Dyna Blade's Nest

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Dyna Blade's Nest
SSU Dyna Blade Fight.jpg
Kirby encounters Dyna Blade at her nest
Main game Dyna Blade
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Level order
Candy Mountain Trial Rooms
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Dyna Blade's Nest is the final stage of Dyna Blade, unlocked once Candy Mountain is cleared. Dyna Blade is fought in this stage, and defeating her completes the game mode.


Upon entering the stage, Kirby climbs a slope with no enemies or other hazards present. In the following area, Kirby can choose between four different Copy Essences; Cutter, Beam, Fire, and Sword. From there, he can take a Warp Star which leads to the boss area.

The fight against Dyna Blade takes place in a flat arena with no obstacles. Dyna Blade attacks by swooping about, attempting to grab Kirby with her talons, or striking with her beak. Every time she lands, Recoil Stars will drop which Kirby can use to retaliate with.

End scene[edit]

After defeating Dyna Blade, Kirby walks to the right to find her nest, with her three chicks in distress. From there, he pushes the nest away, leading into the end cut-scene for the game, where Kirby helps them by feeding them and teaching them to fly, thus gaining Dyna Blade's trust and solving the crisis.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Dyna Blade's Nest is a location within Dream Land, a few miles away from Cappy Town in a rugged mountainous area. The nest itself is poised on a mountain spire climbing out of a large caldera, suggesting former volcanic activity. There is very little if any vegetation in the area.

Screenshot of Dyna Blade's Nest in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!