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Blizzard Ice

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Blizzard Ice
KatFL Blizzard Ice Kirby artwork.png
Artwork of Blizzard Ice Kirby for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Based on Ice
Blueprint location Collector in the Sleepless Valley
Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×800 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×3
Starting Power-up Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×1000 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×2
No. Power-ups 3
Power(s) Spew long-ranged icicles to freeze enemies and create grounded icicles
Starting Power 3
Rapid-Fire 3
Similar to Frosty Ice
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Don a beautiful tiara of ice, and become a frigid force of nature! Use this ability to skate around enemies, then stop them cold with a volley of foe-freezing icicles. Brrr!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Blizzard Ice is an Evolved Copy Ability based on Ice that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. With this ability, Kirby wears a tiara of ice with much larger ice crystals than the standard Ice hat and is able to spew out long-ranged icicles to both freeze enemies and create grounded icicles which Kirby can then kick.

The blueprint for Blizzard Ice can be found in the stage Collector in the Sleepless Valley, rewarded after defeating Sillydillo. Blizzard Ice is required to play the Treasure Road stage Freeze and Find! Magma Skating.


All names are conjectural.

Blizzard Ice moveset 
Move Button execution Description
Ice Skate Dash In a similar fashion to how Ice-Cutter Kirby skates across the ground, Kirby also gains increased speed compared to his normal dash, and is now able to skate over water surface, mud and magma.
Icicle Shot B Kirby spits icicles in quick succession. Where they hit the ground, they form blocks of ice which can be kicked. If this attack is held in a single direction, the ice blocks will grow.
Target Ice L-Stick during Icicle Shot Kirby can walk slowly and rotate 360 degrees during Icicle Shot.
Fix Ice Hold L/R during Icicle Shot Kirby can fix the aim of Icicle Shot while walking.
Icicle Storm B repeatedly Kirby creates a field of ice spikes to damage enemies. When used during dash, Kirby keeps the momentum and leaves ice shards on his trail. When released, Kirby will throw the spikes, damaging enemies in a sizeable area around him.
Ice Kick While touching ice Enemies defeated with Blizzard Ice are frozen solid, and Kirby can kick them around to damage other enemies.
Ice Block L/R Kirby encases himself in a shield of jagged ice which blocks attacks and deals minor damage on contact. Unlike his normal guard, he takes no damage from blocked attacks, but he cannot dodge. Some attacks can penetrate the shield.
Ice Scatter While using Ice Block, release L/R (or cancel Ice Block via Attack/Slide) Kirby breaks out of his Ice block dealing minor damage to enemies. By tilting the L-Stick during Ice Scatter, Kirby can dodge in place which can trigger the slow motion effect.

All ice attacks can gradually freeze bosses and mini-bosses, encasing them in ice and slowing them down, until they are finally frozen solid. When they thaw out, they take heavy damage.

Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
KatFL Boxart NA.jpg Kirby and the Forgotten Land Figure description:
Don a beautiful tiara of ice, and become a frigid force of nature! Use this ability to skate around enemies, then stop them cold with a volley of foe-freezing icicles. Brrr!

Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee:
The Ice ability will let you use freezing breath to stop enemies in their tracks! Your freezing attacks will even make larger enemies like bosses stop moving for a while!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリザードアイス
Burizādo Aisu
Blizzard Ice
Traditional Chinese 暴風雪冰凍
Bàofēngxuě Bīngdòng
Blizzard Ice
Simplified Chinese 暴风雪冰冻
Bàofēngxuě Bīngdòng
Dutch Stormijs Storm ice
French Glace de blizzard Blizzard ice
German Blizzardeis Blizzard ice
Italian Tempesta di ghiaccio Ice Storm
Korean 블리자드 아이스
Beullijideu Aiseu
Blizzard Ice
Spanish Hielo glacial Glacial ice