Kirby: Planet Robobot

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Kirby: Planet Robobot
Kirby Planet Robobot box art.png
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) Japan April 28, 2016
South Korea April 28, 2016
NA June 10, 2016
Europe June 10, 2016
Australia June 11, 2016
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone

PEGI: PEGI 7+.png - 7+

Game chronology
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
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Kirby: Planet Robobot is a game in the Kirby series released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016. It uses the same engine and playstyle as preceding games Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and once again incorporates the use of jumping between foreground and background, as Triple Deluxe did.


Kirby runs off toward a leg of the ship that took over Popstar

A robotic organization known as the Haltmann Works Company has targeted Popstar for its industrialization purposes. They fly down a giant spaceship roughly the same size as Pop Star to take over, as both King Dedede and Meta Knight try in vain to stop them. Kirby wakes up from under an oak tree to see the damage done, and is tasked with stopping the invaders from completely mechanizing his homeworld.

Kirby busts his way through each area, damaging the five legs that prop up the Haltmann Works Mothership. Along the way, he encounters Susie, Executive Assistant, who antagonizes him both by fighting him directly, and by throwing subdued and/or cloned versions of his friends after him. Once all five legs are down, Kirby enters the ship itself, and battles with the primary villain behind this plot, President Haltmann. In the process, he discovers that all of this was made possible for Haltmann Works by a self-aware supercomputer known as Star Dream. When Haltmann is defeated by Kirby, he attempts to use it to exact revenge, but then Susie betrays him, stealing his means of controlling the computer and causing him to black out. Susie then reveals that she wanted to take control of the computer for herself, but Star Dream then activates by itself and zaps Susie away. At this point, the computer is fully in control, fusing Haltmann's mind and soul with its operating system, and declares that it will erase all of history in order to bring about an age of 'infinite prosperity'.

Begrudgingly, Susie helps Kirby to defeat it by offering him a suit of Robobot Armor. Meta Knight, having been freed by Kirby from the company's clutches, brings the Halberd in as well, and merges it with Kirby's armor in order to take down Star Dream, who turns out to be another variety of Nova. Once it is finally defeated, Pop Star is returned to normal, and Susie leaves Pop Star behind on her own, departing to parts unknown.


Kirby: Planet Robobot plays more-or-less the same as Kirby: Triple Deluxe, as a 2.5-D platformer, with paths in the foreground and background, and levels with stages to complete sequentially. Also as before, Kirby will need to collect a number of special objects in order to unlock the path to the Boss in each level, and/or unlock extra stages. Kirby makes use of his Copy Abilities as usual to solve puzzles and break his way through the enemy forces, many of which are mechanized versions of the usual enemies.

New to this installation, however, is the inclusion of a suit of power armor that Kirby can pilot, called the Robobot Armor. It appears in various points of the stages, and allows Kirby to smash his way through larger obstacles, though it comes with some drawbacks in most instances, the most obvious one being the inability to float indefinitely. The suit is also modular with some of the Copy Abilities, taking on new form and function with each one.

On top of this new mechanic, Planet Robobot features more enemies, new and different items and tools, and new and different Copy Abilities to utilize. It also employs circular pathways in some areas, not seen since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and flying shooter sections reminiscent of the endgame for Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Like in Triple Deluxe, Kirby is able to store certain Food items for later use. These can be improved through the use of StreetPass. Additionally, the game is compatible with amiibo, which allow Kirby to obtain a Copy Ability from one when scanned.


This game is also compatible with amiibo, coming with its own set as well. Scanning in an amiibo will give Kirby a Copy Ability specific to the amiibo scanned, as well as the home set unlocking special costumes. Scanning the Super Smash Bros. Kirby amiibo will unlock the Smash ability (now called Smash Bros.), and scanning the home series Kirby amiibo will unlock the U.F.O. ability, which is the only easy way to obtain it.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Kirby: Planet Robobot features a total of 28 standard Copy Abilities, with three of them being brand new abilities, and four more returning from long absences. Like Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby: Triple Deluxe, these abilities feature extensive move-sets and most offer high versatility. Many of these abilities are compatible with the Robobot Armor.

In addition, Kirby can gain abilities if the player scans in amiibo during regular gameplay. Certain amiibo yield unique abilities or offer different palette swaps.

Copy Abilities in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Ability Icon Provider(s) Description Notes
New Abilities
Doctor PR Doctor Icon.png Chemitory Kirby can toss pills, concoct chemicals, and use other medical implements to attack foes.
ESP PR ESP Icon.png NESP, Telepathos Kirby can use psychic waves to attack foes and can teleport at will.
Poison PR Poison Icon.png Venog, Miasmoros Kirby can spew toxic liquid and gasses at opponents, and can douse flames. Based heavily on the Water ability.
Returning Abilities
Archer TD Archer Icon.png Spynum Kirby gains a bow and a quiver of arrows, allowing him to fire at foes with high accuracy and perform other techniques.
Beam TD Beam Icon.png Waddle Doo, King Doo Kirby can fire magical energy projectiles in the form of a beam whip and spherical beam blasts.
Bomb TD Bomb Icon.png Foley, Poppy Bros. Jr., Rocket Launcher Waddle Dee's rockets, Clanky Woods' missiles, Mecha Knight's missiles, Security Force's mines, Susie & President Haltmann's drones Kirby can prep and toss bombs at his opponents.
Circus TD Circus Icon.png Clown Acrobot Kirby can perform a wide variety of circus-themed attacks, including popping balloons, juggling, and performing acrobatics.
Crash TD Crash Icon.png Bomber Kirby can cause a massive explosion which defeats all enemies on the screen. Single-use ability.
Cutter TD Cutter Icon.png Sir Kibble, Kibble Blade Kirby can toss bladed boomerangs which return to him and can be steered slightly.
Fighter TD Fighter Icon.png Knuckle Joe Kirby can perform a wide variety of martial arts-based moves, and can fire energy blasts from his hands.
Fire TD Fire Icon.png Flamer, Galbo, Hot Head Kirby can breathe fire and combust into a fireball.
Hammer TD Hammer Icon.png Bonkers Kirby gains a powerful mallet that can pulverize foes and pound Posts. Can be used underwater.
Ice TD Ice Icon.png Chilly Kirby can freeze opponents with an icy breath and aura, then kick them away. He can also encase himself in ice for protection.
Jet PR Jet Icon.png Capsule J3 Kirby gains a jet pack that can be used to rocket quickly through the air and perform flying tackles. The exhaust can light Fuses. Reworked from Kirby Super Star Ultra and given a slight change in appearance.
Leaf TD Leaf Icon.png Leafan Kirby can conjure up razor-sharp leaves to strike opponents, and can hide in a pile of leaves for protection.
Mike TD Mike Icon.png Walky Kirby can shout at foes to defeat them at range. Three-use ability.
Mirror PR Mirror Icon.png Simirror Kirby can attack by reflecting projectiles and shooting out reflections of himself. Reworked from Kirby Super Star Ultra and given a new hat.
Ninja TD Ninja Icon.png Moonja Kirby gains a wide arsenal of ninja-like weapons and techniques to battle opponents.
Parasol TD Parasol Icon.png Parasol Waddle Dee Kirby gains a parasol which can be used to attack, defend, or gently glide downward. Can be used underwater.
Sleep TD Sleep Icon.png Noddy Kirby falls asleep for a brief moment and cannot do anything unless attacked. Limited-duration ability.
Smash Bros. PR Smash Bros. Icon.png Kirby's Super Smash Bros. amiibo, Copy Essence, Mix Kirby can use a condensed version of his move-set from Super Smash Bros. 4. Reworked from its appearance in New Challenge Stages. There is no specific enemy that can provide this ability.
Spark TD Spark Icon.png Covered Looker, Elec, Haltworker, Sparky, Dubior, Telepathos's projectiles, Security Force's drones Kirby can conjure and fire powerful electric barriers and waves.
Stone TD Stone Icon.png Rocky, Blocky Kirby can transform into a stone to slide down hills and also attack with a giant stone fist.
Sword TD Sword Icon.png Blade Knight Kirby gains a sword and a large array of sword techniques to battle opponents. Can be used underwater.
U.F.O. PR U.F.O. Icon.png Kirby's main-series amiibo, UFO Kirby becomes a flying saucer and can attack using beam blasts and other gadgets. Reworked from its appearance in Kirby: Squeak Squad. UFO only appears in the Copy Ability Testing Area after 100% Completion is attained.
Wheel TD Wheel Icon.png Wheelie Kirby can transform into a wheel and roll at high speed through enemies and hazards.
Whip TD Whip Icon.png Wester, Whippy Kirby gains a whip which can be used to strike opponents and grab items from afar and through walls.

Robobot Armor modes[edit]

Main article: Robobot Armor

Introduced in this title is the potent Robobot Armor, which in turn is compatible with various Copy Abilities. The Robobot Armor is obtained by defeating Invader Armor or by finding it in stages. When inside the armor, Kirby becomes much more powerful, but in most cases, loses his ability to hover indefinitely and can no longer fit through tight gaps. Kirby will retain any ability he had before entering the armor and it will not affect the abilities that the armor can acquire. Kirby cannot exit the armor once he enters unless he finds a docking station or exits the stage.

Robobot Armor Modes  
Ability Image
Normal Robobot Normal.jpg
Beam Robobot Beam Mode.jpg
Bomb Robobot Bomb Mode.jpg
Cutter Robobot Cutter Mode.jpg
ESP Robobot ESP Mode.jpg
Fire Robobot Fire Mode.jpg
Ice Robobot Ice Mode.jpg
Jet Robobot Jet Mode.jpg
Mike Robobot Mike Mode.jpg
Parasol Robobot Parasol Mode.jpg
Spark Robobot Spark Mode.jpg
Stone Robobot Stone Mode.jpg
Sword Robobot Sword Mode.jpg
Wheel Robobot Wheel Mode.jpg
Halberd Halberd Mode.jpg


Kirby: Planet Robobot features a total of 42 stages in the Story Mode. All main levels include one boss stage and one Extra stage (except for Level 6, which has two Extra stages), which are included in the stage count.

Level Nr. Name Stages Boss(es)
Level 1 Patched Plains 1.jpg
Patched Plains
6 Clanky Woods.jpg
Clanky Woods
Level 2 Resolution Road 1.jpg
Resolution Road
6 Holo Defense API.jpg
Holo Defense API
Level 3 Overload Ocean 1.jpg
Overload Ocean
7 Susie Fight 1.jpg
Level 4 Gigabyte Grounds 1.jpg
Gigabyte Grounds
7 Mecha Knight.jpg
Mecha Knight
Level 5 Rhythm Route 1.jpg
Rhythm Route
7 Dedede Clone.jpg
Dedede Clone
Dedede Clones & D3.jpg
Dedede Clones & D3
Level 6 Access Ark Stage 1 KPR.png
Access Ark
8 Mecha Knight+.jpg
Mecha Knight+
Haltmann Boss.jpg
President Haltmann
Level 7 Halberd Mode.jpg
Mind in the Program
0 Star Dream.jpg
Star Dream (Story Mode only)






Kirby: Planet Robobot carries a majority of its enemies - including their look and behavior - from its predecessor; Kirby: Triple Deluxe. However, the game also adds a large array of new enemies, and brings back many older enemies not featured in Triple Deluxe, with some (such as Simirror) making their first 3-D appearance in this game. True to the mechanized motif of the world in Planet Robobot, many enemies have received mechanical and/or cybernetic augmentations, though these are purely cosmetic. The following tables list each standard enemy in Kirby: Planet Robobot:

Neutral enemies in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Name Image New enemy? Description Notes
Barbar Barbar PR.jpg Xmark.png A large aquatic eel-like creature which cannot be harmed. It will peek out of its hiding hole and attempt to eat Kirby, chewing him for a bit if successful.
Big Chip Big Chip.jpg Yescheck.png A two-tailed heftier variant of Chip who has greater durability, but otherwise acts the same as its smaller counterparts.
Big Propeller Big Propeller.jpg Yescheck.png A heftier variant of Propeller with two rotors who has greater durability, but otherwise acts the same as its smaller counterparts.
Blipper Blipper PR.jpg Xmark.png A round red fish who sports goggles and can be found leaping in and out of water. It flops helplessly around on land.
Bronto Burt Bronto Burt PR.jpg Xmark.png A brash pink flier who can be seen in various formations and flight trajectories. It can only harm Kirby by collision.
Broom Hatter Broom Hatter PR.jpg Xmark.png A small yellow being wielding a broom and sporting a witch's hat. Sweeps back and forth across the ground, and can only harm Kirby by collision.
Cappy Cappy PR.jpg Xmark.png An innocuous mushroom-shaped creature who wears a red cap. If Kirby attempts to inhale Cappy, its cap will fly into his mouth first.
Chip Chip PR.jpg Xmark.png A small yellow furball with a fox's tail who moves by leaping about.
Como Como PR.jpg Xmark.png A spider-like enemy which swings down on a thread from a ceiling. It can be defeated easily by cutting its string.
Craby Craby PR.jpg Xmark.png A small aquatic scuttler with extendable orb-shaped claws. Operates just as effectively on land.
Degout KPR Degout Screenshot.jpg Xmark.png A compact hovering eyeball creature encased in a metal shell. It cannot be inhaled, and has very high durability. It can be seen holding position or pursuing Kirby slowly.
Dekabu Dekabu PR.jpg Xmark.png A larger and tougher variant of Kabu distinguished by its sandcastle-like appearance. It can spit out Kabus.
Gabon Gabon PR.jpg Xmark.png A round creature who wears a skull cap and tosses bones at Kirby. If it loses its hat, Gabon flees in terror.
Gigatzo Gigatzo PR.jpg Xmark.png A large bulbous cannon which shoots big flaming cannonballs at Kirby. It cannot be defeated.
Glunk Glunk PR.jpg Xmark.png A green anemone-like creature which can be found in water or ashore, shooting pellets out from its head in whichever direction it is oriented.
Gordo Gordo PR.jpg Xmark.png A spiked orb which can be seen floating in place or moving in a fixed pattern. It cannot be defeated.
Grandy Grandy PR.jpg Xmark.png A larger woolly variant of Waddle Dee who boasts somewhat greater toughness, but otherwise acts the same.
Grizzo Grizzo PR.jpg Xmark.png A large yellow striped bear who wears a headband. Can be seen sleeping or walking slowly, but will charge if angered.
Haltmann Fan Haltmann Fan.jpg Yescheck.png A hovering fan which creates a continuous current of wind, pushing Kirby back and moving toxic clouds about. These fans have variable pushing force and cannot be destroyed, but are also incapable of harming Kirby directly.
Kabu Kabu PR.jpg Xmark.png A brown clay-like statuette which spins around and tries to harm Kirby by contact.
Labotory Labotory PR.jpg Yescheck.png A lab technician with a body shape similar to Kirby and clad in a suit with a diver-like helmet. It attacks by extending a long mace on an extending bar.
Mamanti Mamanti PR.jpg Xmark.png A large blue variant of Blipper with pronounced flippers and higher durability.
Mech Acro MechAcro.jpg Yescheck.png A big metal orca which patrols aquatic zones by moving in and out of Kirby's plane. It cannot be defeated.
Mumbies Mumbies PR.jpg Xmark.png A bandage-wrapped floating eyeball who slowly pursues Kirby when he is not looking at it. It cannot be inhaled.
Pacto Pacto PR.jpg Xmark.png A large yellow hovering creature with a single eye and huge maw. It will lunge forward and try to eat Kirby when he passes by. It cannot be inhaled.
Propeller Propeller PR.jpg Xmark.png A small hovering blob on a propeller who pursues Kirby. Altered from its previous appearance in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Rope Waddle Dee Dracula Waddle PR.jpg Xmark.png A Waddle Dee who swings from a rope, which can be done at various angles. Cutting the rope causes it to fall and become a normal Waddle Dee.
Scarfy Scarfy PR.jpg Scarfy Angry PR.jpg Xmark.png A deceptive floating orange creature. If Kirby harms it or tries to inhale it, Scarfy turns into a demon and chases him down, exploding on contact.
Sheld Sheld PR.jpg Xmark.png A small armored creature which charges at Kirby. Its metal shell can be inhaled or destroyed to render it helpless.
Shotzo Shotzo PR.jpg Xmark.png A small stationary cannon which pivots and fires shots at Kirby. It cannot be defeated.
Soarar Soarar PR.jpg Xmark.png A flat-topped triangular flying foe who glides in straight lines and can swoop between planes.
Squishy Squishy PR.jpg Xmark.png A spotted squid enemy who can swim in spurts underwater or walk around on land.
Waddle Dee Waddle Dee PR.jpg Xmark.png A small brown creature who can be seen in a variety of situations. It usually either moves back and forth slowly or sleeps.
Walf Walf PR.jpg Xmark.png An aquatic blue creature who resembles an inflatable toy. It can float on the surface of water.
Walker Waddle Dee Walker Waddle Dee PR.jpg Yescheck.png A Waddle Dee piloting a mechanical walker. The walker can be inhaled or destroyed to expose the Waddle Dee.
Key Dee Wonkey PR.jpg Xmark.png A yellow Waddle Dee-like enemy with a monkey's face and tail. It is often seen carrying batteries and must be intercepted or guided to obtain its treasure.
Copy Ability-providing enemies in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Name Image New enemy? Ability Description Notes
Blade Knight Blade Knight PR.jpg Xmark.png Sword A familiar swordsman coated in green armor who wields a blade and guards various places, whether by pacing or by holding position. It will attempt to swipe at Kirby if he gets close.
Bomb Bronto Burt Bomb Bronto Burt.jpg Yescheck.png Bomb (projectile) A Bronto Burt carrying a small black missile. It will attempt to drop this on Kirby once within range, becoming a normal Bronto Burt in the process. Kirby can swallow the missile to gain the Bomb ability, but swallowing the Bronto Burt on its own grants nothing.
Bomber Bomber PR.jpg Xmark.png Crash A walking bomb which teeters on ledges, then falls down, exploding in a large burst upon impact with Kirby or the floor below.
Capsule J3 Capsule J3.jpg Yescheck.png Jet A hefty metal foe with a jet-shaped crest and a huge dual jet-pack on its back which it uses to hover and fly with. It cannot defend itself very well. This enemy is a progression from Capsule J2 from Kirby Super Star Ultra, and is not the same enemy.
Chemitory Chemitory PR.jpg Yescheck.png Doctor A pill-shaped enemy who pulls smaller pills out of its capsule hat and tosses them at Kirby. The pill projectiles grant the Doctor ability in addition to Chemitory itself.
Chilly Chilly PR.jpg Xmark.png Ice A living snowman foe who skates back and forth and can create a freezing aura around itself when threatened.
Clown Acrobot Clown Acrobot PR.jpg Xmark.png Circus A clown-like foe who can be seen with various circus-themed implements. It typically moves slowly back and forth while balancing these items.
Covered Looker Covered Looker.jpg Yescheck.png Spark A large hovering robot with a smooth surface. It cannot be harmed or inhaled unless it opens its face plate to shoot a bolt of energy. This enemy is similar in look to Metal Guardian from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, but is not the same enemy.
Elec Elec PR.jpg Xmark.png Spark A green eyeball encased in a metallic shell which rolls along walls and can emit an electric field around itself.
Esper NESP KPR.png Yescheck.png ESP A floating young practitioner of psychic abilities who wears a black cultist robe. He can attack Kirby by shooting psychokinetic orbs and can teleport.
Flamer Flamer PR.jpg Xmark.png Fire A pink eyeball encased in a smooth shell which rolls along walls and spews flames around itself. Flamer may also detach and launch itself at Kirby.
Foley Foley PR.jpg Xmark.png Bomb A hovering yellow bomb with a face on a propeller. If Kirby passes underneath, Foley detaches its propeller, then drops and explodes on impact.
Galbo Galbo PR.jpg Xmark.png Fire A compact limbless red dragon-like creature which spews flames from its mouth.
Haltworker Haltworker KPR.png Yescheck.png Spark A small foot soldier with physique similar to Kirby who wields an energy blaster pistol. They can also be seen piloting the Invader Armor.
Hot Head Hot Head PR.jpg Xmark.png Fire An orange creature with a burning head and octopus-like mouth which breathes fire.
Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe PR.jpg Xmark.png Fighter A spiky-haired kid who knows many martial arts, but cannot escape Kirby's inhale.
Leafan Leafan PR.jpg Xmark.png Leaf A small orange creature with a leafy crown. It can drift slowly downward and fire seeds on both sides of itself.
Moonja Moonja PR.jpg Xmark.png Ninja A purple-clad ninja warrior who has many tricks, but cannot escape Kirby's inhale.
Noddy Noddy PR.jpg Xmark.png Sleep An armless pink creature with a night cap that is usually asleep.
Parasol Waddle Dee Parasol Waddle Dee PR.jpg Xmark.png Parasol A Waddle Dee who wields a parasol. If attacked, the parasol will be dropped and it will fly off.
Parasol Waddle Doo Parasol Waddle Doo PR.jpg Xmark.png Parasol or Beam A Waddle Doo who wields a parasol. If attacked, the parasol will be dropped and it will fly off.
Poppy Bros. Jr. Poppy Bros. Jr. PR.jpg Xmark.png Bomb A small trickster in a blue jester's outfit. He regularly pulls out and tosses bombs at Kirby.
Rocket Launcher Waddle Dee Rocket Launcher Waddle Dee PR.jpg Rocket Launcher Waddle Dee 2.jpg Yescheck.png Bomb (missiles) A Walker Waddle Dee equipped with a rocket launcher. The missiles fired from this launcher grant the Bomb ability when swallowed, but the Waddle Dee and its suit do not provide any ability. Some of these foes have a propeller attached to their mech instead of legs, which allow for flight.
Rocky Rocky PR.jpg Xmark.png Stone An anthropomorphic stone foe who wears a headband and falls very quickly. Can also slide on slopes.
Rope Waddle Doo Rope Waddle Doo PR.jpg Xmark.png Beam A Waddle Doo who swings from a rope in varying orientations. If the rope is cut, Waddle Doo will fall to the ground, then start behaving like a standard Waddle Doo.
Simirror Simirror KPR.png Xmark.png Mirror A small robed wizard who fires reflective projectiles, can warp out of sight, and create duplicates of itself. This is Simirror's first 3-D appearance.
Sir Kibble Sir Kibble PR.jpg Xmark.png Cutter A petit yellow suit of armor who throws bladed boomerangs at Kirby.
Sparky Sparky PR.jpg Xmark.png Spark A green blob creature which hops around and uses its spherical hands to conduct electricity through itself.
Spynum Spynum PR.jpg Xmark.png Archer A cloaked marksman who will try to shoot arrows at Kirby.
UFO UFO PR.jpg Xmark.png U.F.O. An extremely rare flying saucer which can be inhaled only in the Copy Ability Testing Area once 100% Completion has been obtained. UFO also appears in the Goal Game.
Venog Venog PR.jpg Yescheck.png Poison A sickly amphibian made of sludge which moves back and forth and can burp corrosive fluids.
Waddle Doo Waddle Doo PR.jpg Xmark.png Beam A cycloptic orange creature who is similar to Waddle Dee, but can fire beams from its eye.
Walky Walky PR.jpg Xmark.png Mike An anthropomorphized microphone which can emit damaging sound waves.
Wester Wester PR.jpg Yescheck.png Whip A compact cowboy-like foe who can use its whip to travel between planes.
Wheelie Wheelie PR.jpg Xmark.png Wheel A living wheel with cap, engine, and eye which rolls along the ground.
Whippy Whippy PR.jpg Xmark.png Whip A cat-like ball with a whip for a tail.
Enemies defeatable only by Robobot Armor in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Name Image Description Notes
Bar Waddle Dees Bar Waddle Dees.jpg A pair of Waddle Dees who carry a spiked bar back and forth in a small patrol. Attacking the bar using the armor will defeat these foes, but it may only be avoided otherwise.
Dice Giant Dice.jpg A giant golden spiked playing die which rolls about a fixed pattern, squishing Kirby if he is caught underneath. When struck by the Robobot Armor, the die will be knocked about. Once it lands, the front-facing side determines what reward Kirby gets after it breaks, which is determined at random.
Driver Waddle Dee Driver Waddle Dee.jpg A Waddle Dee who drives an automobile which can vary in size and look. Will stop at crosswalks when the 'walk' symbol is lit. This enemy drops Point Stars and Food when defeated by the Robobot Armor.
Iron Ball Iron Ball.jpg A large golden bullet-shaped hazard attacked to a rotating pivot. Whether it knocks Kirby into the Fourth Wall or into the background depends on how it hits him.
Iron Hammer Steam Hammers.jpg A large hammer which swings in a full circle along a pivot. This hazard drops Point Stars when destroyed using the Robobot Armor.
Mech Flotzo MechFlotzo.jpg A giant octopus wearing a yellow diver's helmet. It can jump in and out of the water, and attacks either by contact or by shooting ink blobs at Kirby. This enemy drops Point Stars and calamari when defeated by the Robobot Armor.
Prism Ball Prism Ball.jpg A set of two crystalline orbs which orbit each-other around a field of energy. The field itself is harmless, though the balls can harm Kirby by contact. This enemy drops Point Stars and Food when defeated by the Robobot Armor, though both must be defeated.
Security Laser Security Laser.jpg A metallic floating turret which opens up to fire a continuous laser, which either remains in the same orientation or swerves back and forth.
Spring Note Springy Notes.jpg A large panel with a neon-lit symbol depicting a musical note. It pops out toward Kirby in tempo with the music and will slam him into the fourth wall if it connects. This hazard drops Point Stars when destroyed using the Robobot Armor.
Turtle Noddy Gemstone Turtle.jpg A huge sleeping turtle which will try to eat Kirby if he gets too close to it. It can only be defeated using the Robobot Armor's Mike Mode.
Vol Vol.jpg A green robot which engages Kirby before Gigavolt appears. It can be defeated either by attacking it repeatedly or by unscrewing the bolt on its head.


Most Mid-Bosses also come in 2.0 variants, which are fought in Meta Knightmare Returns and The True Arena.

Mid-Bosses in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
KPR Blocky Screenshot.jpg
Stone A large cinder block-like foe. He attacks by slamming the ground, and rolling about in various patterns. This one is outfitted with bolts and other metal reinforcings.
Bonkers PR.jpg
Hammer A simian-like enemy who wields a hammer and tosses coconuts. This one has a metal jaw and bolts on the side of his head.
N/A A large mechanical obstruction that Kirby must fight using his Robobot Armor's Jet Mode. It consists of five turrets on rotating cogs that must all be destroyed individually.
Dubior PR.jpg
Spark A floating UFO-type enemy that can generate an energy shield and fire sparks in various patterns. It can also summon little minions that can be swallowed and spat back at it.
Kibble Blade
Kibble Blade PR.jpg
Cutter A large silver version of Sir Kibble that throws huge inhalable cutter blades and sometimes charges head-first at Kirby. This one bears bolts on its armor.
King Doo
King Doo PR.jpg
Beam A very large Waddle Doo with a long hair-lick draped over his eye. He can fire his beam in many different ways, much like Beam Kirby can. This one sports a metal headcase.
Invader Armor
Invader Armor.jpg
Robobot Armor A suit of Robobot Armor being piloted by a Haltworker. It attacks using its punches and body slams.
Poison A large Galbo-like enemy that spews toxic sludge and leaves damaging puddles on the ground where it moves.
Security Force
Security Force KPR.png
N/A A bipedal robot outfitted with various guns and other weapons. It will attempt to self-destruct after being defeated.
ESP, Spark (projectiles) A floating enemy with a U-shaped body and disembodied hands. It attacks using electric orbs and can evade Kirby by teleporting about.


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The Jukebox (サウンドルーム Sound Room in the Japanese version) serves as the Sound Test of Kirby: Planet Robobot. When a soundtrack is playing, the musical notes will change the color to indicate its composer:

This way of indicating the track credit was first used in Kirby: Triple Deluxe and would be later used in Kirby Star Allies.

Kirby: Planet Robobot Original Soundtrack[edit]

Kirby: Planet Robobot Original Soundtrack CD was released on Dec 15, 2016 only in Japan. It's a 2-CD set that includes 97 tracks from the game.

The digital version was released on June 26, 2018 worldwide, being the first time the Planet Robobot Soundtrack was released in English.

List of Kirby: Planet Robobot Original Soundtrack Songs[1]  
Disc 1
Track No. English Title Description
01 Bright Spinning Planet Title theme.
02 First Contact Theme of the movie "First Contact" in the Theater.
03 Magical Planet Popstar World map theme.
04 Patched Plains Map theme of Area 1 - Patched Plains.
(Arrangement of "The Noble Haltmann".)
05 Venturing into the Mechanized World Stage theme of Patched Plains - Stage 1.
(Arrangement of "The Noble Haltmann".)
06 Re: Green Greens Stage theme of Patched Plains - Stage 2.
(Remix of "Green Greens".)
07 Metal N. Vasion Mid-Boss battle theme.
08 Pink Ball Activate! Theme of the Robobot Armor.
09 Steel Beat Stage theme of Patched Plains - Stage 3
10 Green Laboratory Stage theme of Patched Plains - Stage 4
(Arrangement of "Sand Canyon 3".)
11 Invincible Invincible Candy theme. Reused from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
12 Kirby Dance (short version) Reused from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
13 Clouds Park Plays after the Goal Game.
(Remix of "Bubbly Clouds".)
14 Resolution Road Map theme of Area 2 - Resolution Road.
(Arrangement of "The Noble Haltmann".)
15 Yearning for Yellow (Vroom!) Stage theme of Resolution Road - Stage 1.
16 Flight of Azure Theme of the Robobot Armor - Jet Mode.
17 Residential Laboratory Stage theme of Resolution Road - Stage 3.
(Arrangement of "Sky Tower".)
18 Gorgeous-Go-Round Stage theme of the casino areas: Resolution Road - Stage 4 and Rhythm Route - Stage 2.
19 Overload Ocean Map theme of Area 3 - Overload Ocean.
(Arrangement of "The Noble Haltmann".)
20 Bountiful Star Stage theme of Overload Ocean - Stage 1.
21 Rhythm Code Theme used for puzzle rooms.
22 Industrial Laboratory Stage theme of Overload Ocean - Stage 3.
(Arrangement of "Float Islands.")
23 Time for Dessert! Stage theme of Overload Ocean - Stage 4.
24 Submarine Suburbs Stage theme of Overload Ocean - Stage 5.
25 Gigabyte Grounds Map theme of Area 4 - Gigabyte Grounds.
(Arrangement of "The Noble Haltmann".)
26 Dried-up Sea Stage theme of Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 1.
27 Core Kabula Surprise! Boss battle theme of Core Kabula.
(Remix of "Kabula's Theme" in the Kirby series.)
28 Studying the Power Plant Stage theme of Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 3.
(Remix of "Studying the Factory" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.)
29 Done In Music that plays when losing a life. Reused from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
30 Game Over Music that plays when receiving a Game Over (reused from Kirby's Return to Dream Land), followed by the theme that plays on the Continue screen.
31 Mother's Intuition Pause menu theme.
32 Loading... Boss battle prelude.
33 Haltmann Works Co. Theme Song Also known as "The Noble Haltmann", anthem of Haltmann Works Company.
34 VS. The Wicked Company Regular boss battle theme.
(Arrangement of "The Noble Haltmann".)
35 Let's Go Home Sound effects when Susie is defeated.
36 Kirby Dance (full version) Reused from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
37 Toy Box Plays when viewing the sticker collection.
(Remix of "Toy Rhythm" (Lollipop Land - Stage 2) from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.)
38 Memorial Theatre Theme of the Theater. Remix of the Mt. Dedede lobby theme from Kirby's Dream Land.
39 Kirby 3D Rumble Kirby 3D Rumble: Title Theme.
(Remix of "Welcome to Dream Land", Title Theme of Kirby's Dream Land.)
40 Green Greens (Original track of "Green Greens": Kirby's Return to Dream Land - Challenge Stages "Item Challenge" version.)
41 VS. Mini Masher Boss battle theme of Mini Masher in Kirby 3D Rumble.
(Remix of regular boss battle theme of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.)
42 VS. Mega Masher Boss battle theme of Mega Masher in Kirby 3D Rumble.
(Remix of Dark Star stage theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.)
43 Team Kirby Clash Team Kirby Clash: Title Theme.
(Remix of regular boss battle theme of Kirby Super Star.)
44 TIME BEEEAM! Jingle of Beam Mage using Time Beam.
45 City Trial: Rowdy Charge Tank (Kirby Air Ride) (Original track of City Trial Event: Rowdy Charge Tank from Kirby Air Ride.
Remix of "Green Greens".)
46 Above the Clouds (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) (Original track of Shiver Star - Stage 2 theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Remix of "Butter Building" from Kirby's Adventure.)
47 VS. Chef Kawasaki (Kirby's Star Stacker) (Original track of Chef Kawasaki battle theme from the SNES version of Kirby's Star Stacker.)
48 Halberd (Kirby's Epic Yarn) (Original track of the Battleship Halberd stage theme from Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Remix of Boarding the Halberd from Kirby Super Star.)
49 Spectacle Space (Kirby: Canvas Curse) (Original track of "Spectacle Space" from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
Remix of Nightmare's battle theme from Kirby's Adventure.)
50 CROWNED: Ver.2 (Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe) (Original track of "CROWNED: Ver.2" from Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe.)
51 Pocket Diary (Remix of "Grape Garden" from Kirby's Adventure.)
52 Select a File! Theme of file select and main menu. Reused from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Disc 2
Track No. English Title Description
53 Rhythm Route Map theme of Area 5 - Rhythm Route.
(Arrangement of "The Noble Haltmann".)
54 Sky-High and Smitten Stage theme of Rhythm Route - Stage 1 and Stage 4.
(Partial arrangement of "Gourmet Race".)
55 Outlaw Driver Stage theme of Rhythm Route - Stage 4 when Kirby has the Robobot Armor Wheel Mode). Also plays in the title screen and Copy Ability room of The Arena.
(Arrangement of "Pink Ball Activate!".)
56 Neon Laboratory Stage theme of Rhythm Route - Stage 3.
(Arrangement of Dark Castle stage theme Kirby's Dream Land 2.)
57 Loud Locomotive Stage theme of Rhythm Route - Stage 5.
58 Caught Me Singing Theater movies: "A Complete Remodel" and "Unreal King".
59 Dedede's Tridimensional Cannon Boss battle theme of Dedede Clones & D3.
(Orchestral mashup of King Dedede's Theme and "My Friend and the Sunset".)
60 9.3 Billion in Anguish Sound effects for the defeat of the Dedede Clones & D3.
61 Secret Area: HAL Room (Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe) (Original track of the title theme from Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe.)
62 Access Ark Map theme of Area 6 - Access Ark.
63 Working Sounds Ambience during the cutscenes at the start of each laboratory stage.
64 Haltmann Works Co. HQ Stage music for Access Ark - Stage 1.
65 Pristine Office March Stage music for Access Ark - Stage 2 and Stage 3.
66 L86 Stage music for Access Ark - Stage 4 and Stage 5. The title refers to Access Ark being the 6th level and possessing 8 stages.
67 Inner Struggle Boss battle music for Mecha Knight+.
Arrangement of the Vs. Meta Knight theme from Kirby Super Star.
68 Loveless Command Theater movie: "My Name is Haltmann".
69 Crazy Rolling in Money Boss battle music for President Haltmann.
Also features the sound effects that play upon Haltmann's defeat.
70 Apocalyptic Reboot Theater movie: "Apocalyptic Wish".
71 Final Takeoff Theater movie: "Please...Get Him!"
Arrangement of "Pink Ball Activate!"
72 VS. Star Dream Boss battle music for Phase 1 of the Star Dream battle.
Contains excerpts of Havoc Aboard the Halberd and The Noble Haltmann.
73 Fatal Error Music that plays when Star Dream attaches itself to the Access Ark.
74 Intermezzo Without a Leader Boss battle music for Phase 2 of the Star Dream battle.
75 First Cry of a Newborn Star Sound effects that play before Phase 3 of the Star Dream battle begins.
76 Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection Boss battle music for Phase 3 of the Star Dream battle.
Arrangement of "Bright Spinning Planet" and "Milky Way Wishes: Shooting".
77 Pink Ball Revolution Music that plays throughout a majority of Access Ark - Stage 5 and when Kirby drills through Star Dream's defenses in Mind in the Program.
Arrangement of "Haltmann Works Co. HQ".
78 Shell Scream Sound effects that play after Star Dream is defeated.
79 Planet Heart Theater movie: "Restored to Life".
80 Memories (I'll Never Forget You) Music that plays during the end credits.
81 Return of Meta Knight Music that plays on the title screen of Meta Knightmare Returns.
Arrangement of "Above the Halberd".
82 Brothers in Arms Music that plays on the level results screen of Meta Knightmare Returns.
Arrangement of "My Friend and the Sunset".
83 You Lack Discipline Music that plays upon a Game Over in Meta Knightmare Returns.
Arrangement of Revenge of Meta Knight title and opening cutscene themes.
84 StreetPass wins (Normal) Music that plays when looking at StreetPass records in The Arena.
Arrangement of "Float Islands".
85 StreetPass wins (True) Music that plays when looking at StreetPass records in The True Arena.
Arrangement of the Save Area music from Kirby Super Star.
86 Spinning Planet Complete Music that plays after obtaining all 200 stickers and before the first few bosses in The True Arena rest area.
Arrangement of "Bright Spinning Planet".
87 Combat Evaluation Program Boss battle theme in The True Arena.
The title suggests the purpose of The True Arena in this game. Arrangement of "Haltmann Works Co. HQ".
88 Reproduction of Darkness Boss battle theme of Dark Matter Clone.
(Remix of "Vs. Dark Matter" (both the Swordsman form and the Real Dark Matter form) from Kirby's Dream Land 2.)
89 Faded & Flower Boss battle theme of Sectonia Clone.
(Remix of "Sullied Grace", boss battle theme of Queen Sectonia from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.)
90 The Greatest Warrior In the Galaxy Ever Boss battle theme of Galacta Knight Returns.
(Remix of "The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy", theme song of Galacta Knight.)
91 Broken Heart Music that plays upon losing all of Kirby's stamina in The True Arena.
92 Soul 0 System / Vagrant Keepsake of Oblivion Medley of boss battle music used for Phase 4 of the Star Dream Soul OS battle.
The former arranges excerpts of "Milky Way Wishes: Shooting", while the latter is an arrangement of "Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection".
93 Heartless Tears Sound effects that play upon Star Dream Soul OS' defeat.
94 Well-fed Victory Music that plays after clearing The True Arena.
Arrangement of the Ripple Star stage select theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
95 Homeland Restored Music that plays on the file select after obtaining 100% completion.
Orchestral arrangement of "Venturing into the Mechanized World".
96 Are You Sure? Music that plays on the delete file screen.
97 The Noble Haltmann: Final Recital Music that plays during the Exclusive Performance Video.

The artwork for both CDs is identical to Star Dream's design.


Kirby: Planet Robobot was originally planned as a follow up to Kirby: Triple Deluxe, being referred to as Kirby: Triple Deluxe 2.[2] Once it was decided that the game's theme would revolve around mechanization and industrialization, the name was changed to Kirby: HAGANE (hagane means "steel" in Japanese). The title went through a few more changes, Kirby: Robot Planet, Roborobo Planet, and finally, Planet Robobot, to keep with the playfulness of the Kirby universe. From the finalized title, the Robobot Armor got its name.[3]


  • The Japanese release day of April 28th is only one day off the release day for the original Kirby's Dream Land in Japan.
  • This is the first game in the Kirby series where Meta Knight has gauntlets over his gloves, carrying over from his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U.
    • Likewise, this is also the first game in the Kirby series where Meta Knight can use his Smash Bros. Final Smash, Galaxia Darkness.
  • In keeping with the tradition of having the first letters of each level spell out something, the levels in sequence spell out the word 'PROGRAM', which incidentally, is also the last word of the last level's name.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ ロボボプラネット
Hoshi no kābī robobo puranetto
Kirby of the Stars: Robobo Planet
French Kirby: Planet Robobot Kirby: Planet Robobot
German Kirby: Planet Robobot Kirby: Planet Robobot
Italian Kirby: Planet Robobot Kirby: Planet Robobot
Korean 별의 커비 로보보 플래닛
Byeorui Keobi Robobo Peullaenit
Kirby of the Stars: Robobo Planet
Spanish Kirby: Planet Robobot Kirby: Planet Robobot

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