Star Dream Soul OS

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Star Dream Soul OS
Star Dream Soul OS 1.jpg
Star Dream Soul OS, just before the fight begins.
First game Kirby: Planet Robobot (2016)
Weakness(es) Robobot Halberd Mode
Relative(s) Star Dream
Similar to Galactic Nova

Void Termina
Theme music

no music given

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Quote1.png The final program has been activated. Its calculated victory probability is 99.99%. However, a small bit of Haltmann's soul has yet to be purged, which could throw a wrench in its plans. Quote2.png
— Kirby: Planet Robobot Pause Screen description

Star Dream Soul OS is a Boss fought in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It is the final boss of The True Arena, making it the ultimate challenge in the game.

Star Dream Soul OS bears the scar left on its surface when Galacta Knight struck it. It also possesses President Haltmann's rapidly dwindling soul in its operating system. It fights similarly to its Story Mode counterpart, with two notable exceptions. Its attacks are much more powerful, and the final phase is completely different.

Star Dream Soul OS must be defeated in order to complete The True Arena, and subsequently for 100% completion of the game.

Boss Battle[edit]

The following lists all of Star Dream Soul OS' attacks in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Each phase is represented with a separate bar of Stamina. Attack names are taken from Japanese guidebooks.

Phase 1[edit]

Attacks - Phase 1
Attack Description
Megabit Shot Star Dream Soul OS conjures lasers from black holes to fire upon the Halberd. This is done in several patterns.
Gigabyte Rocket Star Dream Soul OS fires four large missiles that home in on the Halberd. They can be shot down.
Terabyte Heart Star Dream Soul OS fires heart-shaped projectiles at the Halberd. These explode in large bursts if not shot down first.
Output Star Dream Soul OS summons Invader Armors to go after the Halberd. These can be shot down.
Thermal Module Star Dream Soul OS wreathes itself in flame, then performs two rolling dives toward the Halberd, taking up a large portion of the screen as it does.
Asteroid Star Dream Soul OS conjures a huge field of molten asteroids which fly toward the Halberd. They can be shot down.
Heartful Shell Star Dream Soul OS conjures a heart-shaped force field to defend itself. Pieces of it can be fired at to break the shield.
Grand Code Cube Star Dream Soul OS conjures giant Code Cubes that fly at the Halberd.
Star Dreamer Star Dream Soul OS fires a massive laser from its core, which it sweeps across the arena. Sometimes, it fires two massive lasers from its core, which it spirals around the arena.

Phase 2[edit]

Once Phase 1 concludes, Star Dream Soul OS returns to Pop Star and takes over the entire Access Ark, adding to its mass and returning to the fight.

Quote1.png "Why did I reactivate such a terrible machine? Oh, I remember--I wanted to see her just one last time. How foolish! I should have known that no machine could make such a dream come true." Quote2.png
— Kirby: Planet Robobot Pause Screen description signifying President Haltmann's final thoughts

Attacks - Phase 2
Attack Description
Install Hole Star Dream Soul OS inhales, sucking the Halberd and several asteroids in. If caught, the Halberd takes massive damage. Otherwise, Star Dream Soul OS then spits the asteroids back out at the Halberd.
Megabyte Shot Star Dream Soul OS conjures beam rings from black holes to fire upon the Halberd. This is done in several patterns.
Output Star Dream Soul OS summons Gigavolt IIs to go after the Halberd. These can be shot down.
Thermal Module Star Dream Soul OS wreathes itself in flame, then performs a rolling dive toward the Halberd, taking up a large portion of the screen.
Ground Shield When a piece of Star Dream Soul OS's shell breaks off, the debris can crash into the Halberd. This attack is only done for every 25% of health it loses.
Haltmann Works Company Star Dream Soul OS forms a shield in front of itself, which shoots out a large letter-shaped field towards the Halberd. While Star Dream spells 'HAL' backwards, Star Dream Soul OS spells it forwards. It will use this attack first after losing 1/4 and half of its health; this attack comes out second after losing 3/4 of its health.
Petabyte Rocket Star Dream Soul OS fires several large missiles that home in on the Halberd. They can be shot down. The Mother Computer fires three missiles and follows up with Megabyte Shot before teleporting to another location and repeating the process.
Works Arcs Star Dream Soul OS forms four legs, and then swipes with them. After finishing, it fires two missiles at the Halberd before swiping with them again. Once Star Dream Soul OS loses 3/4 of its health, these legs then detach and fly across the stage.
Binary Tree Star Dream Soul OS conjures a series of electric orbs that split off from each-other, covering a good portion of the screen, then bursting at the ends.

Phase 3[edit]

Once Phase 2 concludes, the remaining front covering of the dome falls off to reveal a face on the dome, looking much more like the one on Nova. The fight resumes, with new attacks.

Star Dream Soul OS (Nova form)
Attacks - Phase 3
Attack Description
Star Dreamer Star Dream Soul OS fires two massive lasers from its eyes, which it sweeps the arena with. The Mother Computer always begins the phase with this attack.
Dead End Code Star Dream conjures a shield, which releases fields shaped like numbers. Each one is more difficult to dodge than the last. While the first three countdowns are the same as before, they fly towards the screen at a faster speed.
  • Countdown to 5: Shoots five "5" numbers in a cross-like formation.
  • Countdown to 4: Shoots four "4" numbers in a square-like formation.
  • Countdown to 3: Shoots three "3" numbers in a triangle-like formation.
  • Countdown to 2: Shoots two "2" numbers that form a "bar" that extends across the screen, then it rotates abruptly around the arena.
  • Countdown to 1: Shoots a giant "1" number that extends across the screen, which starts to spin before slamming into the Halberd's view. Then, it rotates around the arena in a more erratic manner than before, changing directions.
Memories Star Dream disappears, and one or more giant implements appear which fire projectiles or attempt to collide with the Halberd and can be shot down. These items appear in the following order:
  • Countdown to 5: weathercocks ×2 - they will shoot arrows at the Halberd.
  • Countdown to 4: light bulbs ×3 - they will try to explode on the Halberd.
  • Countdown to 3: piano keys - several of them fly towards the Halberd in a swirling matter.
  • Countdown to 2: pocket watch ×1 & telescope ×1 - the pocket watch tries to bite at the Halberd, and the telescope rotates while blasting a beam of light.
  • Countdown to 1: compass ×1 - it spreads ring-like projectiles towards the Halberd.
Fatal Error If the countdown gets to GO!, a system error occurs, and many red rectangular forcefields with the words "FATAL ERROR" hit the Halberd with massive damage, then slams it into the screen, cracking it. It's still possible to dodge it, but it can easily destroy the Halberd if it does not have any sufficient health to survive it. If the Halberd survives, then the Dead End Code countdown resets back to 5 and begins anew.

Phase 4[edit]

Once Phase 3 concludes, Star Dream Soul OS falls for a moment but then shoots a surprise laser to cripple the Halberd. Meta Knight releases Kirby from its face, to engage Star Dream Soul OS one last time with the Robobot Armor by itself. However, this time, Star Dream Soul OS inhales Kirby. Inside, Kirby must then contend with the heart of the computer, in a completely distinct final battle in a circular arena.

Quote1.png All of Haltmann's memories have been deleted from the OS. Even his soul--the last trace of Haltmann--has vanished. Star Dream has gone from a near-perfect being to a cold, mindless machine. Quote2.png
— Kirby: Planet Robobot Pause Screen description

The heartless heart.
Attacks - Phase 4
Attack Description
Flip-Flop Star Dream Soul OS rotates pillars around the arena, which contain pieces that need to be destroyed. Pillars that are still intact damage Kirby on contact. As they reposition, they occasionally leave stars behind. This is reminiscent of the fight with Galactic Nova Nucleus. President Haltmann's voice can be heard crying out every time a pillar is destroyed.
Output Star Dream Soul OS brings in either two Blade Knights, two Waddle Doos, two Chemitorys, two Westers, two Capsule J3s or two Galbos to get in Kirby's way. This attack always comes out first if Kirby enters the battle with no Copy Ability.
Heartful Tears Star Dream Soul OS sweeps the arena with lasers. Once this is done, each section of the arena erupts in an energy flash, two-by-two, creating many stars.
Supervisor Call Star Dream Soul OS shoots out numerous explosives which can be swallowed and spat back.
Feint Heart - Shooter Cutter Star Dream Soul OS warps around, then stops and shoots out four cutter-like projectiles which rapidly weave in and out. These can be swallowed and spat back. Sometimes the OS will perform the Shooter Cutter portion twice in a row.
Deadly Heart Star Dream Soul OS splits in half and slides across the arena, then recombines, creating a huge explosion and several stars. It does this three times in a row.
Heartless Tears When Star Dream Soul OS' Stamina is depleted, it returns to the center of the arena and pulsates violently. As it dies, it releases a last-ditch series of waves to try and take out Kirby. The player actually needs to take control here, because if Kirby is not at full Stamina himself, he is guaranteed to be taken out if one of those waves hit. The waves will ignore invulnerability frames on any moves other than Dodge, ESP's Vanish move, and consumption of an Ability Star with incredibly good timing. This is the first boss in Kirby series history to possess a post-defeat attack.

After Kirby survives the energy waves, the heart rises, shakes out of control, then shrinks. It pauses for a moment before exploding, being fractured into two, then crumbling into pieces, as President Haltmann is heard screaming one final time.


  • There are some details that are only explained in the Japanese version of the pause Special Pages:
    • Phase 1's Japanese Special Page describes that the final program has been "unlocked due to unknown damage (未知ノ ダメージに ヨリ、最終プログラムが アンロック。)", which implies that this soul form is caused by the attack of Galacta Knight Returns. The Special Page itself is also written in first-person and reveals that Star Dream knows that the last bit of Haltmann's soul is trying to sabotage it and thus begins to delete it.
    • Phase 4's Japanese Special Page has an additional line at the end: 夢も見ない、ゴハンも食べない、そんな あいては もはや、星のカービィの てきでは なかった! ("A being that can't dream or eat is no match for Kirby of the Stars!")
  • When Star Dream Soul OS begins its 1st phase, it spurts blood (more than likely oil due to it being a mechanical entity). This is one of the few Kirby series bosses to have a depiction of blood. The others are Zero, , Shadow Dedede, Dark Meta Knight's Revenge, and Void Termina (Phase 2).
  • The French, Italian and Spanish names of Star Dream Soul OS do not have any depiction of "soul," instead using the term ".exe."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の夢.Soul OS
Hoshi no Yume.Soul OS
Star Dream.Soul OS
French idole_des_etoiles.exe idol_of_the_stars.exe
German Sternengeist OS Star Soul OS
Italian Sogno Stellare.exe Stellar Dream.exe
Korean 별의 꿈.Soul OS
byeol-ui kkum.Soul OS
Star Dream.Soul OS
Spanish Sueño Estelar.exe Stellar Dream.exe