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Glitches in Kirby: Planet Robobot

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Listed below are the glitches in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches listed on this page.

List of glitches[edit]

3D Rumble Fence Clip[edit]

Kirby must stand on the bottom left star block when there is only one of them then jump to a Warp Star then back to the block without touching the floor. Kirby must then run down followed immediately by an up input on the circle pad and hold B. Kirby will clip into the fence after respawning. [citation needed]

3D Rumble Softlock[edit]

On rare occasions in the Kirby 3D Rumble sub game, all the buttons on the lower screen cannot be interacted with. The only way to escape this glitch is to either power off the system or close the software. [citation needed]

Assist Star silencing[edit]

If Kirby uses an Assist Star item just as he transitions to a new area (such as after defeating a boss in The Arena), the item will appear frozen on the lower screen during the area transition as the health item pick-up sound is played. No health bar recovery sounds will be heard, but Kirby will recover the normal amount of health for that item. When the transition finishes, the item will vanish in a single frame and Kirby's Assist Star will be blank. No other effects of this glitch have been observed.

Dedede Clones Double Puddle[edit]

When Dedede Clone enters its second phase, it will split into three copies that gradually get smaller, periodically collapsing into puddles when enough damage is dealt. If Kirby does such major damage to a clone that two of these "puddle thresholds" are met in one attack, it will fall to the side of the arena as usual, then perform the usual jumping animation. However, when it lands, it will turn back into a puddle. Whether or not it gets up at this point is dependent on how many times it has collapsed before.

Juggling Stock Mecha Knight[edit]

If Kirby or Meta Knight defeat Stock Mecha Knight while its claw tail is not currently present, it flies up into the air. However, in The True Arena, constantly hitting Stock Mecha Knight during this state before it lands (such as with the Archer ability) will cause it to get sent up over and over again.

Rapidly changing animations[edit]

On any stage where food is hovering above water such as Overload Ocean - Stage 3, if the player jumps out of the water, inhales the food and holds up before touching the surface, the game will rapidly switch between big-belly Kirby with and without goggles while the sound of entering and exiting water plays back multiple times in a row.[1]

Sliding in place[edit]

Using any Copy Ability, if Kirby discards his ability and slides at around the same time, he slides without going anywhere. This glitch first appeared in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.[1]

Out of bounds during Clanky Woods battle[edit]

This glitch will only work with Meta Knight or with certain Copy Abilities that make Kirby fly/hover faster than usual, such as Jet. After finishing the second phase of the Clanky Woods battle, the player should be standing facing right on the first line present on any white tile before Clanky Woods uses the screw in the background. Immediately after the player is given back control for the start of phase 3, they should fly up and to the right by mashing the A Button (or holding A in Jet's case). If done fast enough and as long as they keep holding right on the Circle Pad or + Control Pad, Meta Knight or Kirby will stay on top of the wall, letting them avoid all of Clanky Woods' attacks. The glitch will end when the player lets go of right.[1]


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