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White Wafers - Stage 2

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White Wafers - Stage 2
KRtDLD White Wafers Stage 2 select screenshot.png
White Wafers - Stage 2 in the level hub.
Level White Wafers
Super Ability Grand Hammer
Energy Sphere(s) 4
Mid-Boss(es) Super Bonkers, Sphere Doomer (Spark)
Theme music

Clip of the theme that primarily plays in White Wafers - Stage 2.

Stage order
White Wafers - Stage 1 White Wafers - Stage 3
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White Wafers - Stage 2 (simply called Stage 2 or 4-2 in-game) is the second stage of White Wafers in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and its remake—Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, and marks the first appearance of the Grand Hammer Super Ability. There are four Energy Spheres in this stage.


Fire Kirby ignites a fuse as he speeds past more frozen tunnels.

The stage begins out on the tundra, where Kirby will need to make his way past icy fissures spitting out Mopoo and snowmen prone to crumble atop him. At the end, a grotto can be found where Kirby can practice his Ninja skills after swallowing the local Moonja.

Through the door is an icy tunnel with lots of falling icicles. The path ahead is lined with foes, and a Fuse Cannon can be found up ahead. Past that is the door forward.

The path leads out of the cave, across a series of perilous icy slopes. Up ahead is a Stomper Boot, which Kirby can use to traverse the numerous spike pits up ahead. At the end of this path, a number of Rockies are guarding the next door.

The next area is a sloped tunnel, where Kirby can try some Stone sliding. He will need to take care, however, as sliding for too long will lead to dangerous situations.

From there, the last tunnel can be accessed, starting with a fight against Super Bonkers. Defeating him yields the Grand Hammer ability, which Kirby will need if he wants to destroy the Strike Boxes up ahead. Near the end of the tunnel, a pair of extra large boxes will need to be destroyed to reveal the rift to Another Dimension.

Another Dimension rift[edit]

Kirby will need to head to the right while using many keys on gates and spitting the hapless Waddle Dees. The second half of this stretch involves a Crackler, which Kirby can use to clear the Puppet Waddle Dees and tall barriers they stand on. Once through the door, Kirby will need to do battle with an electric Sphere Doomer to clear this rift.

From there, the stage exit can be found just to the right from where the rift appeared.

Energy Sphere guide[edit]

  • In the initial ice cave, Kirby will need to use the Fire ability to light a Fuse behind an ice block barricade, then make it to the cannon up ahead. Taking the cannon leads to a room where Kirby will need to quickly make it through a gate, but mind the spikes on the other side to reach the first sphere.
  • In the Stomper Boot section, Kirby can uncover a round-trip door by breaking some blocks in a spike pit. Inside the room, Kirby will need to use a series of rising Mopoo as stepping stones to reach the second sphere up on the ledge.
  • The last two spheres can be obtained from the Sphere Doomer at the end of the rift.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and abilities[edit]

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Abilities Super Ability


Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

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Video walkthroughs[edit]

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