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Rhythm Route - Stage 7 EX

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Rhythm Route - Stage 7 EX
KPR Rhythm Route Stage 7 1.png
Kirby makes use of bridge shutters.
Level Rhythm Route
Robobot Armor? Yes
Code Cubes 3
Stickers 4
Rare Sticker Qbby
Mid-Bosses Telepathos 2.0
Theme music
Stage order
Rhythm Route - Stage 6 Access Ark - Stage 1
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Rhythm Route - Stage 7 EX (also known as Stage 7 EX) is an optional extra stage in Rhythm Route, unlocked by collecting every Code Cube from previous Rhythm Route stages. There are three Code Cubes and four stickers in this stage. The rare sticker is one depicting Qbby.


The stage begins in the laboratory, where Kirby will run across gates that extend out to serve as platforms. From there, Kirby finds himself on the train, swimming through suspended water cubes as the stage auto-scrolls.

From there, Kirby finds himself in the city, where he will have to dodge many Spring Notes. From there, Kirby can access some Robobot Armor inside the laboratory.

From there, Kirby finds himself in the casino, dodging more giant billiard balls down a hallway. This leads back to the train, where Kirby will battle Telepathos 2.0 before reaching the stage exit.

Code Cube & Rare Sticker Guide[edit]

  • Code Cube 1 - During the first train section, a String Platform can be found inside one of the water cubes. Kirby will need to use a cutting ability to cut the string and get the cube.
  • Code Cube 2 - Kirby will need to use the Robobot Armor's Stone Mode in the laboratory to push some forklifts into position, uncovering a path to a side door. Inside, Kirby will need to solve a Wire puzzle to get this cube.
  • Code Cube 3 - After defeating Telepathos 2.0, this cube can be found in a chest at the end of the stage.
  • Rare Sticker - At the end of the casino billiard path, this sticker can be found just past the ladder, though it may be obscured by a billiard ball in the foreground.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes


Music used in this stage includes the following: