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Roles[1][2] are Special Abilities present in the Team Kirby Clash series games that can be used by members of Team Kirby. They are medieval and RPG-like versions of some regular Copy Abilities, both in designs and mechanics. Each role has their own separate stats for Health, Attack and Recovery (Team Meteor is also a stat, but it's the same value for all roles); moreover, all roles can use the Revival Spell move.

Any member of Team Kirby can use any of the roles and, starting with Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, the looks and strength of each role is determined by the Gear that is equipped.

List of roles[edit]

There are a total of four different roles, as follows:

Name and icon Image Description
SKC Sword Hero artwork.png A front-line role based on Sword. Can protect his friends with a dome-like Hero Shield. Has high Health and Attack, but low Recovery.
SKC Hammer Lord artwork.png A powerhouse role based on Hammer. Very slow on his feet and especially in the air, but can dish out huge damage. Has the highest Health and Attack out of all roles, but the lowest Recovery.
SKC Doctor Healmore artwork.png A supporting role based on Doctor. Has the power to heal his allies and himself. Can cast the Revival Spell without losing health in the process. Has the highest Recovery out of the roles, and also high Health, but low Attack.
SKC Beam Mage artwork.png A supporting role based on Beam. Has the power to temporarily stop time if he hits the Boss enough with the Time Beam attack. Has the lowest Health and Attack of all roles, and average Recovery.

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

In the Kirby novel series, roles appear in Kirby Clash Team Unite! and Kirby: Super Team Kirby's Big Battle!. In both of these volumes, Kirby is sent to the Dream Kingdom, where he is unable to inhale and thus use his Copy Ability. Instead, he and the other three Kirbys from Team Kirby can obtain roles by simply equipping gear. Unlike using copy abilities, equipping gear does not cause Kirby and his team to automatically become stronger; instead, they have to train to properly fulfill their roles.


Concept art of six roles (top) and Waddle Dees using roles (bottom).
  • On a development report on the Japanese website for Kirby: Planet Robobot, it was revealed that at first six roles were planned for Team Kirby Clash: one was named 狩人 (Huntsman or Hunter) and the other named 盗賊 (Bandit or Thief). The four ones present in the game were chosen for balancing reasons, presumably to make each one have a specific role in the team. Huntsman appears to have been based on Archer, while Bandit is not as clear, but could be based on Cutter or Ninja.
  • On a Kirby JP Twitter post of a password for Super Kirby Clash, it was implied that, at some point in development, Waddle Dees were considered as playable characters for the game as well, which would had allowed them to be able to also use roles.[3]


Kirby novel series[edit]


Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Roles

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジョブ[1]


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