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Artwork from Kirby Air Ride.
First game Kirby Air Ride
Copy Ability Tornado
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Callers are enemies that only appear in Kirby Air Ride. They are visibly made up of multiple segments that constantly spin. Because of this, a light, tornado-like wisp is always surrounding them. When swallowed, Kirby is, appropriately, granted the Tornado Copy Ability. They are most common among the race courses Sky Sands, and Beanstalk Park, although they do make small appearances along other tracks.

The Caller's basic appearance is that of a cross between a fairy and a caterpillar. They possess a total of four small, round body segments, the top of which being the largest, while the last is the smallest. They sport heart-shaped faces atop their pink heads, along with two wing-like antennae. Circling around their bodies are wispy arcs of wind, which are created from the constant spinning of their body segments.