White Wafers

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White Wafers
White Wafers.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 4
World Popstar
Stages 6
Energy Spheres 19
Lor Starcutter Part Emblem
Mid-Bosses Gigant Edge (4-1), Super Bonkers (4-2), Sphere Doomer (4-2 , 4-4), Water Galboros (4-3)
Boss Goriath
Super Abilities Grand Hammer (4-2), Snow Bowl (4-4)
Level Progression
Onion Ocean Nutty Noon
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Level 4: White Wafers is the fourth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. White Wafers is a very cold level with lots of snow and ice. Completion of the boss battle against Goriath yields the emblem to the Lor Starcutter. There are 19 Energy Spheres in this level, three in stage 1, and four in stages 2, 3, 4, and 5.


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Stage Energy Spheres / Ship Parts Super Ability Notes
Stage 1 3 None
Stage 2 4 Grand Hammer
Stage 3 4 None
Stage 4 4 Snow Bowl
Stage 5 4 None
Stage 6 Emblem None
A portion of the White Wafers Lobby.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホワイトウェハース
Howaito Wehāsu
White Wafer
The Japanese version writes the level name in English as such.
French Falaise Frissonnante Shivering Cliff
German Endlose Eiswaffeln Endless Ice Cream Cones
Italian Monte Meringa Meringue Mountain
Korean 웨하스 빙하
Wehaseu Bingha
White Wafers
Latin American Spanish Ocaso de Obleas Sunset of Wafers
European Spanish Carámbanos Caramelo Candy Icicles