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Trial Rooms

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Trial Rooms
Trial Room 2 KSSU left.png
Kirby finds himself perusing a Trial Room for new abilities (Kirby Super Star Ultra).
Main game Dyna Blade
Big Switch? No
Theme music

Clip of the theme which plays in the Trial Rooms from Kirby Super Star

Stage order
Dyna Blade's Nest Last stage
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Trial Rooms are two optional stages in the Dyna Blade game in Kirby Super Star and its remake. They contain a number of Copy Essences and some enemies to test the abilities on. To access these stages, Big Switches must be pressed in two of the normal stages on the world map. Unlocking these stages is necessary for 100% completion of Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Enemies & Copy Abilities[edit]

The following enemies and Copy Abilities appear in the Trial Rooms:

Trial Room 1[edit]

To unlock this stage, the Big Switch in Mallow Castle must be pressed.


Copy Abilities[edit]


Trial Room 2[edit]

To unlock this stage, the Big Switch in Candy Mountain must be pressed.


Copy Abilities[edit]


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