added in Version 4.0.0
4.0.0 Depicts the Three Mage-Sisters enjoying a tropical beach vacation while Kirby flies overhead on a Friend Star.
Francisca is holding a Chumbrella, Flamberge is motioning toward a Coner on the beach, Zan Partizanne is wearing a straw hat, and Hyness's shadow can be seen in the foreground, presumably taking the picture. According to Shinya Kumazaki, this illustration represents what happened to the Three Mage-Sisters and Hyness after the good ending of Heroes in Another Dimension, and that Flamberge is calling the Coner "Hey hey, crab, crab!" and Francisca is replying "That's not a crab".[2]
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
  • Heroes in Another Dimension's Happy Ending must be achieved to unlock this picture.
Bad Boss Brothers.png Bad Boss Brothers A.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.)
  • Akihiro Kanno (菅野 晃宏)[3]
Kirby series "Vs. Zero"
(Zero's theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3):
Kirby Star Allies remix
  • Added in Version 4.0.0
4.0.0 Depicts every final boss in the Kirby series surrounding Planet Popstar, with King Dedede looking glumly onward from the planet.

Besides Dedede, this also includes Nightmare Wizard, Dark Matter Blade, Marx (true form), Zero, Gryll, , Dark Mind (initial form), Drawcia Sorceress, Dark Nebula, Yin-Yarn, Necrodeus, Traitor Magolor, Queen Sectonia (initial form), Dark Crafter, Star Dream (initial form), and Void Termina (Demon God form). The only distinct final boss missing is the final boss of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, King D-Mind.

  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
  • Heroes in Another Dimension's Happy Ending must be achieved to unlock this picture.
A Farewell to Kirby.png A Farewell to Kirby S.K. (HAL Laboratory, Inc.) Kirby series さよならカービィ:未来行く星のひと[4]
(A Farewell to Kirby: The One of the Stars Heads to the Future)
Music box cover of the Kirby Star Allies main theme, "Twinkle☆Stars"
  • Added in Version 4.0.0
4.0.0 Depicts Kirby in the field shown in the intro cutscene of Green Greens from Kirby's Dream Land, with a traveler's sack hoisted over his arm, waving farewell with a tear in his eye. The Butterfly can be seen as well. The developers have mentioned in interviews that they consider Kirby Star Allies the "end of an era" for the Kirby series; the Designer's Note from Kirby Star Allies: The Original Art Book explicitly frames this image as calling back to the origins of the series at the very end of what is a total synthesis of Kirby, while emphasizing that Kirby continues to travel to new worlds.[5]
  • This picture does not have any Rare Picture Pieces associated with it.
  • Heroes in Another Dimension's Happy Ending must be achieved to unlock this picture.

Sketch art[edit]

Sketch art of the six Celebration Pictures added in Version 4.0.0 is a bonus for ordering Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack on the Japanese official website exclusively, which was released on February 14th, 2019.

The first two sketch art pieces essentially match the content of their corresponding final Celebration Picture. The next three feature small annotations and differences:

  • The sketch of Break Time Breakdown includes some scribbled annotations about character design, and is missing the workbench with the ice cream sundae.
  • The sketch of Let Them Know We're Happy has Francisca and Zan Partizanne swapped relative to their positions in the final picture, and Flamberge appears to be holding an inner tube instead of pointing to a Coner. A handwritten annotation (うみ) denotes the fact that the scene is supposed to be set by the sea.
  • The sketch of Bad Boss Brothers places Necrodeus in a different position (next to Drawcia instead of to Magolor's left), and is missing Gryll and Yin-Yarn. King Dedede is also not present in the sketch.

However, the sketch art of "A Farewell to Kirby" depicts totally different content:

  • The top left panel depicts Kirby approaching a Sparkling Star. The top note says 未来へ…!! ("To the future…!!") and the right note says キラキラ星 ("Sparkling Star").
  • The top right panel depicts Kirby looking up at the viewer. The left note says キミと握手 ("Shaking hands with you"), and the right note, explaining why Kirby is looking up, says 20cmなので ("Because (Kirby) is 20cm tall").
  • The bottom panels depict Kirby dreaming with Void Termina's Final Core. A bubble of Kirby is shown above Void Termina. The note says やさしい夢をみて。 ("Have a peaceful dream.")


There are some peculiarities in the illustrations:

  • In the illustration "Super Ultra Battle", Galacta Knight's body is depicted as violet instead of magenta, much like his official artwork in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • In the illustration "FIGHT FOR THE CROWN", the bottom right segment slightly overlaps the center artwork, covering one point of the Warp Star.
  • In the illustration "Bad Boss Brothers", Marx's hat is colored incorrectly. Previously, similar coloring mistakes also happened in some Milky Way Wishes cutscenes from the original Kirby Super Star. It is correctly depicted in the original sketch art, however.


  • Ashura Benimaru Itoh, the illustrator of "The Great Labyrinth Battle" and "FIGHT FOR THE CROWN!", has been credited in several Kirby games in the past, including Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Supervisor), Kirby Air Ride (Design Concept), Kirby: Canvas Curse (Special Thanks), Kirby Super Star Ultra (Design Advisor), Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Design Advisor), and Kirby: Triple Deluxe (Design Advisor).
  • In almost all cases the Japanese and English titles both have near-identical meanings. There are two exceptions:
    • The Japanese name for "The Great Labyrinth Battle" translates roughly to "Treasure Scramble Labyrinth". The difference is relatively minor since the "battle" in the English title is the same thing as the scramble for treasure in the Japanese title. Other languages also differ: for instance, the Korean and Chinese titles follow the Japanese original.
    • The Japanese name for "Rockabilly and Blues" (mushi kera ga naku rokabirī in romaji) translates roughly to "Rockabilly as Sung by Bugs", with 虫ケラ (more often written as 虫けら or 虫螻) being a derisive term for bugs (in the colloquial sense of referring to small animals rather than in the strict entomological sense of 'true' bugs). Other languages differ: the English name, and most of the subsequent localizations, make a pun on "blues," which is both a musical genre and a general term for sadness. The Korean and Chinese titles, again, follow the Japanese original.
  • The music track that plays when viewing "A Farewell to Kirby" is the only one that has a unique name on the Kirby Star Allies: The Original Soundtrack, and the only one that does not loop; instead, it slows down and eventually stops as a music box would.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メモリアルイラスト
Memoriaru Irasuto
Memorial Illustration
Traditional Chinese 紀念插畫
Jìniàn Chāhuà
Memorial Illustration
Simplified Chinese 纪念插画
Jìniàn Chāhuà
European French Tableau commémoratif Commemorative picture
Korean 메모리얼 일러스트
Memolieol Illeoseuteu
Memorial Illustration
Spanish Ilustración conmemorativa Commemorative illustration

Names of individual Celebration Pictures[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はじまりのライバル
hajimari no raibaru
The First Rival
Traditional Chinese 最初的對手
zuì chū de duì shǒu
The Very First Rival
Simplified Chinese 最初的对手
zuì chū de duì shǒu
Dutch De eerste rivaal The first rival
French Le premier adversaire The first opponent
German Der erste Rivale The first rival
Italian Il primo rivale The first rival
Korean 첫 번째 라이벌
cheos beonjjae laibeol
The First Rival
Spanish El primer rival The first rival
Language Name Meaning
Japanese くものうえドリーム
kumo no ue dorīmu
Dream Above the Clouds
Traditional Chinese 雲上夢幻
yún shàng mèng huàn
Dream Above the Clouds
Simplified Chinese 云上梦幻
yún shàng mèng huàn
Dutch Een droom boven de wolken A dream above the clouds
French Rêves dans les nuages Dreams in the clouds
German Traum über den Wolken Dream above the clouds
Italian Sognando sopra le nuvole Dreamining above the clouds
Korean 구름 위 꿈나라
guleum wi kkumnala
Dreamland Above the Clouds
Spanish Sueño sobre las nubes Dream above the clouds
Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーウルトラバトル!
sūpā urutora batoru!
Super Ultra Battle!
Traditional Chinese 超究極大戰!
chāo jiū jí dà zhàn!
Super Ultra Battle!
Simplified Chinese 超究极大战!
chāo jiū jí dà zhàn!
Dutch Superultragevecht! Super Ultra Great Fight!
French Bagarre de Super Stars Brawl of Super Stars
German Super-Ultra-Kampf! Super Ultra Battle!
Italian Battaglia Super Ultra! Super Ultra Battle!
Korean 슈퍼 울트라 배틀!
syupeo ulteula baeteul!
Super Ultra Battle!
Spanish ¡Superultrabatalla! Super ultra battle!
Language Name Meaning
Japanese おいしいピクニック
oishī pikunikku
A Delicious Picnic
Chinese 美味的野餐
měi wèi de yě cān
A Scrumptious Picnic
  • note that 美味 does not have an equivalent in English, but can be roughly translated as "amazingly delicious".
Dutch Een heerlijke picknick A delicious picnic
French Un pique-nique délicieux A delicious picnic
German Ein leckeres Picknick A delicious picnic
Italian Un delizioso picnic A delicious picnic
Korean 맛있는 피크닉
mas-issneun pikeunig
A Delicious Picnic
Spanish Un pícnic delicioso A delicious picnic
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 御宝争おたから そうだつ 大迷宮だいめいきゅう
otakara sōdatsu dai meikyū
Treasure Scramble Labyrinth
Traditional Chinese 寶物爭奪大迷宮
bǎo wù zhēng duó dà mí gōng
Treasure Scramble Labyrinth
Simplified Chinese 宝物争夺大迷宫
bǎo wù zhēng duó dà mí gōng
Dutch Gevecht in de doolhof Great fight in the maze
French Aventures dans le grand labyrinthe Adventures in the grand labyrinth
German Der große Kampf im Labyrinth The great battle in the labyrinth
Italian Battaglia nel labirinto Battle in the labyrinth
Korean 보물 쟁탈 대미궁
bomul jaengtal daemigung
Treasure Scramble Labyrinth
Spanish Batalla en el laberinto Battle in the labyrinth
Language Name Meaning
French Bataille pour la couronne Battle for the crown
German Kampf um die Krone! Battle for the crown!
Italian Lotta per la corona! Fight for the crown!
European Spanish ¡Lucha por la corona! Battle for the crown!
Language Name Meaning
Japanese そらへとつづくきせき
sora e to tsudzuku kiseki
A Miracle Continuing to the Skies
Traditional Chinese 延續到天空的奇蹟
yán xù dào tiān kōng de qí jī
A Miracle Continuing to the Skies
Simplified Chinese 延续到天空的奇迹
yán xù dào tiān kōng de qí jī
Dutch Een wonder in de hoogte A miracle in the heights
French Un miracle dans les cieux A miracle in the skies
German Ein Wunder gen Himmel A Miracle in the Sky
Italian Miracolo nei cieli Miracle in the skies
Korean 하늘로 이어지는 기적
haneullo ieojineun gijeog
A Miracle Continuing to the Skies
Spanish Un prodigio enviado a los cielos A wonder sent to the skies
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロボボメモリーズ
robobo memorīzu
Robobo Memories
Traditional Chinese 機器博博的回憶
jī qì bó bó de huíyì
Robobo Memories
Simplified Chinese 机器博博的回忆
jī qì bó bó de huíyì
Dutch Robobot-herinneringen Robobot memories
French Souvenirs de Robobot Robobot Memories
German Robo-Erinnerungen Robo Memories
Italian Ricordando Robobot Remembering Robobot
Korean 로보보 메모리즈
lobobo memolijeu
Robobo Memories
Spanish Recuerdos de Robobot Robobot memories
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星空ほしぞらのいたずらパニック
hoshizora no itazura panikku
Mischief Panic in the Starry Sky
Traditional Chinese 星空的惡作劇慌亂
xīng kōng de è zuò jù huāng luàn
Mischief Panic in the Starry Sky
Simplified Chinese 星空的恶作剧慌乱
xīng kōng de è zuò jù huāng luàn
Dutch Gekke fratsen in de sterren Crazy antics in the stars
French Folles espiègleries dans les étoiles Crazy mischief in the stars
German Närrischer Unfug in den Sternen Foolish Mischief in the Stars
Italian Follie tra le stelle Madness in the stars
Korean 별하늘에서 당황스런 장난
byeolhaneul-eseo danghwangseuleon jangnan
Baffling Mischief in the Starry Sky
Spanish Travesuras y desconcierto en las estrellas Mischief and bewilderment in the stars
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆめをかなえに しゅっぱつ!
yume o kanae ni shuppatsu!
Let's Set Out to Fulfill Our Dreams!
Traditional Chinese 向實現夢想出發!
xiàng shí xiàn mèng xiǎng chūfā!
Let's Go Fulfill Our Dreams!
Simplified Chinese 向实现梦想出发!
xiàng shí xiàn mèng xiǎng chūfā!
Dutch Onze dromen achterna Chasing our dreams
Canadian French Réalisons nos rêves! Let's make our dreams come true!
European French Réalisons nos rêves ! Let's make our dreams come true!
German Jagd nach den Träumen Chasing the Dreams
Italian Alla conquista di un sogno In pursuit of a dream
Korean 우리의 꿈을 위해 출발!
uliui kkum-eul wihae chulbal!
Let's Set Out for Our Dreams!
Spanish En pos de nuestros sueños Chasing after our dreams
Language Name Meaning
Japanese フレンズ ホリデイズ
furenzu horideizu
Friends' Holidays
Chinese 盟友假期
méng yǒu jià qī
Friends' Holiday
Dutch Vrienden op vakantie Friends on holiday
French Vacances entre amis Vacations among friends
German Ausspannen mit Freunden Relaxing with Friends
Italian Amici in panciolle Friends lounging around
Korean 프렌즈의 휴가
peulenjeuui hyuga
Friends' Vacation
Spanish Vacaciones con amigos Vacations with friends
Language Name Meaning
Japanese かげなる共闘きょうとう
kagenaru kyōtō
Shadowy Joint Struggle
Traditional Chinese 成為影子的共同戰鬥
chéng wéi yǐng zi de gòng tóng zhàn dòu
Shadowy Joint Battle
Simplified Chinese 成为影子的共同战斗
chéng wéi yǐng zi de gòng tóng zhàn dòu
Dutch Schimmig duo Shadowy duo
French Alliés de l'ombre Allied in the shadows
German Dunkle Komplizen Dark Accomplices
Italian Oscuri alleati Dark allies
Korean 숨겨진 파트너들
sumgyeojin pateuneodeul
Hidden Partners
Spanish Aliados de la sombra Shadow allies
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ココロノスガタ
kokoro no sugata
The Shape of a Heart
Traditional Chinese 心的姿態
xīn de zī tài
The Feeling of a Heart
Simplified Chinese 心的姿态
xīn de zī tài
Dutch De vorm van een hart The shape of a heart
French La forme d'un cœur The shape of a heart
German Umriss eines Herzens Outline of a Heart
Italian La forma del cuore The shape of the heart
Korean 마음의 형태
ma-eum-ui hyeongtae
The Shape of a Heart
Spanish La forma del corazón The shape of the heart
Language Name Meaning
Japanese むしケラがくロカビリー
mushi kera ga naku rokabirī
Rockabilly as Sung by Bugs
Traditional Chinese 昆蟲鳴叫的鄉村搖滾樂
kūn chóng míng jiào de xiāng cūn yáo gǔn yuè
Rockabilly as Sung by Bugs
Simplified Chinese 昆虫鸣叫的乡村摇滚乐
kūn chóng míng jiào de xiāng cūn yáo gǔn yuè
Dutch Rockabilly en blues Rockabilly and Blues
French Entomoblues Entomo-blues
The prefix "entomo-" is of Greek origin, meaning insect, and gives rise to words in many languages, including the French entomologie, a cognate of the English word "entomology".
German Rockabilly und Blues Rockabilly and Blues
Italian Rockabilly & Blues -
Korean 벌레가 우는 로커빌리
beollega uneun lokeobilli
Rockabilly as Sung by Bugs
Spanish Insectoblues Insectblues
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブレイクタイム・ブレイクダウン
bureiku taimu bureiku daun
Break Time Breakdown
Traditional Chinese 休息‧安息
xiū xí ān xí
Break Time Peaceful Relaxation
Simplified Chinese 休息・安息
xiū xí ān xí
Dutch Panne in de pauze Break time during the breakdown
French Pause panne Break time breakdown
German Schadensaufnahme im Pausenraum Damage assessment in the break room
Italian Guasto durante la pausa Fault during the break
Korean 브레이크 타임・브레이크 다운
beuleikeu taim・beuleikeu daun
Break Time Break Down
Spanish Pausa por avería Break due to breakdown
Language Name Meaning
Japanese しあわせ」だとつたえて
`shiawase'da to tsutaete
Let Them Know We're "Happy"
Traditional Chinese 傳遞「幸福」
chuán dì `xìng fú'
Tell Them of Our Happiness
  • Note that the Chinese names are hard to translate due to how vague and compact they are, but the meaning shares the same sentiment as the other titles.
Simplified Chinese 传递“幸福”
chuán dì “xìng fú”
Dutch Gelukkige dagen aan het strand Happy days at the beach
Canadian French Dites-leur qu'on est heureuses! Tell them that we're happy!
European French Dites-leur qu'on est heureuses ! Tell them that we're happy!
German Glückliche Tage am Strand Happy days at the beach
Italian Quanto siamo felici! How much we're happy!
Korean 행복하다고 전해 줘
haengboghadago jeonhae jwo
Let Them Know We're Happy
Spanish Una muestra de nuestra felicidad A sample of our happiness
Language Name Meaning
Japanese バッドボスブラザーズ
baddo bosu burazāzu
Bad Boss Brothers
Traditional Chinese 壞魔王兄弟
huài mó wáng xiōng dì
Bad Boss Brothers
Simplified Chinese 坏魔头兄弟
huài mó tóu xiōng dì
Dutch Boosaardige bazenbende Evil boss gang
French Belle bande de boss Beautiful group of bosses
German Zusammenkunft der bösen Bosse Gathering of evil bosses
Italian Boss fratelli cattivelli Mean brothers boss
Korean 배드 보스 브라더스
baedeu boseu beuladeoseu
Bad Boss Brothers
Spanish Hermandad de jefes malvados Brotherhood of evil bosses
Language Name Meaning
Japanese さよならカービィ
sayonara kābyi
Farewell Kirby
Traditional Chinese 再見卡比
zài jiàn kǎ bǐ
Goodbye Kirby
Simplified Chinese 再见卡比
zài jiàn kǎ bǐ
Dutch Vaarwel, Kirby Farewell, Kirby
French Un adieu à Kirby A farewell to Kirby
German Kirby nimmt Abschied Kirby says goodbye
Italian Addio a Kirby Farewell to Kirby
Korean 안녕 커비
annyeong keobi
Goodbye Kirby
Spanish La despedida de Kirby Kirby's farewell

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  3. Kanno features "Bad Boss Brothers" as their header on their ArtStation account.
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