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Pipe Mouth

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Pipe Mouth
KatFL Pipe Mouth screenshot.png
Screenshot of Pipe Mouth Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First stage it appears in Concrete Isles
Obtained from A large pipe in a stage
Power(s) Take the form of a pipe and roll down slopes to defeat enemies and bust through walls
Comparable to Friend Circle
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Kirby gained the mysterious Mouthful Mode ability after he flew through that vortex... Now he can stuff an entire pipe into his mouth! Get a good forward roll going, and nothing can stop you...assuming you time your jumps over gaps well, that is.
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Pipe Mouth is a Mouthful Mode that involves Kirby wrapping himself around a big metal pipe in order to take control of it, allowing him to roll rapidly down slopes, defeating enemies and breaking all obstacles along the way. While Kirby is using this mode, he cannot control the direction or speed at which he moves. Instead, all he can do is jump at opportune times to avoid falling into pits or otherwise not going where he needs to. Pipe Mouth is used to break through fragile walls, typically to uncover a hidden chamber and save a Waddle Dee.

Much like Coaster Mouth, Kirby is unable to spit out the pipe until he reaches the end of the "track" and hits an unbreakable wall, flattening the pipe and forcing Kirby to spit it out in order to progress.


  • A (or B) - Jump


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どかんほおばり
Dokan Hōbari
Clay Pipe Mouthful
Traditional Chinese 水管塞滿嘴
Shuǐguǎn Sāimǎnzuǐ
Waterpipe Stuffed Mouth
Simplified Chinese 水管塞满嘴
Shuǐguǎn Sāimǎnzuǐ
Dutch Mondvol-buis Mouthful pipe
French Tuyau transmorphé Transmorphed pipe
German Rohr-Stopfer Pipe-Stuffer
Korean 토관 머금기
Togwan Megeumgi
Clay Pipe Mouthful
Spanish Tubería transmórfica Transmorphic pipe