Phantom Gorimondo

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Phantom Gorimondo
KatFL Phantom Gorimondo Splash Screen.jpg
Splash screen for Phantom Gorimondo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Relative(s) Gorimondo
Theme music

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This illusory beast was created with powerful psychic energy in a realm of dreams. It's not the real Gorimondo—just a phantom made of negative thoughts—but it's still incredibly strong! Since it's based on memories of the real Gorimondo, it can't resist a fruity snack.
— Phantom Gorimondo's figure description in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Phantom Gorimondo (titled Strong-Armed Illusion) is a more powerful illusory form of Gorimondo which appears as the boss of Forgo Plains in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and can also be fought in The Ultimate Cup Z in the Colosseum. Phantom Gorimondo looks and fights largely the same as its real counterpart, but has a different color scheme, now sporting bright cyan and magenta fur with cyan teeth, and eyes that match those of Fecto Forgo in its "Invasive Species" form.


Phantom Gorimondo has all of the same attacks as its normal counterpart, but it attacks significantly faster and some of its attacks have new properties. It also has more health than Gorimondo.

The following are Phantom Gorimondo's attack patterns (attack names are conjectural). Attacks in italics are only used in Phase 2.

Phantom Gorimondo's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Variants
Walk Phantom Gorimondo walks towards Kirby. Its feet can damage Kirby when they stomp on Kirby.
Stone Toss Phantom Gorimondo pulls out a large stone from the ground and tosses it in Kirby's direction. The stone leaves a bunch of Drop Stars on its first impact, then bounces again before breaking. Phantom Gorimondo only uses this move at a distance.
Swipe Phantom Gorimondo swipes at Kirby with its hand in a horizontal manner, leaving a trail of Drop Stars in its wake. It does this three times in succession. Phantom Gorimondo only uses this move when Kirby is close enough to swipe at.
Grab Phantom Gorimondo slowly walks towards Kirby until he's within range and then attempts to grab him (cannot be guarded), leaving some drop stars in its swiping motion. If it fails to grab Kirby, it will look at its empty hand in disappointment for a moment. If caught, Kirby must wriggle out from its clutches by rapidly moving the Control Stick, or be tossed to the floor and take heavy damage. It is much harder to escape from than Gorimondo's version. Phantom Gorimondo only uses this attack at close range, though it starts the battle with this move twice in a row.
Stomp Phantom Gorimondo stomps with either one or both feet, creating a shockwave on landing and throwing out Drop Stars. If stomping with both feet, it does three successive stomps, each creating a different shockwave pattern.
Leap Phantom Gorimondo leaps over to a new position, usually away from Kirby.
Tornado Spin Phantom Gorimondo raises its arms and spins wildly, creating a vortex and four tornadoes with boulders in them that spin around it as it goes. After a while, it stops and becomes dizzy, and the boulders shortly afterward fall to the ground and break. Drop Stars fall after Phantom Gorimondo stops spinning, and if the boulders bounce before breaking, they leave Drop Stars behind as well.


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Phantom Gorimondo in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

See Gorimondo for name explanations.
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 剛幻獣ごうげんじゅう ゴルルムンバ・げん
Gōgen-jū Gorururmunba Gen
Strong Phantom Beast, Gorlmumba - Phantom
Traditional Chinese 剛幻獸 猩猛霸·幻
Gānghuànshòu Xīngměngbà Huàn
Strong Phantom Beast, Gorlmumba - Phantom
Simplified Chinese 刚幻兽 猩猛霸·幻
Gānghuànshòu Xīngměngbà Huàn
Dutch Spierbalbeest-illusie, Golossos-fantoom Muscle beast-illusion, Golossos-phantom
French Brute illusoire, Goricolosse spectral Illusory brute, Phantom Goricolosse
German Illusion-Bizeps-Bestie, Gorilloss-Phantom Illusion-Biceps-Beast, Gorilloss-Phantom
Italian Illusione forzuta, Gorimondo spettrale Tough illusion, Spectral Gorimondo
Korean 환상의 강철 팔 짐승 팬텀 고르르뭄바
Hwansangui Gangcheol Pal Jimseung Paenteom Goreureumumba
Phantom Steely Armed Beast, Phantom Gorlmumba
Spanish Bestia forzuda ilusoria, Gorilondo espectral Illusory tough beast, Spectral Gorilondo