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screenshot from KSSU
Section of the English manual for Kirby Super Star, explaining the Suppin Beam.
When there is a Helper present and Kirby does not have a copy ability, he can press X to use the Normal Beam. If this beam hits the Helper, it will turn into an Ability Item. If Kirby then swallows this Ability Item, he will regain that ability.
— Kirby Super Star Ultra instruction booklet, page 18

The Normal Beam (also called the Suppin Beam) is an ability that Kirby possesses in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It can be activated when the player presses the A button (X in Ultra) when Kirby does not have a Copy Ability. When standing next to a Helper, activating this beam will cause Kirby's helper to transform into an inanimate item that represents the specific ability that it was based on. Once in item form, Kirby can inhale it to gain that ability for himself. If Kirby does not have a helper or they are not within range, the move will still be performed, but with no effect.

This move can be used on a helper with little Stamina left to return it to item form. Then, when Kirby re-summons the helper after swallowing the item, that helper will be fully restored.

In Kirby Star Allies, Kirby can use this move when he has no ability. The action itself is referred to here as Unfriend, and is activated when the player either presses the - button once or holds the Y button for a short duration. Kirby can also unfriend directly by holding ZR and then pressing Y, which will give the option to select one to remove. This can be used even when Kirby has a copy ability, and is useful if the friend is out of range. However, unlike the Normal Beam method, dismissing friends in this way will not leave an ability hat behind.