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This article is about various types of blocks encountered throughout the Kirby series. For blocks in Kirby's Block Ball, see Kirby's Block Ball#Blocks.

A Block is a cuboid object which can be found in every main series Kirby title in one form or another. Blocks take on many sizes and characteristics, usually with distinctive looks to differentiate them from each-other and from the surrounding terrain. Some may also be dangerous to touch, like Magma Blocks, for instance. Most types of blocks can be destroyed or otherwise moved out of the way via some method, which will differ between block types.

Kirby and his friends will be hard-pressed not to break at least some of these blocks throughout their adventures, as they often form walls, ceilings and floors that get in the way of the path. Some blocks may be part of puzzles, where breaking them may or may not be advisable. Blocks will typically contain certain items, like Food, Point Stars or even 1-Ups. They may also conceal a hidden doorway to another area. Blocks can be dangerous - even the more basic ones - as they may either open up to a bottomless pit when broken, or act as a Crusher if Kirby is caught on one as the screen scrolls the block away.

Types of Blocks[edit]

The following lists every type of block that has occurred throughout the Kirby series. While several of these blocks recur throughout the series, they most certainly do not feature in every game. A lot of these blocks have conjectural names, and even the manuals will often refer to them by different names in each game.

Star Block[edit]

A Star Block from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Main article: Star Block

Also called 'Inhale Blocks', these are by far the most common type of block. These blocks are bright yellow with orange interiors and a star emblazoned on both the front and back side. In addition to being breakable by normal means, Kirby can inhale these and use them as ammunition against his foes.

Star blocks can come in different sizes, and are often used to spell out the word 'HAL' in the HAL Rooms.

Bomb Block[edit]

A Bomb Block from Kirby: Squeak Squad
Main article: Bomb Block

These blocks look like star blocks, but have a bomb inset the middle instead of a star. They cannot be inhaled, but can be set off like a cracked block. When broken, a bomb block will set off a chain reaction, which will either destroy or create a line of new blocks - having various consequences depending on the situation. Bomb blocks can also cause other things to appear, like pools of water and magma.

Metal Block[edit]

These sturdy blocks are like cracked blocks, but cannot be destroyed by very many attacks. The following Copy Abilities are able to destroy Metal Blocks:

In addition, items like Cracklers are also effective. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, a sufficiently large Star Bullet (3 or more objects inhaled) will also break metal blocks.

Heave-Ho Block[edit]

These blocks look like the normal star block, but instead are gray, and typically much larger. They cannot be broken, and can only be moved in some form, depending on the game.

In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, all four Kirbys are required to inhale at the same time to move these blocks out of the way. Inhaling the blocks only moves them, and they cannot go to Kirby's mouth. They can also be moved by any earthquake-producing move, including:

  • Burning (when hitting the wall)
  • Hammer (B on the ground)
  • Master (Final Sword; Down Thrust; Drill Rush when hitting the wall)
  • Smash (Final Cutter; Stone)
  • Stone
  • Sword (Final Sword)
  • Wheel (when hitting the wall)

In Kirby Mass Attack, they can be pushed by flinging Kirbys into them. These blocks can also be pushed by Schnoz.

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, these blocks can be inhaled, but only by doing a Super Inhale (with the player shaking the Wii Remote). Unlike in Amazing Mirror, these blocks can now go into Kirby's mouth, to then either be swallowed or fired as Star Bullets.

Cracked Block[edit]

These small stone blocks are gray with cracks running through them. They cannot be inhaled, but they can be destroyed by other means, including in many cases by standard moves such as Slide and Water Gun.

Crumbling Block[edit]

KDL2 Crumbling Blocks sprite.png
Three Crumbling Blocks in various stages of breakage in Kirby's Dream Land 2.

These blocks appear in some games in the series, and appear even more dilapidated than cracked blocks. When Kirby steps on them, it will trigger them to break apart after a short time. Other types of blocks may instead fall when stepped on.

Barrier Block[edit]

Often created or destroyed by bomb blocks, these are solid stone blocks which act like the background terrain, and cannot be broken by any normal means. If barrier blocks appear where Kirby did not want them to, he will need to leave the area, and return to reset them.

Secret Block[edit]

These behave identically to cracked blocks or barrier blocks, but resemble the background terrain. They are indistinguishable from the surrounding land unless they are broken.

Action Block[edit]

If you activate a big switch, an action block of the same color will be destroyed.
— Kirby: Canvas Curse instruction booklet (NA print), page 18

An Action Block is a special type of block that appears in Kirby: Canvas Curse. It is affiliated with Big Switches that match its color, and will be destroyed when the switch is pressed.

Fruit Block[edit]

Entry in the Kirby Mass Attack instruction booklet regarding Fruit Blocks.

Fruit Blocks are a special variety of block that appear only in Kirby Mass Attack. As the name implies, it releases fruit when hit, which can be done by flinging a Kirby at it. These blocks can be hit multiple times to make lots of fruit come out before they break, but there are often enemies and/or hazards around to make doing this more dangerous.

Crystalline Block[edit]

A Crystalline Block.
A crystalline block from Planet Robobot.

First appearing in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, these large yellow faceted blocks are immune to all attempts to break them, except for the following:

In Kirby: Planet Robobot, there is a silver variety of these blocks, which can be destroyed by attacks from the Robobot Armor.

In Kirby Star Allies, brown stone variety of these blocks can be destroyed by the following Friend Abilities:

Ice Block[edit]

These icy blocks will cause Kirby to lose traction as he walks on them. They can only be destroyed using Fire-based attacks.

Fire Block[edit]

Touching these hot blocks will hurt Kirby, and cause him to lose whatever Copy Ability he had on him. They can be cooled down using an Ice or Water-based attack, wherein they will become like cracked blocks and can subsequently be broken. Parasol also works.

Dirt Block/Cloud Block[edit]

Normally bunched together into one mass, these blocks appear in Kirby: Squeak Squad. In the case of dirt, they can only be destroyed by digging through them with the Animal ability. In the case of cloud, it can also be destroyed using Fire attacks.

Ability Blocks[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Land 2, there are seven different kinds of special block which can only be broken by their corresponding Copy Ability. All of them have distinct looks, and are usually placed in front of rooms containing Rainbow Drops. Often, due to their placement, it is not always enough to just have the Copy Ability. Kirby may also need the right Animal Friend for the job.

In Kirby's Dream Land 3, there are eight of these blocks. They all look roughly the same, except that each has a symbol on the front corresponding to the ability that can break them.

Ability Blocks also appear in Kirby: Canvas Curse, serving the same function.

Directional blocks[edit]

In Kirby: Canvas Curse, there are large blocks with arrows on them which will move in the indicated direction when tapped with the Nintendo DS stylus. When tapped, these blocks will continue to move until they hit something, and will crush any entity that gets in the way. Whenever a directional block is tapped, a short cut-scene will play as the block moves to its new position, meaning that the movement of both Kirby and enemies is stopped while the block moves. Once the block finishes moving, the arrow reverses direction.

Downward blocks[edit]

In Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, a handful of blocks can be encountered which have down-pointing arrows on them. Unlike regular blocks, these are affected by gravity, and will fall if blocks beneath them are broken. There are several varieties of this kind of block: the yarn-outline version can be taken out normally using the Yarn Whip, the filled-in yellow version can only be broken with yarn balls or other attacks, and the filled-in gray version cannot be broken. The gray version can be pushed by environmental effects or attacks from the Digger, and will fall off of edges when pushed over. Any enemies below the block will be defeated as it passes through them.