Crash Clouds

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Crash Clouds
Crash Clouds RotK intro.png
The opening cutscene of Crash Clouds.
Main game Revenge of the King
Mid-boss(es) Grand Wheelie, Kracko Jr.'s Revenge
Boss Kracko's Revenge
Theme music

no music given

Stage order
Illusion Islands Mt. Dedede Sky
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Crash Clouds is the third stage of Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is a harder version of Bubbly Clouds from Spring Breeze, and features a similar topography, the same theme music, a similar opening cutscene, and a similar boss, in the form of Kracko's Revenge. Apart from the different coloration, a few differences include tougher and different enemies, and a generally expanded topography.

In the opening cutscene, Kirby sneezes, causing a few tiny stars to fall. He sneezes again, but unlike the original, where Kirby is knocked off by stars, a sleeping Galbel falls onto him. The Galbel lets out a small sneeze while it is sleeping. Even though it appears in the opening cutscene, Galbel does not appear in the stage itself.


Screenshot of Kirby in Crash Clouds.

The stage begins with Kirby landing on a Croucars in the cloudy fortress. Past the Blatzys and other opponents, the door to the next area can be reached.

From there, the cloud fields become more open, as Kirby must progress to the right.

Kirby stumbles onto more solid ground, but more foes await him here.

In the next chamber, Kirby must do battle with Kracko Jr.'s Revenge. Defeating it yields a Warp Star, which Kirby can ride to the next area.

Back on the cloud palace walls, Kirby will have to bust through some soldiers and their big wall of Star Blocks before proceeding.

In the last area, Kirby will need to ascend past several disconnected islets. The door at the top leads to the boss encounter (details in section below).

Enemies, mid-bosses, and boss[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability Sprite Name Copy Ability
AnglepSSU.png Anglep Crash (using Copy) GordoSSU.png Gordo N/A PoisonmashSSU.png Poison Mash None
BlatzySSU.png Blatzy N/A GrumplesSSU.png Grumples None RoselovelySSU.png Rosely N/A
BroomhatterSSU.png Broom Hatter None NoddySSU.png Noddy Sleep SimirrorSSU.png Simirror Mirror
ChillySSU.png Chilly Ice ParasoldeeSSU.png Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol SpeardeeSSU.png Spear Waddle Dee (some have Parasols) None
CroucarSSU.png Croucars None Parasol Doo KSSU sprite.png Parasol Waddle Doo Parasol or Beam SwordSSU.png Sword Knight Sword
KnucklejoeSSU.png Knuckle Joe Fighter PerotSSU.png Perot Bomb & Cutter DeeSSU.png Waddle Dee None
KoozerSSU.png Koozer None PlasmawispSSU.png Plasma Wisp Plasma DooSSU.png Waddle Doo Beam
GipSSU.png Gip None
Image Name Copy Ability
GrandwheelieSSU.png Grand Wheelie Wheel
KrackojrrevengeSSU.png Kracko Jr.'s Revenge None
Image Name Copy Ability
KrackorevengeSSU.png Kracko's Revenge Beam (from Waddle Doos)

Boss: Kracko's Revenge[edit]

Kirby shields himself from Kracko's Revenge's spark blasts using Waddle Doo.

Kracko's Revenge ambushes Kirby at the top of the tower. Its attack patterns are largely the same as Kracko's, but it has enhanced stamina and speed. Kracko has a new attack where he moves at the center of the screen and shoots lightning bolts in all 8 directions.

Defeating Kracko's Revenge yields a Sparkling Star, and allows Kirby to progress to the next level, Mt. Dedede Sky.