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Copy Ability InfoBox
Artwork from Kirby: Planet Robobot
Debut Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Last Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Type(s) Unlimited uses
Obtained from Venog, Miasmoros, Ganondorf's amiibo, Inkling amiibo
Power(s) Performing lingering attacks with noxious fluids
Comparable to Water
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Poison is a Copy Ability that debuted in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It is obtained by swallowing Venog, or the Mid-Boss Miasmoros. When acquiring this ability, Kirby obtains a skull-adorned headband, with poisonous fluid spewing out the top, similar to other fluid-based hats.

The attacks Kirby gains with this ability are also similar to the Water ability. However, enemies hit with this attack are continually damaged for a period of time. Among the attacks are simple spewing moves, a geyser-type move, a surfing move that leaves puddles of poison on the ground and allows Kirby to glide over water, a Cutter-like series of punches involving poison, and exhaling clouds of toxic gas. The gas clouds in particular linger for a good while, and can be pushed by wind currents in some stages.

Poison move-set.
Skill Button Execution Description Skill Button Execution Description
Sticky Toxin
Press and release B
Kirby throws a small blob of poison that becomes a lingering puddle that deals damage over time. Toxic Tower
↑ + B
Similar to Water's Geyser attack - Kirby fires a blast of poison straight up, which can be held indefinitely.
Poison Pummel - Toxic Swamp
B repeatedly near an enemy
In a similar style to Cutter's Final Cutter, Kirby throws a barrage of toxin infused punches and finishes with a high AOE splash of poison. Tilted Toxic Tower
←/→ during Toxic Tower
Toxic Slide
Dash + B
Like Water's Wave Surf attack, Kirby rides a wave of poison to plow through enemies while leaving a trail of poison puddles. Sticky Strike
↓ + B in mid-air
Like Leaf, Archer and Wing's versions of this attack, Kirby throws 2 poison blobs in a fan-like motion downward.
Toxic Smog
Hold B
Kirby spits out a cloud of lingering poisonous smog that can be moved by air currents. Toxic Ball
Dash + quickly tap B in mid-air
Much like Bomb's grounded version of this attack Kirby chucks a ball of poison that rolls across the ground and becomes a puddle when it stops.


  • One of the Poison Ability's attacks - 'Poison Pummel - Toxic Swamp' - is similar in look and function to the Nonstop Cutter attack ending with Final Cutter.