Bubbly Clouds

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Bubbly Clouds
Bubbly Clouds KDL.png
Boss Kracko
Mid-Bosses Kracko Jr.
World Order
Float Islands Mt. Dedede
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Bubbly Clouds is the fourth stage of Kirby's Dream Land, and the third stage in Spring Breeze, in Kirby Super Star (Ultra). The area is dominated by cloudtop landscapes, dotted with pillars and other structures. The boss of Bubbly Clouds is Kracko.


Kirby falls into a cloud, and disappears from view. Shortly after, the cloud starts churning, then starts raining numerous different copies of Kirby, along with some large stars.

Full Level Synopsis

The level begins on a cloud platform, with a bottomless pit to the left, and a continuing path to the right. A number of enemies come to meet Kirby as he jumps from cloud to cloud, being careful to avoid the additional bottomless pits along the way. There are also a number of invulnerable enemies to contend with here, who need to be avoided. The path zigs and zags across several clouds, which will really test Kirby's maneuvering skills up to this point. Inside a small cloud cave, a horde of Scarfies appear. While cute at first, if Kirby tries to inhale them, they will transform into terrible monsters and chase him down, then explode. It is best to either avoid them, or hit them with a star or air pellet projectile. The path eventually makes way to a solid stone walkway, where a Parasol-wielding Waddle Dee will float down to 'greet' our hero. He is followed by an entire battalion of Parasol-wielding enemies further down the path, including a suspended Shotzo. The door to the next section lies beyond them, in a gatehouse guarded by several flying foes.

The door leads to an interior castle hall leading off to the right. A Sir Kibble appears on the path, who can throw boomerangs at Kirby to hurt him. The boomerangs cannot be swallowed, but the Kibble itself is not so immune. The path continues past more of these guys, along with some Waddle Doos, and then past a hall of spikes which Kirby must be careful to avoid. From there, it leads outside to a walkway patrolled by Puffies and other enemies. At the end of the walkway is a gap, which Kirby must jump to reach a door on a cloud at the other side.

The door leads to a clouded pathway patrolled by several enemies. The path is lumpy and windy, and leads to a fork splitting to the left and right. The left path leads past a small pool into what appears to be a dead end. The right path leads upward past several more enemies, until the door to the next section can be found at the end between two columns.

The door leads to an interior room where Kracko Jr. must be fought. It fights by throwing bullets along the ground while swooping about in a fixed motion. It can them be harmed by swallowing and spitting back at it the Waddle Doo it creates. Hitting it three times will destroy it and cause a Warp Star to appear, which will take Kirby to the next section.

After flying into the starry night sky, Kirby appears in the next section from a hole with water pouring out, and falls into a pool below. To the left is a Mint Leaf, and to the right, the path continues along a wide hall, which leads to a large Star Block barricade patrolled by Gordos. A snack or two can be acquired inside this barricade if Kirby maneuvers correctly. From there, the path narrows into a winding hall, part of which is lined with spikes. A Scarfy guards the door to the next section.

The door leads to a small courthouse, outside of which is a huge starry vista. From here, the path continues to the right, yielding a Superspicy Curry, which Kirby can use to clear a long hall of Star Blocks ahead. Shooting stars fall from the sky here, as Kirby chugs along, careful not to fall into the holes in the floor along the way. The door to the next section can be found in a small room at the right end of the path.

The door leads to a small platform hanging over a white void. The path continues upward into the night sky, past hanging platforms with enemies on them. Kirby will have to float upward and navigate past the projectiles that these enemies toss at him. The door to the next section can be found at the top, just under a crescent moon.

The door leads to another interior room. Kracko Jr. appears, then morphs into Kracko proper, serving as the Boss of this stage. It attacks by shooting a rotating wave of beams, swooping across the stage, and spawning Waddle Doos. As before, swallowing the Waddle Doos and spitting them back are key to defeating this boss. Once hit six times, Kracko explodes, leaving the fourth Sparkling Star for Kirby to collect, and finish the stage. From there, the final stage, Mt. Dedede begins.

Secret areas

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There is a secret door in the third area that leads to a room with a Mint Leaf on a small platform. The path continues to the right across a large chasm, with pillars holding several recovery items and a 1-Up. The door to the right leads to the next regular room.

There is another secret door, hidden inside the moon above the door leading to Kracko. Entering it leads to a room consisting of a long fall from the night sky, into the clouds, then to a platform at the bottom. Along the way, Kirby can collect three Maxim Tomatoes and two 1-Ups if he is agile enough.


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  • This was the first level to have a secret doorway hidden in a crescent moon in the background, starting a trope that would recur in many subsequent Kirby games.
  • Bubbly Clouds is far and away the longest level in Kirby's Dream Land, and arguably the most challenging to navigate through.