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Extra Eclair

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Extra Eclair
KSA Extra Eclair entry.jpg
Extra Eclair on the world map.
Level World of Peace - Dream Land
Big Switch? No
Friend Action(s) No
Mid-Boss(es) Bonkers, Vividria
Theme music
Stage order
Clash at Castle Dedede Friendly Field
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Extra Eclair is the only extra stage of World of Peace - Dream Land in Kirby Star Allies. This stage takes place in a night-time environment and is the first area to feature Vividria. To unlock this stage, the Big Switch in Honey Hill must be pressed.


The first area has Kirby choosing from Bio Spark and Driblee to add to his team or his arsenal. The door can be found behind a box in the cliffside.

In the next area, the path branches out. If Kirby wants the goodies, he will need to heed the signs. Sometimes the signs will need to be uncovered first.

From there, Kirby wades through a lot of grass and can cut down hanging nuts while moving forward.

In the next area, Kirby and his friends will need to run from a set of Waddle Dee Balls.

In the last area, Kirby and his allies will have to fight Bonkers, and then Vividria. From there, the stage exit can be reached past some canvases.

Rare Picture Piece Guide[edit]

Kirby finds the piece after being launched through several meters of stone.

In the area with the tall grass, a tall tree can be found in the middle of the field, which has a hanging nut on it. Breaking this nut reveals a Key, which can be used to open the way to a round-trip door. In this door is a fuse hooked to four Fuse Cannons. Kirby and his allies will need to jump in after lighting the fuse in order to blast up through the ceiling and find this picture piece inside a Treasure Chest.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Friend Actions

  • None.


The music that plays throughout this stage includes the following:

In Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go![edit]

Rooms of Extra Eclair are used in level 1 of most routes of Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!; there are not unique rooms based on this stage. While the first room is present in most routes, it does not contain any Power-Up Hearts or Dream Rods to collect. The following is a list of Power-Up Heart locations in reused rooms:

Power-Up Hearts in reused rooms[edit]

Power-Up Hearts in reused rooms of Extra Eclair in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!  
Power-Up Heart(s) Location Present for which Friends? Notes
Second room of the stage
Speed Power-Up Heart Found in the correct path at the end. Blade Knight, Sir Kibble, Poppy Bros. Jr., Wester, Bonkers, Bio Spark, Gim, Jammerjab, Chilly, Driblee, Birdon, Broom Hatter, Parasol Waddle Dee, Vividria, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Rick & Kine & Coo, Marx, Daroach, Susie, Three Mage-Sisters
Third room of the stage
Attack Power-Up Heart Found in the side room that can be accessed by going through the key door at the end. Blade Knight, Sir Kibble, Bio Spark, Burning Leo, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee, Magolor, Three Mage-Sisters
Fourth room of the stage
Attack Power-Up Heart Appears after clearing the enemy ambush in the middle. Poppy Bros. Jr., Wester, Bonkers, Gim, Jammerjab, Waddle Doo, Plugg, NESP, Birdon, Como, Vividria, Chef Kawasaki, King Dedede, Rick & Kine & Coo, Marx, Taranza This Power-Up Heart does not appear in all routes in which this room is present.
Health Power-Up Heart Found at the very end of the room. Poppy Bros. Jr., Wester, Bonkers, Gim, Jammerjab, Waddle Doo, Plugg, NESP, Birdon, Knuckle Joe, Bugzzy, Beetley, Como, Vividria, Chef Kawasaki, King Dedede, Rick & Kine & Coo, Marx, Adeleine & Ribbon, Daroach, Taranza
Fifth room of the stage
Health Power-Up Heart Appears after pressing the switch at the end of the room. Vividria, Adeleine & Ribbon, Magolor, Three Mage-Sisters


  • Extra Eclair is named after the original codename for Kirby Star Allies - 'Eclair'.
    • Zan Partizanne's spear-throwing beam attack is also called 'Electro Eclair'.


Side areas[edit]

Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Extra Eclair.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エクストラエクレア
Ekusutora Ekurea
Extra Eclair
Chinese 特别糖果
bié Tángguǒ
Special Sweets
Dutch Bonusbiscuit Bonus Biscuit
European French Biscuit bonus Bonus biscuit
German Extra-Eclair Extra Eclair
Italian Biscotto Bonus Bonus Cookie
Korean 엑스트라 에클에어
Ekseuteura Ekeureeo
Extra Eclair
Latin American Spanish Empanada Extra Extra Empanada
European Spanish Ensaimada Extra Extra Pastry