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Kirby 3D Rumble

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Kirby 3D Rumble
KPR 3D Rumble logo.png
Logo for Kirby 3D Rumble.
Type(s) Challenge - Score
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot
Theme music

Clip of the title screen theme for Kirby 3D Rumble
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Kirby 3D Rumble is a Sub-Game that appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot. In it, Kirby is tasked with dispatching enemies that appear in a series of fully maneuverable 3D environments without using any Copy Abilities. This sub-game would later be expanded into a standalone title called Kirby's Blowout Blast.

Each area in Kirby 3D Rumble is a platform of a certain size and shape, which Kirby can wander around on. Enemies appear in sequence, which Kirby can dispatch using either Star Blocks if they are available, or by swallowing other enemies or stars to spit at them. Score is kept for each enemy defeated, with combo chains leading to higher scores. At the same time, Kirby must avoid getting hit by the enemies, or falling off the edge of the stages (despite still being able to float, falling too far down will cause him to tumble out of bounds). Like in the main game, Kirby has finite health and he will lose if he runs out of health. In addition, there are coins of various value scattered around the platforms, which Kirby can also collect to further increase his score. Once all the enemies are cleared on a certain stage, Kirby progresses to the next using a Warp Star, until the last stage of a level is complete. Once that is done, the score is tallied, and a trophy is awarded based on how high the score is.


Scoring is based on many factors. The following lists every known value from the scoring system:

  • Bronze coin = 100 points
  • Silver coin = 300 points
  • Gold coin = 500 points
  • All standard enemies = 50 points*
  • Masher = 3,000 points (all varieties)**
  • Star Bullet combo hit (2 & 3) = +200 points to enemy defeated
  • Star Bullet combo hit (4 & 5)= +400 points to enemy defeated
  • Star Bullet combo hit (6+)= +700 points to enemy defeated
  • Reach Combo x10 = +1,000 points
  • Reach Combo x20 = +2,000 points
  • Reach Combo x30 = +3,000 points
  • Reach Combo x40 = +4,000 points
  • Reach Combo x50 = +5,000 points
  • Kirby is hit = -100 points
  • No Damage = +2,000 points
  • Speed Clear = +2,000 points
  • All Coins = +1,000 points
  • Perfect Combo = +3,000 points

*Enemies defeated are worth 100 points after reaching Combo x2, 200 points after reaching Combo x10 and 300 points after reaching Combo x20.

**A defeated Masher is worth 3,050 points after reaching Combo x2, 3,150 points after reaching Combo x10 and 3,250 points after reaching Combo x20.

At the end of the level, a trophy is rewarded, ranging through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The trophy is purely a cosmetic reward; simply clearing each level is enough to count for 100% completion.


There are three levels in Kirby 3D Rumble, each consisting of stages made of singular floating blocky platforms. These levels are as follows (for more information about each level, click on the names to go to a separate page):

Level Stages Notes
4 Mini Masher is faced at the end of this level.
The full combo for this level is 50.
4 Masher is faced at the end of this level.
The full combo for this level is 45.
5 All three varieties of Masher are faced at the end of this level.
The full combo for this level is 90.


Galactic Nova just passes by, much to Kirby's amusement.
  • Some easter eggs can be spotted if the player moves the camera using the C-Stick on a New Nintendo 3DS.
    • Galactic Nova can appear in Stage 3-4 by moving the camera to face the top-right corner and waiting for a long time.
    • Castle Dedede can be seen in the background if the camera is aimed eastward and towards the ground.
    • Each area in the sub-game features at least one hidden sticker. For instance, the Level Select area has Kirby's sticker from Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble hidden on the front side of the stage, and a sticker of King Dedede from Kirby's Dream Land also appears in Stage 3-4 atop Castle Dedede. Notably, Stage 3-5 has a hidden sticker of the Golden Egg Statue from Kirby Super Star Ultra, which is not actually a collectible sticker in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィの3Dチャレンジ
Kābyi no 3D Charenji
Kirby's 3D Challenge
French Les défis 3D de Kirby Kirby's 3D challenges
German Kirbys 3D Arena Kirby's 3D Arena
Italian Sfida 3D Kirby Kirby 3D Challenge
Korean 커비의 3D 챌린지
keobiui 3D chaellinji
Kirby's 3D Challenge
Polish Kirby 3D Rumble[1] -
Spanish Desafíos 3D de Kirby Kirby's 3D Challenges