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Kirby's RtDL Level InfoBox
White Wafers.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 4
World Pop Star
Stages 6
Energy Spheres 19
Lor Starcutter Part Emblem
Mid-Bosses Gigant Edge (4-1), Super Bonkers (4-2), Sphere Doomer (4-2 , 4-4), Water Galboros (4-3)
Boss Goriath
Super Abilities Grand Hammer (4-2), Snow Bowl (4-4)
Level Progression
<-- Onion Ocean Nutty Noon -->
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Level 4: White Wafers is the fourth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. White Wafers is a very cold level with lots of snow and ice. Completion of the boss battle against Goriath yields the emblem to the Lor Starcutter. There are 19 Energy Spheres in this level, three in stage 1, and four in stages 2, 3, 4, and 5.


Stage 1

Kirby traverses the icy hills in Stage 1.

Section 1: The stage begins on a series of small snowy hills at the base of some bizarre frozen volcanoes. The first obstacle to the right is a small frozen pond with a Broom Hatter sweeping across it. The next pond is patrolled by an ArmorDee and the next hill bears Knuckle Joe who can give Kirby the Fighter ability. Another frozen pond awaits, inhabited by a Chilly and a couple of Bouncies. Next, an igloo is encountered which holds some Scarfies. The rest of the section is an alternation between ponds and igloos, each holding different enemies and items. One of the igloos contains a Galbo and some Fire Blocks, which, if destroyed with Ice reveal some stars. The very next Igloo has Ice Blocks, which can be destroyed with Fire to reveal an Energy Sphere beneath. The door to the next section lies on a shallow hill and is guarded by another Knuckle Joe.

Section 2: The door leads to a cliff flanked by a bottomless pit, with a few wooden platforms bridging the gap. One the platforms is a Waddle Dee riding a Nruff, as well as more Nruff without riders. Crossing the gap reveals a Bomb Nozzle, which Kirby can use to make his tromp through this section much easier. To the right is a long series of cliffs and troughs with many enemies to try and get in the way, including more Nruff and a platoon of Poppy Bros. Jr.. At the far right is a cave which, if Kirby still has the Nozzle yields several stars and a 1Up. The door to the next section is just to the right up a ladder.

Section 3: The door leads to a small depression in a huge cliff wall, with a cannon covering the exit. The cannon cannot be slipped past, and must be used. It fires Kirby and anyone else inside to the right, collecting food and crashing through a school of Ceruleans. The trajectory ends inside another cannon, which periodically changes angle. Depending on the angle when fired, it either fires into another cannon and back to the cannon it started at, or continues along the right, all while plowing through more enemies. Further along is a cannon in-between two sets of Togekuki. Although it seems the only destination is to the right, there is actually a secret route that can be accessed if the cannon fires upward here. Taking this route nets Kirby an Energy Sphere, then returns him to the main path. It is also possible (though not preferable) to fire Kirby into a bottomless pit at this point, costing him one stock. One last open area contains a multitude of cannons set in a diagonal pattern. Once again, there is a secret path that can be taken if the right cannon is chosen. Otherwise, the trajectory takes Kirby through the upper portion of the cave to the right and up to the normal door to the next section.

Section 4: This section consists of two separate parts. If the normal path was taken, the door leads to a plain area on the surface featuring more ice ponds and a Bulby. If the secret path was taken, however, it leads to a cave below the ground with a floor made of ice and spikes on the ceiling. Some of these spikes will fall from the ceiling, and the occasional Gordo and Mopoo needs to be dealt with if on the upper path. On the lower path, a Pluid drops from the ceiling, giving Kirby the Water Ability. This ability can be used to more safely access the Energy Sphere located on the lower path. Further to the right is a Walky which can give Kirby the Mike ability. The two paths eventually converge via gates activated by ceiling switches, and the door to the next section is found right of those gates.

Section 5: The door leads to the inside of a snow cave with an icy floor and a multitude of enemies standing on star blocks. Just beyond is a chamber where a Gigant Edge is fought. If Kirby still has Mike, he can use it to inflict a large amount of damage to this mini boss, if not take it out entirely. Just beyond is a Bomb Block blockade that Kirby can clear out if he has a weapon with suitably long range, such as Sword or Beam. Underneath is a Whip Copy Pedestal, which Kirby can use to access the 1Up in the ceiling above it. From there, the cave exit is reached, blocked by some breakable blocks, and the stage exit is just beyond.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability

  • N/A

Stage 2

Kirby slides past a teetering snowman in Stage 2.

Section 1: The stage begins on an icy hill, with jagged crystals of ice and heavy snow in the background. A Snowl is flying overhead just to the right, which can grant Kirby the Ice Ability. Using Ice can allow Kirby to skate across the icy terrain with little issue. Further in, a few icy fumaroles are releasing some Mopoo into the air. Down the hill, there are some precariously balanced snowmen in the background, which will fall over and attempt to crush Kirby should he venture too close. At the top of the next hill, a Moonja appears out of a puff of smoke, which can grant Kirby the Ninja ability. Just down the hill are some Cappy and a thin platform hovering over the ground with two Sir Kibbles guarding some ice cream cones. Further down the hill are more teetering snowmen that Kirby must avoid. This transitions into a snow cave that ends with the door to the next section, but there is also an additional chamber above it. In this chamber is a hanging platform with a 1Up and some Food, which cannot be accessed without cutting the rope. The narrow path between Kirby and the rope is blocked by spikes, but if Kirby has the Ninja ability, he can stick to the other wall and throw a knife to cut the rope and bring the desired items into a reachable place.

Section 2: The door leads to a cave backed by the occasional hard hexagonal wall of ice, as icicles fall from the ceiling in various places. The floor is still icy, and to the right are a series of jumps over bottomless pits. A herd of Sheld will attempt to hinder Kirby's progress here as they charge in from the right. Further to the right is a blockade of Galbo which can be inhaled for the Fire ability. Just past them is a cannon fuse, blocked off by ice blocks. Kirby can use Fire to break through and light the fuse, but he must then run quickly past more icicles and tricky terrain to get to the cannon before it goes off. If performed correctly, this cannon will take Kirby to an optional room where an Energy Sphere can be collected. Past the cannon are more precarious jumps, as well as a Pluid which can supply the Water ability. From there, the door to the next section can be found past one last bottomless pit.

Section 3: The door leads to the end of the cave, and to the right are some ramps that go over pits with icy spikes in them. Water can be used to surf over these pits, but caution should still be taken as to not fall into the next one. After the first few jumps, there is a Stomper Boot on a hovering platform ready to use. This will allow Kirby to safely cross the spiky floors up ahead, and avoid some run-ins with more falling icicles from a local ceiling. From here, Mopoo will need to be used as stepping stones to avoid losing the boot to a bottomless pit. Further to the right is another spike field, with some blocks that can only be destroyed with the boot. Doing so reveals some food items. After that lies another Stomper Boot, and additional blocks that need to be stomped. Doing so reveals an optional doorway to another Energy Sphere, which Kirby will need the boot he is using to obtain. The local ceiling ends further to the right, revealing more ramps and spike pits. Some Rockies will attempt to slide down the hill after Kirby, but may only end up providing him with the Stone Ability. The next hill leads down to a ladder, which leads to the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a deep cave and a ramp, with a Rocky immediately sliding down it. At the top of the ramp is a Stone Copy Pedestal, and, using Stone, Kirby can slide a significant way down the ramp to the right, crashing into various enemies as he does so. However, if he does not exit Stone form soon, he will slide into a pit with some Shotzos aimed at him. To the right and down the ladder, another Rocky waits behind some Star Blocks in case Kirby lost Stone from before. Below is another ramp that leads down and to the left. Much like before, if Kirby does not exit Stone form soon enough, he will fall into a pit with more Shotzos. Another ladder at the far end leads to another ramp that leads to the right. At the top of a ramp are many stars. guarded by a Gordo. As Kirby slides down this ramp, he will pass some teetering snowmen and plow through more enemies, but if he waits too long to change back, he will fall into a bottomless pit and lose a stock. Just to the right of this pit is the door to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads to a small chamber in the cave, with a wooden peg in the middle of the room and a Rocky balancing on top of it. The peg can be pounded using the Stone ability to lower the segment of floor it lays on and reveal some Food. To the right is a small alcove in the ceiling with the Sword and Beam Copy Pedestals. The hallway eventually leads to a non-icy floored chamber where Super Bonkers is encountered. Defeating him yields Kirby the Grand Hammer Super Ability, which is required for the next series of chambers. To the right is a hallway with a large peg and some Cappies. Using Grand Hammer, Kirby can nail this peg into the ground to cause the floor to shift and reveal some items. A ladder leads up to the next room, where some Strike Boxes wait. Kirby has to hit them at the right time to destroy them and clear the way to the chamber below. Further to the right, down another ladder, a large peg is smashed to cause platforms to rise up from a bottomless pit, conveniently also blocking off some falling icicles as they do so. Up the next ladder are more Strike Boxes, which open up a path to more stars when defeated. The next ladder leads to a hallway with spikes on the roof and some Scarfies on guard. Nailing the peg here causes the ceiling to fall down on them, crushing them while also revealing a path. More Strike Boxes await in the next room, and to the right are a trio of Giant Strike Boxes. Destroying them opens up the rift to the Alternate Dimension.

Alternate Dimension: The rift wall pursues Kirby from the left and a Key to the right. The door which the key unlocks is past a bottomless pit. Unlocking it reveals another Key and more doors that need to be reached and unlocked quickly, lest Kirby be crushed by the advancing wall. Notable obstructions include Waddle Dees and Bomb Block walls that also need to be dealt with, as well as increasingly difficult platforming. Eventually a Bomb Nozzle is encountered, which Kirby will need to use effectively to blast away the remaining obstacles in his path. In the next room, the Fire and Ninja abilities are available on Copy Pedestals and a Spark Sphere Doomer is fought on a staggered icy surface. Defeating it yields the last two Energy Spheres of the stage. Once Kirby returns from the rift, the stage exit is located just to the right up a ladder.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 3

Kirby swims in currents containing Barbar in an ice cave in Stage 3.

Section 1: The stage begins in a chamber deep within an icy cave. Just above is a ceiling switch which, when pulled, causes the floor to open up, revealing a path downward. A Galbo waits just below, providing the Fire ability. Below that is a ladder that leads down to a room with a few thin platforms and a large icy cannon known as a Coldtzo, which fires semi-frequent shards of ice that travel slowly in a straight line. Kirby must dodge this fire to pass below, where more Coldtzos lie in wait. Some of them lie on ice blocks, which can be removed if Kirby still has the Fire ability. Part-way down another ladder, there is a long zig-zagonal hallway blocked off by ice blocks. At the end is a 1Up past a short spike barrier, which Kirby can blaze past with the right timing. At the bottom of the ladder, a Lanzer patrols, which can yield the Spear ability. A Bomb Block Wall to the left of the Lanzer's patrol route reveals a small pool, at the bottom of which is the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to a wide underwater cave, much like what was seen in Onion Ocean, though formations of ice in the background continue to remind any viewer how cold it must be. As Kirby swims to the right, familiar obstacles, such as the large spiked ammonite shells, Crabys and Blippers become visible. Past a Bomb Block Wall, the cave proceeds diagonally downward past more Crabys and ammonite shells. The cave makes a bend diagonally upward, at the bottom of which lies some food items, and Kirby must maneuver around even more shells hurtling his way. If Kirby still has the Spear ability, he can use it a the top of the ramp to hit a switch inside the wall, causing a lowered platform to the right to push upward, expelling the shell bouncing along it, then sinking even lower than it was initially to reveal some stars and an Energy Sphere. Just beyond this pit is the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to the bottom of a shallow pool in a new part of the cave. Above the pool is a platform walkway that extends diagonally up and to the right. Balls of ice can be seen rolling down this walkway. Kirby must proceed up this path, alternating between an upper and lower path to avoid getting hit by the rolling ice balls. At the end of this tunnel is a Needlous, which can grant the Needle ability. A ladder leads upward to a new passageway that goes diagonally up and to the left. Like before, ice boulders are rolling down the path and must be avoided. Various sea creatures can be seen attempting to flee from the boulders as they are crushed. Along the lower path is an Invisibility Stone surrounded by star blocks. If Kirby holds this stone, he can pass through the ice balls without getting hit. At the end of the corridor is a Galbo, whose Fire ability can be used to clear the ice blocks away from the ladder above, allowing Kirby to continue up the path with the Invisibility Stone. As the final stretch of cave is reached, the gate which the Stone is needed to pass through is present along the bottom path. If Kirby got the Stone up here, he can use it to sneak past the last few ice boulders and obtain another Energy Sphere, as well as a Maxim Tomato. Just above to the right is the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a straight cave section to the right. A ramp leads up to a waterfall that pours into a bottom less pit. Kirby will need to fight against the current as he swims through to avoid losing a stock here. Just beyond on a floating thing platform, a Sir Kibble waits which can provide the Cutter ability. Ahead are more waterfall currents, some with various fish swimming in them, interspersed with more floating platforms. Additionally, some of these currents inexplicably move upward, to make their traversing that much more confusing. Past one particular downward current is a hanging platform that holds an optional doorway, with a Chilly hanging out beneath it. Kirby cannot swim up the current to reach the door or the rope, so he must use Cutter to cut the rope from afar. Done successfully, this doorway leads to another Energy Sphere. Further to the right are more currents, some of which contain Barbar, giant eel-like creatures encountered in the previous level. After passing the Barbar, the door to the next section lies at the end of the hall.

Section 5: The door leads to an open area in the cave. To the right is a Balloon Bomb and tricky icy platforms beyond. Kirby will need to carry the bomb across the cave, while dealing with switches that move platforms up and down and avoiding Coldtzos shooting from the background. The bomb must then be thrown at a block guarded by a Blade Knight to reveal a path below a high cliff. Doing so will allow Kirby to carry a Key found in a crevice below the spot where the Blade Knight stood to the door on the other side, unlocking some food and another Balloon Bomb. If Kirby can maneuver with this bomb past the remaining obstacles, he can use it on the Water Galboros in the next room to potentially kill it in one hit. Further right, the cave opens up again, and this time, Kirby must carry a key past another rising platform. The door it unlocks leads to a Bomb Block compartment, which holds the last Energy Sphere in the stage. Just above and to the right is the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability

  • N/A

Stage 4

Kirby becomes a snowman in Stage 4.

Section 1: The stage begins in a snowy cave, much like the ones seen in Stage 1. To the right is a Blade Knight, guarding a Block formation with a switch on top. Pressing this switch opens up the blocks to reveal a wider area of the cave, and induce a wind current that blows Kirby toward the right. Along the wind-blown plains, Kirby will need to avoid Gordos and schools of Cerulean, among other things. Further in, the floor also becomes a snowy conveyor belt, to further force Kirby to the right. At the end of the cave is a Sparky which can grant the Spark ability, as well as the door to the next section.

Section 2: The door leads to an alcove of another cave. The floor breaks away immediately to reveal another wind-blown snow conveyor section of cave with more obstacles to avoid. If Kirby is quick enough, he can catch a cannon in the air along the way to get blasted up to the location of an Energy Sphere. Just beyond is the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to a more icy cave, with an opening to a starry night sky in the background. Pulling a switch on the ceiling opens the way forward, where Kirby must then traverse over bottomless pits and avoid Coldtzos shooting from the background. In the blast zone just up ahead is a Prism Shield, which, if acquired, will help protect Kirby and his friends from the Coldtzos' fire. Further to the right, the cave becomes more narrow and Pluids will attempt to drop from the ceiling, all the while with more Coldtzos in various places. Another Prism Shield is stashed away with a multitude of Waddle Dees in a compartment in the ceiling, which will be easier to deal with if Kirby still has his old one. After acquiring the new shield, the path continues to the right to another open section of cave, this time with wind currents blowing up out of the pits. Foleys lie in wait at the top of the second current, and past them is another compartment full of Rockies, as well as a bunch of Food items. The last open section of cave features a long wind current pit with more Coldtzos firing into it. Kirby can coast along the current, but must beware the Gordo patrolling its center. Past this pit, one last compartment contains a multitude of ArmorDees, as well as a bunch of stars. Riding one more small current takes Kirby to a stair leading down to the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a vertical cave shaft, with a ladder leading down and some Pluids visible on the ceilings below. Down the next ladder, a CarryDee is waiting with a Key in hand. A button on Kirby's side will release the CarryDee, which Kirby must then descend quickly to catch before it can run to the right and use the Key on an unfavorable door, behind which wait some Scarfies. If Kirby succeeds in obtaining the Key, he can use it on the lower door to get an Energy Sphere and some food. Just above both doors is the doorway to the next section.

Section 5: The door leads to the interior of a frosty castle hallway. Just to the right, a Super Chilly appears, which will grant Kirby the Snow Bowl ability upon its defeat. Using this new ability, Kirby can plow through a series of spiked icy bowling pins. If he knocks them all out in one go, a party ball at the end of the ramp will grant a multitude of prizes, including stars and food items. Further to the right, this task becomes more complicated, with the addition of shifting ramps and enemies to get in the way. Past the last set of pins, Kirby will plow through a bunch of Chillies, and end up situated on top of a giant incomplete snowman while still in the Snowball form, thus forming its head. For a moment, Kirby can wiggle the snowman's arms and is quite pleased, then the snowman explodes, revealing a rift to the alternate dimension.

Alternate Dimension: The rift leads to a monochrome facsimile of the castle region where Kirby was before, with the rift wall approaching from above. As Kirby progresses downward, he will trip switches that causes the platforms they are situated on to fall, crushing anything beneath. In addition, falling icicles must be avoided, as well as nasty spike traps on the ground and even rotating spiky bars. Using Super Inhale on some of the large blocks may provide a way to remove the falling icicles before they have a chance to fall. Further down, large chunks of the ceiling fall on their own and crush anything beneath, revealing another walkway as they do so. The door to the next room is found at the very bottom. In the next room, the Bomb and Cutter abilities are available for use, and a Spark Sphere Doomer is fought in an arena with shifting floor sections, yielding the last two Energy Spheres upon its defeat. Once Kirby exits the rift, the stage exit is located just beyond the pit where the snowman once was.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability

Stage 5

Kirby performs the Vulcan Jab on some Waddle Dees in the sliding castle hall of Stage 5.

Section 1: The stage begins on the outer wall of a frozen castle, with a vibrant aurora in the background. To the right, a Chilly waits on top of a stack of star blocks over a ladder going down to a small room with the door to the next section. There are chambers visible to the left and right of this room, but they cannot be reached from Kirby's current location.

Section 2: The door leads to an interior hallway, with Wapods both to the left and right rising from pots. Going to the left yields a doorway that leads back to one of the rooms seen in the previous section, which contains a Knuckle Joe and a Key. Kirby can take this key back across the hallway to the right to unlock a door guarded by a trio of Wapods and enter a door leading to the other room in the previous section. This room contains some food and the door to the next section.

Section 3: The door leads to a large hallway with massive sliding blocks of ice on the floor. Kirby must be careful not to get caught between these ice sheets as they slide back and forth. Mumbies can be found along the hallway, holding position at key points, and on one of the ice blocks, a Bomb Nozzle can be found. An optional doorway is located in the path of two ice sheets, and if Kirby can bring the Nozzle through it, he can use it in the room it leads to to obtain an Energy Sphere and a 1Up. Further ahead, the ice blocks slide across the firing path of some Coldtzos firing from the background, as well as a Galbo standing guard which can provide the Fire ability. Just beyond is the door to the next section.

Section 4: The door leads to a small hallway littered with Ice Blocks and Sheld charging forward. If Kirby has Fire, he can use it to break away the Ice Blocks to reveal an optional doorway to an Energy Sphere. At the end of the hallway is a ladder going up to the door to the next section, though, like in Section 1, there are some side chambers that cannot presently be accessed.

Section 5: The door leads to a hallway much like the one in Section 2. However, in addition to the Wapod, there are Hunter Scarfies located in nooks around the hall which initially do not move from their position. To the right is a door that leads to one of the chambers in the previous section, which reveals a pit full of more Hunter Scarfies and a Key. Picking up the Key immediately makes the Scarfies hostile and they begin to pursue whoever is holding the key. Returning to the hallway with the key also causes the Scarfies there to become enrages as well, which forces whoever is holding it to move quickly past them and use the key in the area to the left. Doing so returns the Scarfies to a neutral state, and clears the path to the door to the other room in the previous section. This room, much like before, holds some food and the door to the next section.

Section 6: The door leads to a very dark section of the castle. A Candle is available just up ahead, which allows Kirby to see the bottomless pits he has to maneuver around, as well as the occasional Gemra. Additionally, there are teetering snowmen, like the ones seen in Stage 2, that will fall if provoked. Further to the right, there are moving platforms and, if the ceiling switch is found, some stars will drop onto them to be collected. Just beyond is a narrow ascent with a wall of Ice Blocks to the left. Kirby can use the Candle or Fire if he still has that to clear them out to reveal an optional doorway with an Energy Sphere beyond. Past more shifting platforms lies the door to the next section.

Section 7: The door leads to another hallway in the castle, with a Key on the ceiling encased in a Bomb Block formation. Obtaining this key alerts the Hunter Scarfies ahead to start pursuing, so Kirby will need to move quickly past them. Ahead there are two doors. Unlocking the left one leads to another key and an Energy Sphere, while the right one leads out of the castle, with the stage exit just beyond.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

  • N/A

Abilities Super Ability

  • N/A

Stage 6 (Boss: Goriath)

Goriath roars at Kirby.

The stage begins on a snowy hillside. In the background can be seen a complex array of hills, walls and slopes, which resemble some kind of ice city. Up the hill is an igloo which contains the Fire Fighter and Ninja Copy Pedestals. Just beyond, the hill continues to slope up, and the door to the boss room is found at the top.

The door leads to a high mountain peak, with the aurora in full display in the background below. A small cliff leads to a thing icy platform, where Goriath jumps down, bangs his chest, and causes the platform to crumble. After falling to the next platform, the fight begins proper. Goriath fights by jumping from wall to wall and tossing snowballs, which can be inhaled. He will then jump down and begin charging punches that can extend all the way across the arena, creating stars where they hit.

Once Goriath's health drops below the half-way point, he charges up, increases slightly in size, and his hair turns golden. He then pounds the platform away again, causing everyone to fall to the next one. This platform contains a slick icy spot in the middle. Among Goriath's new attacks is the ability to charge up and shoot blasts of energy, much like Fighter Kirby can. He will shoot three blasts to cover the stage, which crates stars on impact with the other wall. After a short time, Goriath will destroy the platform again, leading to one with an icy surface with a few non-icy nooks in the floor. Here, Goriath will attempt to do a super ground pound, which can be avoided if Kirby makes use of the nooks. Additionally, the nooks can provide protection when Goriath begins rebounding at rapid speed all around the stage, creating stars where he lands. The last platform that is reached is almost entirely icy, with a few fresh spots on the edges. Here, Goriath can make large icicles fall from above by stomping, which can be inhaled for the Ice ability, (where they come from is a mystery) and will also throw spiked balls of ice at Kirby from the walls.

Once Goriath is defeated, he loses his gold hair and gets bounced into the background, where he falls cartoonishly to his doom. The last platform breaks away, leading to the bottom of the ravine, where the Lor's Emblem can be collected.


A section of the White Wafers Lobby.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホワイトウェハース
Howaito Wehāsu
White Wafers
Spanish Ocaso de Obleas Sunset of Wafers
French Falaise Frissonnante Shivering Cliff
German Endlose Eiswaffeln Endless Ice Cream Cones