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Jet Mode

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Jet Mode
KPR Robobot Jet artwork.png
Artwork of the Jet Mode from Kirby: Planet Robobot
Debut game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Type(s) Unlimited use
Obtained from Capsule J3
Power(s) Transforms the Robobot Armor into a jet.
Comparable to Jet (source ability)
Landia (Another Dimension)
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There's no escaping these wings. Lock on... Missile Salvo!
— In-game quote

Jet Mode is one of the Robobot Armor modes. The Jet Mode transforms Kirby's mech into a free-flying jet with loads of missiles and gatling ammunition. When acquiring this mode, the armor flies off into a separate area of the stage and is controlled in a side-scrolling shooter style, moving automatically to the right. When this concludes, the armor crashes, and is not usable again.


Jet Mode Moveset
Skill Button Execution Description Base Power
Frequent Fire
Jet Gatling)
The armor fires bullets from the gatling gun.
  • Can be fired rapidly by tapping B, or fired in a three-shot burst by holding B.
Missile Salvo
Buster Missile)
Hold B a little longer, and then release
The armor fires three missiles with orange warheads in different directions:
  • two front missiles from the side launchers, one above and one below;
  • one back missile from the tail.

The charge time is about one burst of Frequent Fire.

Missile Spread
Spread Buster Missile)
Hold B even longer, and then release
The armor fires four missiles in different directions:
  • one front missile with a big red warhead from the head launcher;
  • two front missiles with orange warheads from the side launchers like Missile Salvo;
  • one back missile from the tail.

The charge time is about two bursts of Frequent Fire.

52 (front red)
32 (front orange)
40 (back)
Flip Flight
3D Zigzag Jet)
The armor flies ahead into enemies while invincible like Landia's Spiral Dragon attack. 40

Boss Battles[edit]

The Jet Mode must be used during the boss battles with with C.O.G.S. and Core Kabula. Against these bosses, Missile Salvo has a higher DPS than Missile Spread.

Jet Mode Boss HP
Stage C.O.G.S.
(top to bottom)
Core Kabula
Resolution Road - Stage 2
  • 525
  • 510
  • 825
  • 510
  • 525
Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 4
  • 341
  • 331
  • 536
  • 331
  • 341
The Arena
  • 393
  • 382
  • 618
  • 382
  • 393
The True Arena
  • 255
  • 248
  • 402
  • 248
  • 255
  • Jet Mode's actual damage to C.O.G.S. = Base Power
  • Jet Mode's actual damage to Core Kabula = Base Power × 0.95

Other appearances[edit]


  • Unlike most other modes, this one cannot be discarded, due to being required in each of the stages the mode is found in.
  • The Jet Armor greatly resembles a Capsule J2.
  • According to a Robobot Armor pop quiz, the Jet Mode cannot be used to fly back to Dream Land[1]. This is likely because it tends to crash after a short time in use.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Jet-modus Jet mode
French Mode jet Jet mode
Polish Jet Mode[2] -
Portuguese Modo jato Jet Mode
Spanish Modo Jet Jet Mode