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Don Puffle

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Don Puffle
KSA Don Puffle Artwork.png
Artwork of Don Puffle from Kirby Star Allies.
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Copy Ability Festival
Similar entities Walky
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Don Puffle[Japanese title] is a small floating enemy which debuted in Kirby Star Allies, which provides the Festival Copy Ability when ingested. It resembles a colorful round bird with a party cone for a mouth and a bow-tie. It attacks by flying in toward Kirby or by shooting confetti out of its mouth. It has 32 HP, a bit bulkier than most common enemies. (For reference, a Star Bullet does 52 damage and Waddle Dee has 12 HP.)

Unlike most other ability-providing enemies in Star Allies, Don Puffle cannot be made into a Friend. Tossing a Friend Heart at it will cause it to transform into the Festival ability hat instead.


Don Puffle can be found in the following stages:

Don Puffle locations in Kirby Star Allies  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Green Gardens No Falluna Moon No
Donut Dome Yes Planet Misteen No
Honey Hill No Mareen Moon No
Fruity Forest No Planet Caverna Yes**
Clash at Castle Dedede Yes* Grott Moon No
Extra Eclair No Planet Frostak Yes
Friendly Field No Blizzno Moon No
Reef Resort No Planet Towara No
Echo's Edge No Gabbel Moon No
Nature's Navel No Star Lavadom No
Sacred Square No Sizzlai Moon No
Inside Islands No Jambandra Base Yes
Duplex Dream Yes The Divine Terminus No
Gatehouse Road No Extra Planet α No
Eastern Wall No Extra Planet β No
Longview Corridor No Extra Planet γ Yes
Western Outer Wall No Extra Planet δ Yes
Inner Sanctum No Ability Planet Yes
Heavenly Hall No Dimension I No
Sector A No Dimension II No
Sector B No Dimension III No
Sector C No Dimension IV No
Planet Earthfall No *only in Version 3.0.0+
**only in Version 4.0.0+


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンパフル
Combination of:
  • ドンドン (drum sound effects in Japanese)
  • パフパフ (horn sound effects in Japanese)
  • フル (-ful)

ドンパフ appears in the Japanese pause flavor text of the Festival ability.[1]
In the English version, this is translated as "Honk, toot, and bammity-bam!"


  1. "ドンパフ おまつり のうりょくだ 思わず みんなで おどりだす! (This ability creates a festival of drums and horns, which makes everyone break into a wild dance!)" –Festival (Kirby Star Allies)