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Slash! Meta Knight Sword Trial

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Slash! Meta Knight Sword Trial
KatFL Slash 1 select screenshot.png
Stage select screen for Slash! Meta Knight Sword Trial.
Level Winter Horns
Difficulty ★★★
Ability/Mode used Meta Knight Sword
Unlock criteria Find it in the World Map
Stage time 3:30 (3:00 in Wild Mode)
Target time 1:30
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze Cast a Line! Chain Bomb Trial
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Slash! Meta Knight Sword Trial (Meta Knight Sword Treasure for short) is a stage in Treasure Road, found in Winter Horns. This stage tasks Kirby with completing a challenge revolving around the use of Meta Knight Sword, battling enemies in waves. The stage is initially hidden, and can be found by "searching" the World Map, located in the water down and to the right from the stage select for An Unexpected Beast King. In order to access this challenge, Kirby needs to have obtained the Meta Knight Sword ability from Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop. The stage is marked by three stars of difficulty and has a stage time of three and a half minutes (three minutes in Wild Mode), with a target time of one minute and 30 seconds.

Stage details[edit]

This stage is a very simple one, tasking Kirby to defeat a single long wave of enemies using Meta Knight Sword. It starts with a bunch of Awoofies, then throws out two Buffahorns, then a bunch of Rabiroos, then two Orabiroos, then a bunch of Blade Knights, and finally a battle with Wild Edge and four more Blade Knights. Once all these foes are defeated, Kirby may collect the Rare Stone.


The following are tips on how to attain the target time for this stage:

  • Kirby should try to keep at full health during this fight, since using Crescent Shots to hit the waves of smaller enemies as they approach can save a lot of time when compared to chasing after them.
  • Against Wild Edge, using charged-up Sword Spin and Upper Calibur is a good way to do a lot of damage quickly. Kirby may want to consider dazing Wild Edge during the first phase so that the second one can be skipped.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Slash! Meta Knight Sword Trial.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Schlag zu! Meta-Knight-Schwert-Prüfung Strike! Meta-Knight-Sword-Trial
Korean 싸워라! 메타 나이트 스워드의 시련
Ssawora! Meta Naiteu Seuwodeu-ui Siryeon
Fight! Trial of Meta Knight Sword
Spanish ¡A cortar! La prueba de la Espada Meta Knight Slash! Meta Knight Sword trial