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KatFL Buffahorn artwork.png
Artwork of Buffahorn from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Grizzo, Nruff
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Behold! It's the brutal, brutish Buffahorn! Weak attacks won't stand a chance against this critter's forward tackle. Good thing they have a hard time stopping! If you're careful, you can trick them into running off cliffs. They'll be OK down there. They're real tough.
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Buffahorn is a large enemy resembling a compact brown bison who appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land as a member of the Beast Pack. Buffahorn has a huge head with horns which curve forward when it is angry, and its main attack strategy is to charge forward at Kirby when it sees him. Buffahorn has high health and cannot be interrupted by weak attacks while it is charging, but when charging, it has a hard time turning, and will be stunned if it runs into a wall. Many Buffahorns do not bother trying to turn at all, instead opting to charge in a single direction. As suggested by its figurine description, Buffahorn can also be bested by forcing it to run off a cliff into a bottomless pit.

Buffahorn can be inhaled with enough effort, but it grants no ability if swallowed. It is a large enemy, so spitting it out will create a penetrating projectile. Defeating Buffahorn rewards Kirby with a green Star Coin.


Buffahorn can be found in the following stages:

Buffahorn locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Point of Arrival No The Tropical Terror No An Unexpected Beast King No The Beast Pack's Final Stand Yes
Downtown Grassland Yes Welcome to Wondaria No The Wastes Where Life Began No In the Presence of the King No
Through the Tunnel No Circuit Speedway No Searching the Oasis No Lab Discovera No
Rocky Rollin' Road No Invasion at the House of Horrors No Alivel Mall (Staff Side) No Forgo Plains Yes
A Trip to Alivel Mall No The Wondaria Dream Parade No Moonlight Canyon No Forgo Bay No
The Brawl at the Mall No Danger under the Big Top No Collector in the Sleepless Valley No Forgo Park Yes
Abandoned Beach Yes Northeast Frost Street Yes Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands Yes Forgo Horns Yes
Concrete Isles No Metro on Ice No Conquer the Inferno Road Yes Forgo Wasteland No
Scale the Cement Summit Yes Windy, Freezing Seas Yes Burning, Churning Power Plant Yes Forgo Zone Yes
Fast-Flowing Waterworks No The Battle of Blizzard Bridge No Gathering of the Beast Council No Forgo Land No


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バッファルホーン
Chinese 巴伐尔牛角
Bāfáěr Niújiǎo
transliteration of "Buffal"(巴伐尔)+ translation of "horn"(牛角)
Dutch Bullebuffel Bull buffalo
European French Furison Fureur (fury) + bison
German Rabüffel Ramm (ram) + Büffel (buffalo)
Italian Bufacorn Bufalo (buffalo) + Corno (horn)
Korean 버팔혼
Spanish Bufalón Búfalo (buffalo) + augmentative suffix -ón