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Heroes in Another Dimension

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Heroes in Another Dimension
KSA Heroes in Another Dimension title screen.png
The title screen of Heroes in Another Dimension
Type(s) Extra Mode
Levels 5
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Star Allies
Comparable to Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler
Theme music

Clip of the title screen theme for Heroes in Another Dimension.

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This article is about the game mode in Kirby Star Allies. For Another Dimension in a more general context, see Another Dimension.
Hyness' prayer opened a path from another new dimensions untold. What possibilities await? Will you be a Dream Friend? Will you face even greater evil? Collect hearts and explore new worlds. The light of hope is yours to create.
— Kirby Star Allies Pause Screen description

Heroes in Another Dimension is an Extra Mode in Kirby Star Allies, which was added in version 4.0.0 on November 30th, 2018. It acts as a shorter yet more challenging adventure which utilizes the abilities of Kirby and his Dream Friends to solve difficult puzzles and fight more powerful parallel versions of bosses from the main story mode, culminating in a battle against The Three Mage-Sisters. The Story Mode must be completed to unlock this mode, like with The Ultimate Choice and Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!. Clearing Heroes in Another Dimension is not required for 100% completion, but it is required for "Crown%" (crowning the Kirby icon on the save file).

While the plot of this mode is only loosely connected to that of the main story, it follows Kirby and his allies as they venture through a portal into Another Dimension created by Hyness' repeated attempts to summon his dark lord, and can be seen as a follow-up to the changing appearance of The Divine Terminus shown in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!.


There are five total stages in this mode. In the first four stages, Kirby and his Dream Friend allies tag in and out using the Hero Doors in order to solve puzzles and collect as many Friend Hearts as possible. Each of these stages has 30 Friend Hearts that can be collected, with the first one in each stage always being a mandatory pickup. The final stage contains no hearts or hero doors, and is merely the place where Kirby and co. fight the last set of bosses in the game. As such, a total of 120 hearts can be collected, and a final grade will be given to the player depending on how many hearts were collected at the end of the game. How many hearts were collected also determines how the story ends - with a sufficient number allowing Kirby to befriend the Three Mage-Sisters and Hyness, while also breaking the curse that they were held under.

The following list links to a detailed overview of each stage in Heroes in Another Dimension:

Dimension II, III and IV can be cleared in any order. In the first playthrough, cleared dimensions cannot be revisited. After clearing Final Dimension once, all five dimensions will become available for revisit (to collect the remaining Friend Hearts if any are missing).


In the first four dimensions, four Parallel bosses are fought, one for each dimension:

In the Final Dimension, the final bosses are:

The first four are known as 異界四天王/이공간 사천왕 ("The Otherworldly Big Four") in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions. 四天王 and 사천왕 literally translate to "Four Heavenly Kings", but the term is otherwise used to refer to "the big four" of something (in this case, the dimension they are in).

Notes on bosses[edit]

Each boss is based on a previous boss from the Story Mode of the game. The Otherworldly Big Four in particular have double the health of their original counterparts. In particular, The Three Mage-Sisters have the highest health (3,234; Star Bullet=52) of all single boss battles in Kirby Star Allies.

In the rooms before the four parallel boss battles, several food items can be found which match their characteristics:

Tossing Friend Hearts has no effect on the defeated parallel bosses, unlike the Story Mode bosses Whispy Woods, King Dedede, and Meta Knight.


The following details what kind of ending will play out depending on how many Friend Hearts were collected before entering the Final Dimension.

The End?[edit]

If Kirby has collected 99 or less Friend Hearts before the Final Dimension, "The End?" (bad ending) will play out:

  • 4-19 Friend Hearts - F Rank
  • 20-49 Friend Hearts - E Rank
  • 50-79 Friend Hearts - D Rank
  • 80-89 Friend Hearts - C Rank
  • 90-99 Friend Hearts - B Rank

(The minimum number is 4 rather than 0 because the first Friend Heart in each Dimension is mandatory.)

King Dedede will appear as the surprise boss during the credits roll, like in Story Mode. Clearing Heroes in Another Dimension once regardless of rank will unlock Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice, provided that Soul Melter has also been cleared.

Happy Ending[edit]

If Kirby has collected at least 100 Friend Hearts before the Final Dimension, "Happy Ending" will play out:

  • 100-109 Friend Hearts - A Rank
  • 110-120 Friend Hearts - S Rank

Obtaining the Happy Ending will unlock The Three Mage-Sisters as a Dream Friend and the last three Celebration Pictures to assemble. Marx will appear as a surprise boss in The Happiest Curtain Call, just like King Dedede in Story Mode and Meta Knight in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!.


The theme of the dimension levels, "The Legend of Last World" (Track 188 in the Jukebox), is a remix medley of various final level themes from the Kirby series, namely:

Additionally, the themes of dimension clear results (Track 191 in the Jukebox) and "The End?" staff roll (Track 194) are remixes of the bad ending theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3.


  • Outside of the stage select area, boss preparation rooms, and boss fights themselves, Kirby is unable to discard his ability, even if he did not get it from a Hero Door.
  • The mode was originally titled "Another Dimension Challenge" during development. The abbreviation adc is still used to name the mode in the game files.
  • The artwork for the official trailer and website (see the Video Gallery) is not found in the game itself.
  • The hollowed-out design of the Point Stars found in this mode previously appeared in the Extra Mode in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  • In the French, Dutch and Italian versions, S Rank is known as A+ Rank instead.


Video Gallery[edit]

Kirby Star Allies official trailer:
Wave 3 Update
Kirby Star Allies official trailer:
Wave 3 Update - Heroes in Another Dimension

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アナザーディメンションヒーローズ
Anazā Dimenshon Hīrōzu
Another Dimension Heroes
Traditional Chinese 異次元空間英雄同盟
Yì Cìyuán Kōngjiān Yīngxióng Tóngméng
Another Dimension Hero Allies
Simplified Chinese 异次元空间英雄同盟
Yì Cìyuán Kōngjiān Yīngxióng Tóngméng
Dutch Helden in een andere dimensie Heroes in another dimension
French Héros dans une dimension parallèle Heroes in a parallel dimension
German Helden in einer anderen Dimension Heroes in another Dimension
Italian Eroi in una dimensione parallela Heroes in a parallel dimension
Korean 또 하나의 세계 히어로즈
Tto Hanaui Segye Hieolojeu
Another World Heroes
Russian Герои в другом измерении[1]
Geroi v drugom izmerenii
Heroes in another dimension
Spanish Héroes en una dimensión paralela Heroes in a parallel dimension
Thai Heroes in Another Dimension[2]