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Beginner's Room

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This article is about the tutorial system of Kirby Super Star and its remake. For the musical theme of the same name, see The Beginner's Room (theme).
Kirby gives his infamous glare in the Beginner's Room for Spring Breeze in Kirby Super Star.
Is this your first time playing?
— prompt from Kirby Super Star when starting a new game in Spring Breeze

The Beginner's Room (also referred to as The Beginner's Show) is a tutorial system built into Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. When starting a new game in any of the original main game-modes (except Revenge of Meta Knight in both versions and Dyna Blade in Ultra), the player will be prompted with the option of watching the Beginner's Show or skipping it. These shows, as implied by the title, are designed to cater to first-time players for the game, and the show for Spring Breeze in particular caters to new video game players in general.


The Beginner's Room is (usually) set on a basic stage with an audience of Kirby lookalikes in the crowd, and a background wall which resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Most beginner's shows are set here, with the same musical theme, but with various images and/or objects that can appear on-stage. Each show is also narrated by an off-screen narrator who speaks directly to the player, introducing characters and explaining mechanics.

At any point during a Beginner's Show, the player can press the Start button to skip it.

Spring Breeze[edit]

Kirby once again glares at the mention of being called jolly in the beginner's room for Spring Breeze in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

The show for Spring Breeze differs greatly between versions.

Kirby Super Star[edit]

In Kirby Super Star, the Spring Breeze show is the most basic of all, explaining how to use the controller and introducing the player to Kirby. It then explains the basics of how to control Kirby and what the objective is. During the show, at various points, the player is given the opportunity to try out the moves being explained. Through the show, the player is taught how to move left and right, how to enter doors, how to jump, how to hover, how to inhale, and how to spit star bullets.

Notably, this show does not describe other basic moves, such as sliding, using the air bullet, swimming, dashing, guarding, or using copy abilities. Many of these demonstrations are reserved for the Dyna Blade show instead.

Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

The Beginner's Show in Kirby Super Star Ultra is much more concise than the original version. Instead of handing control over to the player, it plays a quick video where it explains as many of the basic controls as possible. In order, it explains how Kirby jumps, hovers, inhales, spits, swallows, and uses Copy Abilities. It then explains how to call a helper, what helpers can do, and how to dismiss them using the Normal Beam. Lastly, it explains how to dash, slide, guard, and enter doorways.

When starting a new game, the player has the option of starting the show from the beginning, or starting it from when it begins talking about Helpers.


The following is the full transcript for the Spring Breeze Beginner's Show:

Spring Breeze Beginner's Room Transcript  

Welcome to "The Beginner's Show!"
For all you first time players...
here's how we play.
This is the controller.
It's that gray thing with the purple buttons.
This is Kirby, our hero!
He's a jolly fellow!
Move Kirby left and right by pressing and on the + Control Pad.
C'mon! Give it a try!
You won't accomplish anything just sitting there.
When you see a door...
Push on the + Control Pad. This will take you to the next area.
Let's try. Move Kirby to the door and push on the + Control Pad.
How to jump...
Jump by pushing B.
Jump over enemies and obstacles.
Now, let's take the food off the obstacle...
Jump by pushing B.
Use the + Control Pad to jump & take the food. Give it a try!
Food restores energy.
Whenever you find food, take it.
There is food up in the sky. Fly up and get it.
To make Kirby fly,push[sic] B while he is in the air.
Take the food by continually pressing B.
Good job!
Use the fly function when Kirby is about to fall off a cliff.
Let's move on to the next step.
Move Kirby to the door and push on the + Control Pad so we can move on.
Let's try. Move Kirby to the door and push on the + Control Pad.
Kirby loses some energy every time he bumps into an enemy.
It's OK to jump over an enemy, but you might want to defeat them instead.
By pushing Y, Kirby will inhale almost anything in his path.
Kirby can inhale enemies and attack by spitting out what he's inhaled.
Now, let's practice inhaling an enemy.
Push Y to inhale.
Ouch! That hurt! Try it again!
You did it!
Push Y to spit out a star. This is your attack.
Destroy the target by spitting out a star.
Push Y to spit out the enemy.
Pushing A or on the + Control Pad swallows an inhaled object.
Push Y to inhale an enemy.
Focus on the target carefully. Try it again.
Nice job!
This time could be a bit difficult.
You did it!
Jump and spit out a star. Push B then Y quickly.
Pushing A or on the + Control Pad swallows an inhaled object.
Push Y to inhale an enemy.
Focus on the target carefully. Try it again.
Nice job!
That's all for "The Beginner's Show!"
You'll be fine as long as you remember the things you practiced.
To start playing "Spring Breeze", jump onto the Warp Star.
Good luck and have fun!

Welcome to the Beginner's Show!
We'd like to quickly explain the rules of Kirby Super Star Ultra here.
This is the main character you control, Kirby.
...He's a pretty jolly guy.
So, you should know that Kirby can fly in the air and inhale his enemies.
Press the A Button to jump, and if you keep pressing it...
Kirby will hover gently. That's how he flies!
When you press the B Button, Kirby will inhale his enemies.
Once you've inhaled a foe, press the B Button again and...
You spit the foe back out!
Or if you press the X button or down on the +Control Pad...
You swallow the foe!
Nothing happens when you swallow a normal foe, but...
If you swallow a foe who has a special ability...
Kirby will copy its special ability!
This is Kirby's special move. It's called his Copy Ability.
You can use the Copy Ability by pressing the B Button.
You'll see many abilities to copy in this game. Try to find them all!
Now for the main event!
When Kirby has a Copy Ability, you can press the X Button to call...
A Helper!
This Helper acts as a good buddy to Kirby.
A Helper usually moves on its own. It will fight on its own, as well.
Using local wireless, you can have a pal play as a Helper in a co-op game.
Because exploring with a friend is always more fun!
Oh, and if you want to get rid of the Helper you called...
Press the X Button to use the Normal Beam to turn it into an item.
Lastly, here are a few special moves you may not know about.
First is the dash.
Press the +Control Pad twice quickly and Kirby will dash in that direction.
Next is the slide.
Press the A Button or the Y Button and down on the +Control Pad to slide.
Also, you can protect yourself by guarding.
Press the L or R Button. When foes attack you, they'll cause less damage.
Lastly, to enter a door, stand in front of it and then press up on the +Control Pad.
You'll go right in! Use these to move between stages.
That's all!
That's a lot to process, but just try it out and you'll master everything!
So let's start Kirby Super Star Ultra!
First, let's talk about Spring Breeze.
You need to teach that King Dedede a lesson!

Dyna Blade[edit]

Kirby demonstrates the Sleep ability at the start of the Copy Ability portion of the show, shown at the start of the Dyna Blade game in Kirby Super Star.

The show for Dyna Blade introduces the player to the mechanics behind copy abilities and helpers. In addition, it teaches the player how to do some other basic moves, such as dashing, sliding, and guarding. This show fills in many of the gaps in knowledge left by the Spring Breeze show, but it does not explain everything, instead instructing the player to consult the manual for more details.

There is no Beginner's Show for the Kirby Super Star Ultra version of the game.


The following is the full transcript for the Dyna Blade Beginner's Show:

Dyna Blade Beginner's Room Transcript  
Hello! Welcome to "The Beginner's Show."

Have you mastered inhaling and flying?
Let's learn how to use the copy function.
Enemies attack in various ways.
This enemy is called "Waddle Doo."
When Kirby inhales an enemy, push A to swallow.
Press Y to inhale and A to swallow.
Stop goofing around! Push Y to inhale and A to swallow.
Again, push A to swallow an enemy that you've inhaled.
Amazing! You can use the energy beam by pushing Y.
There are some enemies that WILL NOT give you a special ability.
Here are a few other abilities you can copy.
FIRE: Spit out some nasty fireballs.
STONE: Turn into a stone and do some heavy damage.
SWORD: The King of weapons.
You can review the copy explanation anytime during the game by pressing START.
Some abilities have limited uses. Kirby will not wear a cap.
There's more...
Two, yes, two people can play at the same time. Wow!
When Kirby is wearing an "ability cap", push A.
...a second character will appear.
This character is called a helper. He'll be a big help to Kirby.
Normally, the helper will act by himself. He can defeat enemies.
There are more techniques...
Throw off the cap...
...and the helper will put it on.
Push A one more time and the helper will become the ability cap.
And you can copy the ability again.
When the helper is present, push any button on the 2nd controller.
The helper will then be controlled by the 2nd player.
It's a little confusing at first, but give it a try and you'll catch on!
Practice with your friends and double the fun!
Here are some special instructions.
To dash...Push or twice. Kirby will move quickly and increase attack power.
To slide...Push and B together. You can attack while sliding.
To guard...Push L or R. It can reduce the enemy's attack power.
For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.
Now, let's play "DYNA BLADE!"
Practice, practice, practice...and master "copy" and "helper!" Good luck!

Gourmet Race[edit]

Kirby and King Dedede learning the rules for Gourmet Race in the beginner's room in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

The show for Gourmet Race is a very short one, consisting of only a single scene and a few lines from the narrator. On the stage, Kirby and King Dedede are running on a treadmill with a scrolling background painting behind them. Food items continually float in from the right, which are caught by either Kirby or Dedede depending on where their position on the treadmill is. The player is not given the opportunity to control anything in this show.

Both the Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra versions are the same, but visually the food spawns from a machine operated by a Waddle Dee in a chef uniform. The narrator's lines also differ somewhat.


The following is the full transcript for the Gourmet Race Beginner's Show:

Gourmet Race Beginner's Room Transcript  

Kirby and King Dedede race through the obstacle course to the finish!
Kirby must eat more food and reach the goal before King Dedede.
There are no enemies to fight.
Try to get the highest score!
Increase your skill level and become the champion!

Kirby and King Dedede race through an obstacle course to the finish!
Kirby must eat more food and reach the goal before King Dedede.
So eat as much as you can and reach the finish first!
Your real competition is to beat your high score and those of your friends!
You can even race a pal over local wireless!
So learn some techniques and show 'em who's boss!

The Great Cave Offensive[edit]

Poppy Bros. Jr. reveals a hidden treasure chest that Kirby missed in the beginner's show for The Great Cave Offensive in Kirby Super Star.

Unlike other shows, the show for The Great Cave Offensive takes place directly inside the cave. In this show, the narrator explains the premise of collecting Treasures and challenges the player to find all 60. On the scene, Kirby finds two treasures, but then walks off before finding a hidden third, which is uncovered by Poppy Bros. Jr.. The player is not given the opportunity to control anything in this show. The treasures used as an example are the Gold Medal and the Whip.

Both the Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra versions are the same, but the narrator's lines differ somewhat.


The following is the full transcript for The Great Cave Offensive Beginner's Show:

The Great Cave Offensive Beginner's Room Transcript  

Find treasures throughout the cave.
It's fun and exciting!
You must find as many hidden treasures as you can!
If you find a treasure, move Kirby to it and press .
Push X to see the treasures you've found.
There are lots of treasures hidden in various places.
There are a total of 60 treasures. How many can you find? Let's see....

Hunt treasure as you explore this huge cave!
How cool! This place is ripe for adventure.
To win, you'll have to look for treasure and make it out safely.
When you find a chest, stand in front and press up on the +Control Pad.
That's the way you get treasure.
View found treasures by pressing START and then viewing the bottom screen.
Treasures are hidden all over in different ways.
There are 60 treasures! How many can YOU find? Heh heh heh...
...Wow, one was even here!

Milky Way Wishes[edit]

Kirby is shocked he won't be able to just inhale enemies for copy abilities in the beginner's room for Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

For the final Beginner's Show, the player is instructed on how the mechanics of Milky Way Wishes work. Namely, it first explains that Kirby cannot copy abilities from most enemies, and must instead rely on the Copy Essences Deluxe to obtain his abilities. It then explains how to select different essences using the menu or quick select. The player is not given the opportunity to control anything in this show.

Both the Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra versions are the same, but the narrator's lines differ somewhat.


The following is the full transcript for the Milky Way Wishes Beginner's Show:

Milky Way Wishes Beginner's Room Transcript  

You can't copy enemies' abilities in this game.
Don't worry. There is a better way to do it!
It's called the Deluxe copy ability.
By touching the Deluxe copy characters, Kirby acquires that ability FOREVER!
You can select acquired abilities by pressing START.
There is no limit for using abilities. Use them as much as you want.
You can select different abilities during play. Press X (or and ) to cycle through.
If you come to a dead end and can't break through, you must find another hidden ability.
Now this is the final game...
so concentrate and do your best!

In this game, Kirby can't copy the abilities of most of his enemies!
But don't worry! He can do something that's even more helpful!
He can use Copy Essences Deluxe!
When Kirby uses these essences, he permanently learns a new ability!
Then he can stock up on lots of different abilities...
And all he has to do is tap one on the lower screen to start using it.
And he can use them forever without them disappearing, so go nuts!
Just tap the lower screen and use the +Control Pad to switch between abilities.
You can also tap abilities you've collected on the pause screen to use them.
If you get stuck, look for a hidden Copy Essence Deluxe somewhere.
Now it's time to get into the game!
Get ready to venture through the galaxy to save Pop Star!
You can do it, Kirby! You're our Super Star!