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Bubbly Clouds

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Bubbly Clouds
KDL Bubbly Clouds.png
A portion of the intro cutscene for Bubbly Clouds in Kirby's Dream Land.
Boss Kracko
Mid-Bosses Kracko Jr.
Theme music
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World order
Float Islands Mt. Dedede
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This article is about the stage in Kirby's Dream Land and Spring Breeze in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. For the Battle Stage in the Kirby Fighters games, see Bubbly Clouds (Battle Stage).

Bubbly Clouds is the fourth stage of Kirby's Dream Land, and the third stage in Spring Breeze, in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. The area is dominated by cloud-top landscapes, dotted with pillars, towers, and other structures. Due to its lofty locale, there are many bottomless pits to reckon with. Later parts of the stage transition to a celestial backdrop, and near the end, a recurring secret involving entering the moon to reach a secret area with a long fall was introduced. This stage features Kracko Jr. as its Mid-Boss and Kracko proper as the boss.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby's Dream Land[edit]

Bubbly Clouds serves as the fourth stage of Kirby's Dream Land, and here is where the platforming starts to become very tricky, since bottomless pits can be found everywhere and lots of flying enemies pollute the skies. This stage features several large spaces, some of which involve winding paths and others being quite vertical. It transitions from a daytime cloudscape into a floating palace set against a starry night sky, with the main dividing line being the fight against Kracko Jr.Kracko proper is faced at the very end.


Kirby falls into a cloud and disappears from view. Shortly after, the cloud starts churning, then starts raining numerous different copies of Kirby, along with some large stars.

Room breakdown[edit]

Kirby floats on by the clouds.

Bubbly Clouds consists of ten distinct rooms, with two of them being optional side areas and two more being areas where Kirby fights the mid-boss and boss. Each room can be summarized as follows:

The first room is a long lateral path made of isolated cloud platforms and littered with various enemies, including Shotzos, Scarfies, and Parasol Waddle Dees. Kirby will have to travel to the right by jumping over gaps and dealing with any enemies that get in his way in order to reach the door at the end of a long stone walkway.

The second room is an interior castle hall leading off to the right, guarded by boomerang-wielding foes and lined with spikes in places. From there, it leads outside to a walkway patrolled by different foes. The door can be found nestled in a cloud after the walkway ends.

The third room is a long cloud tunnel which loops on itself from left to right while generally leading upward. Kirby will have to deel with Kooklers as he travels upward, and passes by a small pool of water before leading up to a door flanked by two pillars. By the water pool is a hidden door that leads to a big dark side area featuring a Mint Leaf and several other items on pillars to collect from enemies on patrol.

The fourth room is a small area where Kracko Jr. must be fought. Defeating him yields a Warp Star which takes Kirby for a ride into the stars above.

The fifth room begins with Kirby emerging from a waterfall hole, and falling into a pool. To the left is a Mint Leaf, and to the right, the path continues along a wide hall which leads to a large Star Block barricade patrolled by Gordos and holding some snacks. From there, the path narrows into a winding hall, part of which is lined with spikes. A Scarfy guards the door.

The sixth room is a small courthouse overlooking a starry vista. Up ahead is a bowl of Spicy Food, which Kirby can use to clear a long hall of Star Blocks to reach the door.

The seventh room begins on a small platform hanging over a bottomless pit. The path continues upward into the night sky, past hanging platforms with enemies on them. The door can be found at the top, just under a crescent moon. Entering this moon leads to a secret area where Kirby can fall a great distance and collect items along the way.

The last room is where Kirby battles the boss Kracko. Once hit six times, Kracko explodes, leaving the fourth Sparkling Star for Kirby to collect and finish the stage.

Enemies, Mid-Boss, and Boss[edit]

Sprites (Normal/Extra) Normal Enemy Extra Enemy Sprites (Normal/Extra) Normal Enemy Extra Enemy
KDL Bronto Burt sprite.png KDL Koozer sprite.png Bront Burt Koozer KDL Scarfy sprite.png Scarfy No
KDL Dizzy sprite.png KDL Benny sprite.png Dizzy Benny KDL Shotzo sprite.png KDL Blatzy sprite.png Shotzo Blatzy
KDL Gordo sprite.png Gordo No KDL Sir Kibble sprite.png KDL Boomer sprite.png Sir Kibble Boomer
KDL Kookler sprite.png KDL Whiskers sprite.png Kookler Whiskers KDL Waddle Dee sprite.png Waddle Dee No
KDL Parasol sprite.png Parasol No KDL Waddle Doo sprite.png Waddle Doo No
KDL Puffy sprite.png KDL Cawcun sprite.png Puffy Cawcun
Sprite Name
KDL Kracko Jr sprite.png Kracko Jr.
Sprite Name
KDL Kracko sprite.png Kracko

Map gallery[edit]

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

Bubbly Clouds
KSSU Bubbly Clouds intro.png
Intro cutscene from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main game Spring Breeze
Mid-boss(es) Bonkers, Kracko Jr.
Boss Kracko
Theme music

Clips of the Bubbly Clouds theme from Kirby Super Star (above) and Kirby Super Star Ultra (below).

Stage order
Float Islands Mt. Dedede
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Bubbly Clouds is the third stage of Spring Breeze in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is a largely truncated version of the same level from Kirby's Dream Land and features different enemies and Copy Abilities, though it still preserves a certain lunar secret near the end.


The intro cutscene is slightly different between these games and Kirby's Dream Land. In this version, Kirby starts sneezing while standing atop the clouds, causing stars to fall each time. On the second sneeze, one bops him on the head, causing him to tumble into the cloud. This cutscene plays out similarly to the intro cutscene for Castle Lololo, which was cut from Spring Breeze.


The Spring Breeze version of Bubbly Clouds consists of eight rooms and has the same basic structure as the Kirby's Dream Land version, but the rooms themselves are for the most part shorter or otherwise changed. The main differences are as follows:

  • The first room is much shorter and contains fewer enemies, with a few Blade Knights patrolling the area and some food to find past the door.
  • The second room features the same palace-style as the equivalent room in Kirby's Dream Land, but is combined with the upward structure of the cloud tunnels in Kirby's Dream Land and made much simpler.
  • The third room features the same pillar style as the first hidden side area in Kirby's Dream Land, but is much smaller. This leads to the fight with Kracko Jr.
  • The fifth room, after Kracko Jr., is similar to its equivalent in Kirby's Dream Land, but is smaller and removes the tight passages between the Star Block wall and the door.
  • The sixth room from Kirby's Dream Land is completely absent from this version. Instead, Kirby is taken directly to the equivalent of the seventh room in Kirby's Dream Land. Naturally, this room is not as tall and features different enemies.
  • At the bottom of the secret room through the moon, Kirby fights the Mid-Boss Bonkers.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses, and Boss[edit]

Sprite (KSS/KSSU) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/KSSU) Name Copy Ability
KSS Blade Knight.png KSSU Blade Knight Sprite.png Blade Knight Sword KSS Scarfy sprite.png KSSU Scarfy Sprite.png Scarfy Crash (when scanned with Copy)
KSS Bronto Burt.png KSSU Bronto Burt Sprite.png Bronto Burt None KSS Shotzo.png KSSU Shotzo Sprite.png Shotzo N/A
KSS Cappy Cover.png KSS Cappy Uncovered.png KSSU Cappy Sprite.png Cappy None KSS Simirror.png KSSU Simirror Sprite.png Simirror Mirror
KSS Grizzo.png KSSU Grizzo Sprite.png Grizzo None KSS Sir Kibble.png KSSU Sir Kibble Sprite.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KSS Lovely.png KSSU Lovely Sprite.png Lovely N/A KSS Tookey.png KSSU Tookey Sprite.png Tookey None
KSS Noddy.png KSSU Noddy Sprite.png Noddy Sleep KSS Waddle Dee.png KSSU Waddle Dee Sprite.png Waddle Dee None
KSS Parasol.png KSSU Parasol sprite.png Parasol Parasol KSS Waddle Doo.png KSSU Waddle Doo Sprite.png Waddle Doo Beam
KSS Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png KSSU Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png Poppy Bros. Jr. None or Bomb KSS Walky.png KSSU Walky Sprite.png Walky Mike
KSS Rocky.png KSSU Rocky Sprite.png Rocky Stone
Sprite (KSS/KSSU) Name Copy Ability
KSS Bonkers.png KSSU Bonkers Sprite.png Bonkers Hammer
KSS Kracko Jr.png KSSU Kracko Jr Sprite.png Kracko Jr. None
Sprite (KSS/KSSU) Name Copy Ability
KSS Kracko Sprite.pngKSSU Kracko Sprite.png Kracko Beam (via Waddle Doos)

Kirby Super Star gallery[edit]

Kirby Super Star Ultra gallery[edit]

References in later games[edit]

The following are direct references to Bubbly Clouds in later Kirby games:

Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

Screenshot from Stage 6 of Rainbow Resort in Kirby's Adventure, featuring an area reminiscent of Bubbly Clouds.

Stage 6 of Rainbow Resort is a truncated homage to Kirby's Dream Land, with its last set of rooms being based on Bubbly Clouds in particular.

Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

In addition to the stage itself being in Spring Breeze, the third stage of Revenge of the King - Crash Clouds - is based on Bubbly Clouds.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

In the very last stage of Kirby: Triple Deluxe - Royal Road - Stage 8 EX - a tapestry can be unfurled which depicts Kirby and King Dedede battling in Bubbly Clouds in the classic 8-bit monochrome style.

Kirby Fighters series[edit]

Main article: Bubbly Clouds (Battle Stage)

In all three iterations of Kirby Fighters, one of its Battle Stages is based on the battle with Kracko used in the Spring Breeze version of Bubbly Clouds.

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

In the very last stage of Kirby: Planet Robobot - Access Ark - Stage 8 EX - a screen can be activated which depicts Kirby and Meta Knight battling in Bubbly Clouds in the classic 8-bit monochrome style. It should be noted that this scene is based on the equivalent area of Rainbow Resort - Stage 6 from Kirby's Adventure.

Kirby's Blowout Blast[edit]

Level 4 of Kirby's Blowout Blast is inspired by Bubbly Clouds, and uses the same stage music and boss.


Kirby's Dream Land Instruction Booklet (NA Print)[edit]

The Kingdom of Clouds
You won't find a clear path through these soft billowy clouds. By hiding in the clouds, King Dedede's bullies will find a way to surprise you when you least expect it. The boss Kracko is lightning fast. You'll have to keep moving and keep a clear head in order to beat him!


  • This was the first level to have a secret doorway hidden in a crescent moon in the background, starting a trope that would recur in many subsequent Kirby games.
  • In Kirby's Dream Land, there is a notable glitch present in this stage. In the room where Kirby emerges from a waterfall, if he swallows the Mint Leaf and moves in just the right way, he will actually be placed in the background and be able to fly behind background elements.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バブリークラウズ
Baburī Kurauzu
Bubbly Clouds
Traditional Chinese 泡泡雲層
pào pào yún céng
Bubble Clouds
Simplified Chinese 泡泡云层
pào pào yún céng
Dutch Bubbelwolken Bubble clouds
French Nuages Mousseux Foamy Clouds
German Kugelwolken Sphere Clouds
Italian Soffici nuvole Fluffy clouds
Korean 버블리 클라우드
Beobeulli Keullaudeu
Bubbly Cloud
Spanish Nubes Pastel Pastel Clouds