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Dream Friends are special playable characters which Kirby can recruit in Kirby Star Allies. They are distinct from the normal Friends in that they do not represent any particular Copy Ability, instead having unique movesets. To obtain them, Kirby must unlock them, enter a Dream Palace, and then use the Dream Rod within to call them forth. They can then remain with Kirby indefinitely, only disappearing if they are un-friended or defeated. Dream Friends are also playable in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! where they can be chosen as the primary character, and The Ultimate Choice where they must be unlocked by completing this mode once.

List of Dream Friends

Kirby can recruit one Dream Friend each time he visits the Dream Palace. He can also recruit multiples of the same friend.

From Story Mode

These Dream Friends are available in the Story Mode, but two of them need to be unlocked by defeating them as Bosses first:

This trio are notably also the playable characters in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Wave 1 Update

These Dream Friends have become available from March 28th, 2018 when the game was updated to Version 2.0.0:

(Note that Rick & Kine & Coo are actually treated as a single character. They switch out for certain moves, and share the same health bar.)

Wave 2 Update

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A new set of Dream Friends are scheduled to be added from the next game update in summer, 2018.

The following characters are confirmed in this set:


Each Dream Friend plays its own jingle when they are summoned by the Dream Rod, or when they are selected on the title screen of Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!.

Dream Friend jingle tracks  
Dream Friend Jingle
King Dedede King Dedede's Theme
Meta Knight Revenge of Meta Knight Ending Theme
Bandana Waddle Dee Welcome to Dream Land (Kirby's Dream Land: Title Theme)
Rick & Kine & Coo Rick's Theme
Marx Vs. Marx
Gooey Ripple Field Map Theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3
Daroach Squeak Squad Appears!
Dark Meta Knight Shadow Strike



Video Gallery

Dream Friend trailer: Rick & Kine & Coo

Dream Friend trailer: Marx

Dream Friend trailer: Gooey

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリームフレンズ
Dorīmu Furenzu
Dream Friends
Spanish Amigo de ensueño Dream Friend
French Ami de rêve Dream Friend
Dutch Droomvriend Dream Friend
German Traumfreunde Dream Friend
Italian Amico de sogno Dream Friend
Russian Друг мечты
Drug mechty
Dream Friend
Chinese 梦幻盟友 (chs)
夢幻盟友 (cht)
mèng huàn méng yǒu
Dream Friend