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Chop Champs

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Chop Champs
KSA Chop Champs title.jpg
The title screen for Chop Champs.
Type(s) Woodcutting - Competitive
Levels 3
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Star Allies
Theme music

Clip of the title screen theme for Chop Champs.

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Chop Champs is a Sub-Game in Kirby Star Allies. It features four Kirbys competing to see who can chop the most wood from their tree in a 30-second time limit.


Chop your tree as much as you can before time runs out. Swing the Joy-Con to swing the axe!
Watch out for caterpillars and Gordos! Use ←/→ to dodge quickly!
Gordos fly to other trees! Chop down your tree as much as possible to build a log house!

— In-game tutorial

Chop Champs can be played with up to four players, with non-human players being controlled by the CPU. Each contestant stands next to their tree with an axe, and lops off log sections one after the other. Each segment chopped is worth 50 points.

On the log segments, caterpillars and Gordos can be found. If they make contact with Kirby, they will hurt him, slowing him down. To avoid them, Kirby can switch sides on the trunk. If Kirby hits a trunk section with a Gordo on it, that Gordo will be passed over to the trunk of a different contestant.

The higher a Kirby's rank is, the more accomplished their log house is in the results.


Easy does it! Chop away as much of your tree as you can. Avoid caterpillars!
— Chop Amateur flavor text
Chop faster, chief! Just watch out for the Gordos that come flying!
— Chop Chief flavor text
A challenge for champions, with lots of Gordos and caterpillars. Chop away!
— Chop Champion flavor text

There are three difficulty levels in Chop Champs, ranked from easy to difficult:

  • Chop Amateur
  • Chop Chief
  • Chop Champion

In higher difficulty levels, the tree is taller and Kirby can chop faster. There are different set heights for the trees, which vary depending on difficulty level. As such, there is only so much wood that can be chopped before the tree is completely logged. To reach the perfect high score, the player must chop every log as fast as possible.

Chop Chief and Chop Champion cannot be played until Chop Amateur is cleared. To complete this sub-game, the player must be ranked 3rd or higher in Chop Champion, which contributes 3% to 100% completion. The first two levels don't count any percentage, i.e. Chop Chief is not required for 100% completion at all.

Level Unlock Requirement 100% completion Percentage Obstacles Tree Height Perfect High Score
Chop Amateur Available at start None Caterpillars 16 m / 64 segments 3200
Chop Chief Clear Chop Amateur None Caterpillars & Gordos 27.5 m / 110 segments 5500
Chop Champion 3% Caterpillars & Gordos 45.75 m / 183 segments 9150


  • The gameplay resembles the mobile phone game Timberman.
  • Each log is about 25 cm high, which is close to Kirby's 20 cm (8 inches) height.
  • If Kirby refuses to chop any logs, the results screen shows Kirby in the last place pose with two piles of timber behind him, as opposed to the regular last-place house.



Chop Champs gameplay on the official website

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふりふり!きこりきょうそう
furifuri! kikori kyōsō
Swing-Swing! Woodcutting Competition
Traditional Chinese 揮揮揮!伐木競爭
huī huī huī! fá mù jìng zhēng
Swing-Swing-Swing! Woodcutting Competition
Simplified Chinese 挥挥挥!伐木竞争
huī huī huī! fá mù jìng zhēng
Dutch Houthakhelden Woodcutter hero
French L'as de la hache The axe ace
German Hackmeister Cut master
Italian Campioni taglialegna Woodcutter champions
Korean 획획! 나무 베기 대결
hoeghoeg! namu begi daegyeol
Swing-Swing! Tree Cutting Competition
Spanish Duelo de hachas Axe duels

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