The Three Mage-Sisters

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The Three Mage-Sisters
Three Generals.png
Official art of Francisca (left), Flamberge (right), and Zan Partizanne (middle) as villains in Story Mode
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Cameo Appearances Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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The Three Mage-Sisters are a trio of antagonists who serve Hyness in Kirby Star Allies. The members of the three mages include:

Kirby Star Allies

Story Mode

Main article: Kirby Star Allies#Story

In the opening of Kirby Star Allies Story Mode, a mysterious hooded man, Hyness, failed to revive the Dark Lord in The Divine Terminus, located in their headquarter Jambandra. He ordered his three mages to recycle dark hearts, the pieces of the Jamba Heart splattered all over the universe. The mages arrive in Planet Popstar along with their mobile fortress Jambastion, the third level where Kirby & Friends would fight them for the first time:

Upon Zan Partizanne's first defeat, she, the leader of the trio, destroys the Jambastion fortress but Kirby & co. manage to escape. The mages then go to other stars in the universe to recycle the rest dark hearts.

The three mages would be fought again across the universe in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, the fourth level:

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Upon Zan Partizanne's second defeat, the hooded Hyness appears and fights Kirby & co. When Hyness is seemingly defeated (with very little health bar left), however, he becomes unhooded and reveals his true face. Then, he summons the three mages and turns them into rag dolls as his weapons and shields, continuing the boss battle.

Upon the final defeat of unhooded Hyness, he realizes they still don't have enough dark hearts to revive Void Termina, so he forces the mages to join himself and become the last sacrifices to their dark lord. It works and Kirby & co. have to defeat the revived Void Termina in the final battle.

When Kirby & co. enters the body of Void Termina after defeating his first phase, the Demon God Form, Hyness and the three mages are found trapped inside his core. Kirby & co. defeats his first core and saves the four sacrifices from his body. Upon Void Termina's defeat, the whereabouts of Hyness and the three mages are unknown, but they are confirmed to survive.

Heroes in Another Dimension

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The Three Mage-Sisters
The Three Mage-Sisters.jpg
The Three Mage-Sisters as a boss in Heroes in Another Dimension and The Ultimate Choice - Soul Melter EX
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Relative(s) Francisca
Zan Partizanne
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The Three Mage-Sisters are the final boss of Heroes in Another Dimension, right after Corrupt Hyness is defeated. This battle is an encounter with Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne together at once. When paired up in this battle, they all wear special gold variations of their normal outfits and have black faces with red eyes, similar to when they are being controlled by Hyness.


The sisters can fight separately from one-another and use their respective special attacks in tandem. As such, this fight can be seen as a mashup of the three individual mage-sisters boss battles.

Dream Friend

The Three Mage-Sisters can become a playable Dream Friend to join Kirby's allies by clearing certain conditions.

When playing as the Three Mage-Sisters, the player can switch between the three characters at will, which is different from Rick & Kine & Coo. The three mages share the same health bar, but each mage has her own moveset based on their attacks as bosses. The active mage on the field is indicated by the Blizzard/Sizzle/Zap icon beside their health bar.

  • Francisca attacks with her icy axe, ice-based magic and soda gun.
  • Flamberge attacks with her fiery sword and flamethrower.
  • Zan Partizanne attacks with her electric spear, thunderclouds and lightning drums. Much quicker movement speed than the other sisters.

The Three Mage-Sisters can used an attack called Sister Circle, in which they form a Friend Circle and attack the full screen, similar to Copy Abilities like Crash and Festival. While very powerful, this attack requires cooldown to be used again, similar to Chef Kawasaki the Friend's timer for Cook Pot / Souper Supper.


The following are the move-sets for each mage sister as Dream Friends.

Francisca's Dream Friend Moveset in Kirby Star Allies  
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
Cisca Slash
press and release B
Deadly Ice Candy
↓ + B in midair
Cisca Dash
Dash + B
Frozen Gelato
Press and hold B, and then release
Cisca Uppercut
↑ + B
Shaken Soda Blaster
↓, then press and hold ↑ + B, then release
Cisca Slam
↓ + B after Cisca Uppercut
Elegant Escape
L/R + a direction
Flamberge's Dream Friend Moveset in Kirby Star Allies  
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
Berge Slash
B, then B again
Scorching Sword Plunge
↑ + B in midair
Berge Rush
B after Berge Slash
Mega Broiler
↓, and then ↑ + B
Berge Finish
B after Berge Rush
Burst Jump
↑ + B
Flam Flambé
Dash + B
Burst Step
L/R + a direction
BBQ Skewer
↓ + B in midair
Zan Partizanne's Dream Friend Moveset in Kirby Star Allies  
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
Zan Zlash
B, then B again
Drum N Waste
↓ and forward + B repeatedly
Zan Ztab
↓ + B in midair
Electro Eclair
↓, and then ↑ + B
Zan Zkewers
Dash + B
Lightning Dodge
L/R + a direction
Lightning Lemonade
Press and hold ↑ + B

The sisters share in common a move called 'Sister Tag', which is done by holding ↓ and then pressing and releasing B. This swaps out each sister as follows:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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The Three Mage-Sisters appear as a Support Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, using their Story Mode villain illustration. Their spirit is ranked ★★ Advanced, and their skill is Battering Items ↑ with the cost of 1 slot. This skill possibly refers to either their own battering weapons, or them being used as battering weapons by Hyness during his unhooded boss battle.

In Adventure Mode: World of Light and Spirit Board, the Three Mage-Sisters' spirit possesses three female Robin and increases the power of their Special moves (which are all magic-based) during their Spirit Battle.


  • Despite the word 'sisters' in their group name, the three mages are not actually related by blood. According to their pause descriptions in the 'Soul Melter EX' version of The Ultimate Choice, each were disparate girls who were rescued from certain death by Hyness and imbued with the powers of that which would have killed them.
  • The character designs and names of the three mages are directly based on their weapons: a francisca (a throwing axe), a flamberge (a sword with an undulating blade), and a partisan (a type of polearm similar to a spear).
  • With the release of Kirby Star Allies, the three mages would become the news presenters on Kirby's official JP Twitter, similar to Susie for Kirby: Planet Robobot and the spin-offs therein.
  • The Japanese name of the Three Generals of Magic, 三魔官, has the same pronunciation (sanmakan) as サンマ缶 ("saury can") which has become a common nickname for the trio in the Japanese community.
  • When introduced as a Dream Friend on the official Twitter, the Three Mage-Sisters are given the nickname 信号機三人娘 ("traffic-light trio girls") by Magolor.
  • Of the Three Mage-Sisters Dream Friend, Zan Partizanne has the fastest dashing speed of all playable characters in Kirby Star Allies. Her Lightning Dodge is also the fastest movement of all playable characters when used consecutively.
    • Combined with Zan Partizanne's mobility and the short levels, Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters is the fastest to finish of all character's routes in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
  • Of the Three Mage-Sisters Dream Friend, Flamberge is the only one who uses an Infinity Jump as opposed to hovering. This is likely a nod to the way she hops about the stage when fought as a boss.
  • When the Three Mage-Sisters become available as a Dream Friend, they will have a 25% chance to replace the crew of Burning Leo, Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo in the Jukebox and the Theater of Kirby Star Allies.
  • The Three Mage-Sisters in Heroes in Another Dimension have the highest health of any single boss battle in Kirby Star Allies.
  • In the Japanese and Chinese versions of VS The Three Mage-Sisters, the mages are referred to as "becoming a powerful trident"[1], which is referenced in their battle theme's title, 三叉一閃の巫の熱情 (Passion of the Tridental Flashing Mages).
  • Like other recruitable mid-bosses, the playable Three Mage-Sisters are slightly smaller than their boss appearances.
  • Each mage has their signature colors and sound effects for their text bubbles in the Kirby Star Allies dialogues.[2]
  • When any of the Three Mage-Sisters performs the Team Attack, they will fire the laser beam in a prayer pose.


Video Gallery

The Three Mage-Sisters' Dream Friend trailer

Names in other languages

Three Generals of Magic

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 三魔官
Three Generals of Magic
Chinese 三魔官
sān mó guān
Three Generals of Magic
Korean 삼사신
Three Envoys
  • Could be possibly written as 三使臣.

The Three Mage-Sisters

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 三魔官シスターズ
Sanmakan Shisutāzu
The Three Mage-Sisters
Traditional Chinese 三魔官姊妹
sān mó guān zǐ mèi
The Three Mage-Sisters
Simplified Chinese 三魔官姐妹
sān mó guān jiě mèi
Dutch De drie magische zusters The three magic sisters
French Les trois sœurs mages The three mage-sisters
German Die drei magischen Schwestern The three magic Sisters
Italian Le tre sorelle maghe The three mage-sisters
Korean 삼사신 시스터즈
Samsasin Siseuteojeu
The Three Envoy-Sisters
Russian Три сестры-волшебницы
Tri sestry-volshebnitsy
Three magic-sisters
Spanish Las tres hermanas magas The three mage-sisters


  1. "力を合わせて 強大な三叉となり 最終決戦をいどむ三魔官!" —VS The Three Mage-Sisters (Japanese version)
  2. Kirby's official Twitter post on February 5, 2019