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Kirby TD Level InfoBox
Fine Fields.png
Screenshot from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Level Nr. 1
Stages 5
EX Stages 1
Sun Stones 13
Mid-Bosses Mowlee Bros. (1-1), Mr. Frosty (1-2), Cannon Tower Trio (1-3), Hornhead (1-4), Blocky DX (1-EX)
Boss Flowery Woods
Stages with Hypernova 1-1, 1-3
Level Progression
First Level Lollipop Land -->
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Fine Fields is the first level of Kirby: Triple Deluxe and the first of the six lands in the kingdom of Floralia. It has four regular stages, a boss stage, and an EX stage. The level is themed after prairies and forests, with a few cavern levels. There are thirteen Sun Stones to collect in this level, with one in Stage EX, two in Stage 1, three each in Stages 2 and 4, and four in Stage 3. The boss is Flowery Woods.


Note that the following synopsis focuses on Kirby's playthrough in the main Story Mode. In Dededetour!, some stages and sections are not played at all, the remaining stages are played in one long continuous run, and warps may allow Dedede to skip past large sections of it.

Stage 1

Kirby walks along the floral landscape in Stage 1.

Section 1: The Stage begins in a cloudy region, with cloud platforms bridged by sections of the Dreamstalk. There are no enemies here, and climbing the stalk to the right leads to a Warp Star that will take Kirby to the next section, inward bound to the Fine Fields island itself.

Section 2: Kirby lands in a meadow vibrant with many colors, with rolling hills in the background and coiled trees with bright canopies. Dandelion seeds can be seen blowing along in the air as Kirby progresses to the right. A sign appears that directs Kirby to inhale and spit out a Waddle Dee. Past a swinging Waddle Dee, a small wall asserts its presence, which Kirby can either hover over or slide under to pass. This leads to another wall blocked off by a Bomb Block formation, past which a Blade Knight patrols, which can provide the first Copy Ability of the game, Sword. A Waddle Doo that can provide Beam is located just beyond. Past a breakable box, a pathway in the background can be seen with a 1Up. Just to the right, a 3D Warp Star appears for the first time, and touching it takes Kirby into the background path. Following this path takes Kirby through a few more enemies, then another 3D Warp Star returns him to the main path. A Hot Head guards the path to the right, which leads up a hill past more swinging Waddle Dees and some Food, to the door that leads to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to a hillier pathway, as a fall-through platform leads past a wall to the right. In the background, Bronto Burts will emerge from tufts of grass and fly into the foreground to try and hit Kirby, much as they once did in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. If Kirby has an ability that can remove grass, he can use it to reveal a 3D Warp Star that can take him to that background portion. A Keychain can be found in one of the grass tufts back there. Further along the main path, Chip appears to harass Kirby, and in the background a few more of them can be seen around the door to the next section, a bouncing Sparky and a box with a Keychain underneath it. A 3-D Warp Star emerges past a Broom Hatter, but going further right yields a dead-end spot with a sleeping Waddle Dee guarding a box with an Energy Drink in it.

Section 4: The door leads to an open field with little vegetation. Just to the right, a small leafy extrusion grows into a towering stalk that bears the first Miracle Fruit. Touching it grants Kirby the Hypernova ability for the first time. To the right, a large tree stands in Kirby's way. Using Hypernova, he can devour the entire thing, in a flashy sequence that takes a moment to fully proceed. Upon completion, the ground where the tree was yields some collectible stars and the first Sun Stone of the stage. Collecting the Sun Stone opens the door to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads to another open area, where Kirby can use his new powers to swallow entire hordes of bad guys and Star Blocks, as well as more trees that get in the way. This leads to a small cliff interior, where a Sun Stone can be seen encased inside a large stone block. Kirby can move this block with Hypernova and encourage it to break by pulling it off its ledge. To reach it, however, Kirby will need to pull other large metal blocks into position in the same manner to give him a foothold. From there, Kirby then finds a wrecking ball hanging from a local ceiling, and an unstable wall to the right. Kirby can give this ball some momentum to break through the wall (or at least cause it to topple over), again by using Hypernova. If Kirby manages to break the wall, he can get a unique Golden Keychain, which otherwise would be inaccessible. Just beyond is the door to the next section.

Section 6: The door leads to a hillier area, and just to the right, Kirby encounters a pit with the Mowlee Bros. in it. Kirby has to fight these giant moles by sucking in their boulders and tossing them back, but he must be careful not to waste his shot on a dummy that they will occasionally hold up. After defeating the last purple one, it flies into the background and breaks open a rock that reveals the stage exit. A 3D Warp Star appears where the moles were digging that lets Kirby reach the exit and finish the stage.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

Stage 2

Kirby slides down a ladder in a green cavern in Stage 2.

Section 1: The stage begins in a portion of the fields with many layered backgrounds visible, with a cave with the door to the next section in it visible furthest away. 3-D Warp Stars are available on each level to take Kirby further in. No enemies are present in this section.

Section 2: The door leads to a large interior cave area, adorned with vines and other green things. To the right, a Bomb Block wall blocks a ladder that goes further down. In the chamber below, a Ringle tolls its bell on top of a few Star Blocks. Swallowing it grants Kirby the first new Copy Ability, the Bell ability. Down another ladder, some Waddle Dees jump into the foreground to attack Kirby on both sides. To the left, a Bomb Block wall blocks some stars and food, and to the right, a Bomb Block wall covers a ladder that goes yet further down. This leads to a wide cave continuing to the right, with a 3-D Warp Star leading into the background. A Tilt Bowl can be found here, and jumping in it will allow Kirby to tip it over and put out a large mound of burning logs, revealing a Maxim Tomato and the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to another cave leading right. At regular intervals, Kirby can jump between the foreground and background. If Kirby heads left in the foreground, he can find a hidden chamber with a Blade Knight and some collectibles, including a 1Up. To the right, Shotzos can be found that will fire at Kirby regardless of where he is. One of these guards a Keychain. Just past that is a chamber backed by breakable walls that contains a chest with the first Sun Stone in it. At the end of the cave, a switch in the foreground activates a sliding door in the background that guards the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a small chamber with a cannon in it. Using it fires Kirby upward, through some stone blocks, into a section of more cannons, some of which have to be tilted to aim them. Here, Kirby can get another Keychain if he aims the first cannon to the left past the Bronto Burt. At one particular point, Kirby must also aim the cannon to the left to obtain the second Sun Stone, instead of firing into a Gordo. The last cannon fires Kirby upward into a small room with the door to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads to a cramped cavern that steps downward to the right. A Whippy guards the hall, past which more Shotzos stand guard on Star Blocks and Bomb Block walls, which can be broken to send them hurtling down bottomless pits. Under one particular Bomb Block wall is an optional doorway that leads to the last Sun Stone of the stage. At the end of the cavern is the door to the next section, though a wall can be broken to get another Keychain.

Section 6: The door leads to another cramped hallway. Bandana Waddle Dee appears for the first time here to give Kirby a food item to hold on to. To the right, Copy Pedestals with the Sword and Fire abilities are available, and just beyond is an open area where Mr. Frosty is fought. Swallowing him yields Kirby the Ice ability. From there, the stage exit is just a hop, skip and jump past a Cappy, but a unique Gold Keychain can be found if Kirby hovers above the exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

  • N/A

Stage 3

Kirby aims for a Keychain whilst trying to avoid dirt boulders in Stage 3.

Section 1: The stage begins outdoors, on a sloped hillside going downward. To the right, some geared wooden machinery can be seen in the background which is delivering large boulders made of dirt and grass that roll down a ramp and crash onto the foreground, creating a crushing hazard. A Sir Kibble and Hot Head can be found atop some Star Block columns further right. Past another boulder delivery, a Hairy Dee can be found waddling with its smaller cousins, guarding the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to some treacherous hilly terrain with a few bottomless pits interspersed. In the background, Sir Kibbles will attempt to toss their Cutter blades at Kirby, while Chips await in the bushes. Cutting one of these bushes reveals a 3-D Warp Star to access the background. Doing so will allow Kirby to get a unique Golden Keychain if he has an ability that can strike a Bomb Block in the floor. Further right in the foreground, between two pits and past a breakable wall is the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to another more open hillside area. An Energy Drink can be seen in the background blocked with stone blocks. To the right, a 3-D Tilt Missile can be found which will allow Kirby to break the stone blocks in the background if he so desires. Another Tilt Missile, this time with three missiles can be used to break a larger formation, which yields a Sun Stone if done correctly. From there, a 3-D Warp Star will take Kirby into the background to collect his earnings. Down another hill to the right, the door to the next section lies.

Section 4: The door leads to more machinery hoisting up dirt boulders to pummel Kirby with. One of these boulders lands on a thin platform with a bush on it, which hides another Keychain. Past another boulder landing site is a thin passage that leads to an optional door containing another Sun Stone. The door to the next section lies just beyond, past a few more annoying enemies.

Section 5: The door leads into a forested area, with stick-like trees in the background. A Miracle Fruit-bearing vine appears here to grant the Hypernova ability. The first thing to inhale is a large formation of Star Blocks lodged in a tree trunk. A Pipe Worm lies in wait in a hollow log further right. Kirby can only inhale it when its tail is sticking out. One Pipe Worm in particular guards a small alcove with an optional door that leads to another Sun Stone. In a small hallway, Kirby can inhale a metal block to clear the way forward and crush some hapless creatures below. On the far side of the cave wall, some Hairy Dees (foolishly) jump in Kirby's way, only to get inhaled along with some Star Blocks that yield some food and a Keychain. From there, Kirby must deal with a Cannon Tower that blocks the way forward. To defeat it, Kirby must inhale its missile, then shoot it back when the button on the cannon's back is exposed. From there, Kirby must deal with a trio of Cannon Towers, the last of which will attempt to trip him up with a surprise attack. Destroying all three frees up the door to the next section.

Section 6: The door leads to a deeper section of the forest. A metal block sits to the left, which can be pulled until it settles in the lowest section of floor. From there, Kirby can use it as footing when he inhales a star hanging from the right. Doing so pulls away the entire background, revealing the area to not be part of the forest at all, instead being an open field, with the stage exit and the last Sun Stone now visible in the distance. A 3-D Warp Star appears to take Kirby back there to collect his reward and finish the stage.

Secret Section

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In Section 2, if, while in the background, Kirby walks all the way to the right, then returns to the spot where the section began, a new 3-D Warp Star will have appeared to take Kirby into a background section he couldn't get to before. If he continues left from there, the music will change abruptly to the music that was used in the title screen for Kirby's Dream Collection, and the hill will continue to the HAL logo made with Star Blocks. Along with this is a Broom Hatter, Copy Pedestals with the Wing, Fighter, Wheel, and Leaf abilities, and a snoozing Noddy and Waddle Dee in the foreground out of reach. Breaking the Star Blocks yields a few collectibles, including a 1Up and a Keychain. A door is located on a soft platform just above the blocks, which leads into Section 3.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

Stage 4

Kirby tosses a Waddle Dee in the forest of Stage 4.

Section 1: The stage begins within a deep forest, as a ladder leads upward past a Sir Kibble and a Sparky. At the top of the ladder, the path continues on to the right with a Key in view. Just up a few platforms is the door that the Key unlocks. In the next room, Bandana Waddle Dee shows up again to provide some food. To the right is an open room where Kirby must face down with a new Mid-Boss, Hornhead. Defeating it yields Kirby the second new ability, Beetle, and opens the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to a wooded walkway, as Waddle Dees pace around stumps. A 3-D Warp Star carries Kirby to the background, where he can impale a Hot Head and continue to the right. Bushes appear along the path that Kirby can use Beetle to cut through. Back in the foreground, a Beetley appears to grant Beetle again if it had been lost by this point, and one bush to the left contains a Keychain. In the background can be seen the first Sun Stone behind a locked door. A Key appears in a box on the main path, and Kirby will need to travel with it to the background to unlock the door. Further right, past some ambushing Bronto Burts and a Grizzo, another trip to the background yields the door to the next section. However, if Kirby continues to the right, he will find a hidden Golden Keychain.

Section 3: The door leads to a wooded walkway with Gordos on patrol and a Grizzo asleep in the background. A Tick can be found just to the right, along with a sealed-off room with a Sun Stone in it. Further right, a clear future path in the background is apparent as Kirby must traverse more pits and Gordos to get another Keychain. Past a Chip lies the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to an interior vertical shaft with Gordos all around. Some of the Gordos are actually in the foreground or background, and as such will not harm Kirby if he passes by them. At the top of the shaft is the door to the next section.

Section 5: This section is merely the background of Section 3. Here, Kirby appears at the far right and, if he breaks the box next to him, will be given an Invincibility Candy. Past a few patrolling Gordos, a Bomb Block wall can be broken to get at a 3-D Warp Star to take Kirby to the room from Section 3 that was sealed off to collect that Sun Stone. The sleeping Grizzo from before guards the door to the next section.

Section 6: The door leads to a wooden inlet over a large pit spanned by a Tilt Gondola. Kirby can ride this gondola across to reach a ladder on the other side that goes up. In the next room, another gondola can be ridden over a spike pit, but Kirby will need to be mindful of the Shotzo that is firing downward. At the base of the next ladder up is a breakable block that hides a Keychain. The final chamber has Kirby carrying a Key in another couple of gondolas over some tricky obstacles, including braziers that shoot fire. If done successfully, Kirby can unlock a door, behind which is some food and a ladder that leads down intro a small chamber with the last Sun Stone of the stage. One more ladder leads up into a room with a Tick, a Broom Hatter, and a Warp Star that will carry Kirby to the next section.

The Warp Star bounces along the tree branches, taking out more Cappies and Broom Hatters as it does so before it flies directly upward.

Section 7: The Warp Star crashes down into an elevated wooden walkway in the high treetops. Some Waddle Dees and a Hairy Dee will attempt to get in the way as Kirby travels to the right. At the far right, past a guarding Ringle is the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

  • N/A

Stage 5 (Boss: Flowery Woods)

Taranza uses his magic on a flower to transform it into Flowery Woods.

The stage begins in an open floral plain hillside, and Bandana Waddle Dee appears to give a food item. The Beam, Fire and Beetle abilities are available on Copy Pedestals and in the background, Taranza is seen carrying King Dedede away. Just to the right is the door to the Boss Chamber.

In the chamber itself, Taranza sees Kirby approaching, and starts to panic and fly faster. Kirby catches up with him, so he casts a spell on an insignificant flower and flies off, causing it to grow rapidly into the boss, Flowery Woods. Flowery wakes up and attacks Kirby, initiating the fight.

Flowery Woods starts off by dropping large pollen grains on Kirby, which he can inhale and spit back. Flowery Woods will also puff out air puffs, like its wooded similar.

Once it is down to half health, Flowery Woods will get angry and jump into the background, where Kirby cannot follow it. It will unleash giant pollen boulders that bounce into the foreground, and then extend its roots to try and hit Kirby from below. Attacking its roots with the inhaled pollen ball or any other attack is effective at hurting it. Additionally, when the roots detract, inhalable stars will be left behind. Flowery Woods will also attempt to puff air from its new vantage point and will occasionally hop back into the foreground to attempt to stomp Kirby, creating stars as it lands. It will additionally try to toss its flowers as spinning blades at Kirby, which he can swallow to get the Cutter ability. Its roots can take on a variety of forms, with the largest forms being difficult to avoid.

Defeating Flowery Woods causes its background platform to slump over, causing Flowery Woods to slide downward and exhibit its sad face and tear. The Grand Sun Stone then appears for Kirby to collect and finish the level.

Stage EX

Kirby gets out of the way of a tree falling in from the background in Stage EX.

Section 1: The stage begins in a cloud canopy, in a vertical shaft. A ladder leads up to a Tilt Cannon, which can be used to break through some stone blocks to reach the next cannon, or get some collectible stars in a separate chamber. The cannons shoot Kirby to another Tilt Cannon, which, if aimed left will net him a Keychain. To the right past more stone blocks, the shot will send Kirby flying to the next section.

Section 2: Kirby lands in a green field reminiscent of Cookie Country, where in the background, large pine trees can be seen. To the right, a Birdon appears which can grant the Wing ability when swallowed. Past a swinging Waddle Dee, some more of them can be seen with axes in the background cutting down the trees in an attempt to make them land on Kirby. In the next stretch, a treasure chest lies beneath some stone blocks, which a falling tree will open up. However, Kirby will need to jump into the background and cut the tree down himself to get at it. Kirby can reach the background by riding a 3-D Warp Star uncovered under another stone block barrier when a tree crashes down into it. The chest can then be accessed to get a Golden Keychain. Past a Tick and some more falling timber, suspended on a soft floating platform is the door to the next section, though yet another Keychain is located below the platform, and a breakable wall to the right will yield three green stars.

Section 3: The door leads to a small chamber within a wooded structure, with a ladder headed up. Waddles Dees jump at Kirby in the chamber above, and a ladder leads further up. Sir Kibbles fire at Kirby in the chamber above, and a 3-D Warp Star can take him to their position. From where the Sir Kibbles were, ladders will take Kirby up to the next room, where Chips will attempt to ambush him from the foreground. Up the next ladder, Hairy Dees jump at Kirby much the same as the others before. Heading back to the foreground from here, more Hairy Dees attempt to ambush Kirby. The ladder up leads to a room where dirt boulders come crashing down on both sides. Between them is the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door takes Kirby back to the green plains, with more falling trees and bottomless pits. Many platforms must be traversed, with various hazards to dodge. Down one particular cliff, a breakable wall yields a chamber that contains a chest with a Keychain inside. Past a great deal of dirt boulders, one last falling tree breaks some stone blocks that reveal the door to the next section to the far right.

Section 5: The door leads to another cloud canopy with a Wing and Beetle Copy Pedestal just to the right. A 3-D Warp Star takes Kirby to a new room where Bandana Waddle Dee passes him a food item. A series of cannons then take Kirby to a new chamber where Blocky DX is fought. Defeating it yields Kirby the Stone ability. In the next room, a good deal of collectibles await, along with a chest that contains the one Sun Stone to collect in this stage. A 3-D Warp Star will then take Kirby to the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

  • N/A


A portion of the Fine Fields Stage Select area.