Crane Fever

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Crane Fever
Crane Fever.jpg
In-game screenshot of Crane Fever being started.
Type(s) Crane Vendor
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby's Adventure
Theme music

no music given

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Quote1.png Use the buttons to move the crane and try to get a Kirby! A big one's hard to get, but worth it! Quote2.png
— Menu caption

Crane Fever is a Sub-Game in Kirby's Adventure (not in Nightmare in Dream Land). It can be accessed on certain levels by going through the appropriate doorways.

The objective of the game is to grab Kirby plushes from a crane vendor. The player gets two chances to grab one by holding and releasing the button at the right location; if successful, the crane will drop the plush into the slot. There are two kinds of plushes that can be grabbed. Smaller plushes are easy to grab, and worth a 1-Up. Larger plushes, which resemble Kirby after inhaling an object, are somewhat harder to grab but worth two 1-Ups. When a plush is successfully dropped, another of the same kind will replace it. Along with Kirby plushes, the machine also holds plushes of Noddy, Waddle Dee, and Waddle Doo, though these cannot be interacted with.

This Sub-Game has three levels of difficulty. Higher levels make the crane faster and harder to control precisely.

The music used in this game is an altered cover of the Vegetable Valley theme when the crane is still, and the Butter Building theme when it is in motion.