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Natural Plains

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Natural Plains
KatFL Natural Plains opening shot.png
Screenshot from the reveal of Natural Plains.
Level No. 1
No. of Waddle Dees 46
Stages Downtown Grassland
Through the Tunnel
Rocky Rollin' Road
A Trip to Alivel Mall
The Brawl at the Mall (boss)
Treasure Road stages Pop Shots! A Vending Adventure
Burst and Rise! A Path Full of Pipes
Throw and Catch! Treasure Collecting
Triple Strike! Bowling for Switches
Fast and Fiery! Race to the Cannon
Freeze and Fling! Skating on Ice
Ready, Aim, Fire! Distant Targets
Boss(es) Gorimondo
Theme music

Theme for the map of Natural Plains.

Level order
Point of Arrival Everbay Coast
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Ahhh. It's nice to be surrounded by all of this greenery...right, Kirby?
— Elfilin, in reference to Natural Plains

Natural Plains is the first proper level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, accessible after clearing the prologue: Point of Arrival. It consists of five main stages, seven Treasure Road stages, and also contains Waddle Dee Town. There are a total of 46 Waddle Dees to rescue in this level. The boss of the level is Gorimondo, who is fought in the final regular stage, The Brawl at the Mall. Natural Plains - fittingly for a first level - has a grassland theme, but also features a great deal of manmade environments, including an urban cityscape, a metropolitan construction site, and a shopping mall.


Natural Plains features five regular stages and seven Treasure Road stages. The regular stages are played and unlocked in sequence, while the Treasure Road stages have separate unlock criteria. For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stages in Natural Plains  
Stage Unlock Req. Waddle Dees Mouthful Modes Bosses/Mid-Bosses Notes
No 9 Cone Mouth, Dome Mouth, Vending Mouth Wild Edge
Complete Downtown Grassland 10 Dome Mouth, Stairs Mouth
Complete Through the Tunnel 10 Car Mouth, Dome Mouth This stage contains a HAL Room.
Complete Rocky Rollin' Road 10 Storage Mouth Wild Frosty
Complete A Trip to Alivel Mall and rescue at least 17 Waddle Dees. 7 No Gorimondo Completing this stage unlocks the next level: Everbay Coast.
Treasure Road stages in Natural Plains  
Stage Difficulty Unlock Req. Ability/Mode used Spring-Breeze Mode Time Wild Mode Time Target Time Notes
★★ Complete Through the Tunnel and find it in the World Map Vending Mouth 2:30 2:00 1:20
★★★ Complete Through the Tunnel and find it in the World Map Cone Mouth 1:30 1:00 0:45
Complete Through the Tunnel Cutter 3:30 3:00 1:00
Complete Through the Tunnel Bomb 3:30 3:00 0:30
Complete Rocky Rollin' Road Fire 3:30 3:00 0:45
Complete A Trip to Alivel Mall Ice 3:30 3:00 0:40 Despite the given stage order, this stage is unlocked last if the player is methodical in collecting Waddle Dees.
★★ Rescue 20 Waddle Dees in Natural Plains Ranger 2:30 2:00 1:00


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネイチェル草原そうげん
Neicheru Sōgen
Neichel Grassland
ネイチェル is the new world language's word for "nature" or "fresh greenery". It is a corruption of the English word "natural" and officially localized as "neichel".
Chinese 自然草原
Zìrán Cǎoyuán
Natural Grassland
Dutch Natuurvlakte Natural plains
French Naturaplena Similar to English name
German Naturebenen Nature Plains
Italian Natura Unica Unique Nature
Korean 네이첼 초원
Neichel Chowon
Neichel Grassland
Spanish Naturaleza Utópica Utopian Nature