Haltmann Works Company

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The logo for the Haltmann Works Company, as represented by the Sticker.

The Haltmann Works Company is an organization with a corporate hierarchy, which also acts as its own civilization. It engages in rapid hostile takeover of any world it can (referred to as the Mechanizing Occupation Project), in order to extract all the resources from it, then move on to the next one, leaving all manner of mechanical desolation in its wake. The company is led by President Haltmann, who in turn tends to the heart of the company, the ancient computer known as Star Dream.

Haltmann Works is responsible for several robotic creations, including Gigavolt, C.O.G.S., and most recognizably, the Invader Armor.

The main story of Kirby: Planet Robobot revolves around the company taking root on Pop Star using their mothership, the Access Ark. As all other opposition to the takeover was effectively shot down on arrival, it is up to Kirby to save his world from consumption by single-handedly taking out each leg of the ark, then dealing with the President and his computer. After the ark is destroyed, it can be presumed that the Haltmann Works Company was also effectively ended as an organization.