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Yellow Kirby plays Drag Race 3, one of the Stadium types.
This article is about the various game modes for City Trial in Kirby Air Ride. For another sub-game involving a stadium, see Arena.

A Stadium is a special match which happens at the end of a game of City Trial in Kirby Air Ride. In it, all competing racers test the machines they've acquired and patched in a contest to determine which of them is best-equipped and most skilled. There are several types of stadium to play. In the default settings, they are chosen at random, forcing the racers to guess which one they will end up in (though occasionally a stadium prediction will happen to help). However, a more specific category can be chosen to always play if the player so wishes.

Once a Stadium is played in City Trial, it can be accessed at any time separately in the Stadium portion of the menu, and played using standard-power machines.

Types of Stadium[edit]

There are eight different Stadium categories to choose from, with some having several different stages. They are as follows:

Air Glider[edit]

Main article: Air Glider

Air Glider is a test of machine gliding capability, taking place on a runway, then over a long field. Contestants are tasked with getting as far as possible before hitting the ground.

Destruction Derby[edit]

Main article: Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby is an arena game where the contestants are tasked with KOing each-other as many times as possible in a minute and 30 seconds. Whenever a rider is KO'd, they will be completely restored shortly after hitting the ground. There are five distinct stages to this stadium, each taking place in a different arena and with different items.

Drag Race[edit]

Main article: Drag Race

Drag Race is a test of speed on a straight course with few obstacles. There are four variants to choose from.

High Jump[edit]

Main article: High Jump

High Jump is similar to Air Glider, but instead of going straight, the task is to fly as high as possible before starting to lose altitude. To that end, racers will pass through several floors on the way up. High Jump takes place in two rounds, and the higher of the two scores is the one kept.

Kirby Melee[edit]

Main article: Kirby Melee

Kirby Melee is a battle-oriented stadium, where the goal is to defeat as many common enemies as possible within a minute and 30 seconds. There are two variants to this stadium, taking place in different environments. Enemies continuously spawn into the arena during the match, and if Kirby is KO'd, he is out of the game.

Single Race[edit]

Main article: Single Race

This Stadium consists of a single lap around one of the nine Air Ride courses. The goal is simply to win the race, though racers can be KO'd and forced to retire.

Target Flight[edit]

Main article: Target Flight

Contestants are tasked with flying their machines into a large board with number panels on them. The panel they land on is their score. This game takes place in two rounds, and the combined score determines the winner.

Vs. King Dedede[edit]

Main article: Vs. King Dedede

Contestants are placed in an arena with King Dedede, and are tasked to defeat him within a minute and a half. This entails using the items that drop to KO King Dedede. If all the contestants are KO'd however, the game is over.