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Resolution Road - Stage 5

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Resolution Road - Stage 5
KPR Holo Defense API.png
Kirby runs into an automated defense system defending the second leg of the Access Ark.
Level Resolution Road
Boss(es) Holo Defense API
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Resolution Road - Stage 5.

Stage order
Resolution Road - Stage 4 Resolution Road - Stage 6 EX
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Resolution Road - Stage 5 is the fifth stage of Resolution Road. This stage is unlocked after clearing Stage 4 and collecting at least five Code Cubes in Resolution Road. This stage serves as the boss stage for the level, and pits Kirby against Holo Defense API. After clearing this stage, Kirby can move on to Overload Ocean.


The stage begins in a laboratory setting, very similar to Stages 3 and 6 EX. Kirby can climb up a series of grates, passing Bandana Waddle Dee, who tosses him an Assist Star, and Copy Essences containing the Parasol, ESP, and Archer abilities. The door to the boss area is up above and to the right, reachable with a 3D Warp Star.

Main article: Holo Defense API

Entering the boss chamber, Kirby finds himself in a large open room with some sort of green chemical concoction being pumped through the middle. An abstractly-shaped hovering machine flies into the area and proceeds to attack Kirby. It attacks by summoning holograms of enemies that Kirby has faced before, in four distinct rounds. These holographic foes represent the following enemies, in order:

While these holograms have largely the same attack patterns and weaknesses as the enemies they are based on, they have significantly less health, and each one has its own health bar to deplete. As each holographic foe is destroyed, one of the Holo Defense API's crystals shatters. Once all four crystals are broken, the Holo Defense API resorts to one last desperate attempt at an attack by flying frantically around the stage and trying to collide with Kirby. It can be finished off easily with one Star Bullet or ability attack.


  • Before the Holo-Coily Rattler fight, the background of the arena changes, adding five pillars. These pillars serve to accentuate Coily Rattler's battle strategy, assuming it has enough time to perform an attack from the background.