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Air Ride Machine InfoBox
The Bulk Star as it appears in Kirby Air Ride.
Flavor Text "Charging gives it fuel! It can take a beating."
Unlock for Air Ride Complete Celestial Valley's Time Attack under 03:20:00
Emphasis Durability
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The Bulk Star, known as the Heavy Star in Japan, is a rideable machine in Kirby Air Ride. It is remarkable for being one of the most durable machines in the game, albeit also being one of the least suited for standard racing.


This vehicle is one of the largest non-legendary machines available. It's most apparent features are a jagged, yellow-orange pattern extending out the front, and a large engine placed in the rear. This rear engine contains two giant silver exhaust pipes extending backward, which expel large amounts of thick gray smog as the machine propels forward. The engine also features two smaller red pipes extending upwards, and a gauge which represents how much charge-fuel remains. Gameplay-wise, the gauge is completely useless, as the charge meter in the heads-up-display is much more apparent. On the underside of the machine, the word "heavy" is written, a possible reference to its Japanese name.


Unlike most other machines, the Bulk Star requires charge to accelerate and maintain speed, functioning as the vehicle's fuel. If the charge runs completely out, then the machine will come to a dead stop until more is built up. The Hydra, one of the two legendary machines in the game, has a similar mechanic of using charge as fuel.

As its name implies, the Bulk Star is a heavy-weight vehicle with high offense, defense, and HP stats. However, its gliding is very poor, and it cannot boost well as charging works almost completely for fueling. It actually has the highest top speed in the game--something above 50 km/h--but can rarely maintain that speed due to the constant need to slow down charge. A strange characteristic of this machine is that on many terrains which cause other machines to decelerate slightly, such as magma, this vehicle actually accelerates.

Due to its constant need to re-charge, the Bulk Star is relatively poor for racing, especially for those who are not accustomed to maintaining its fuel. However, its incredible durability and offensive stats make it one of the best in the more battle-centric Stadiums of City Trial, particularly Destruction Derby.

How to Unlock

To unlock this machine for play in Air Ride mode, the player must finish Celestial Valley's Time Attack under 03:20:00 with any machine.

In City Trial, the Bulk Star can occasionally be found randomly throughout the city and be mounted like most other air ride machines. It is always available in Free Run as well.

Instruction Booklet Description

"This machine races using charged-up Boost power as fuel. It's very sturdy and can hit a very high top speed, so learn how to fill your Boost Gauge and give this machine a try!"