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Electro Shock Tank

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Electro Shock Tank
KBR Electro Shock Tank.png
Screencap of a Electro Shock Tank with no rider from Kirby Battle Royale
Type Vehicle
Function Attack rivals
Found Appears in Attack Riders
Game(s) Kirby Battle Royale
Similar to Heavy Lobster, Blaze Wheelie
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Electro Shock Tank[1] is an object that can be found in the Attack Riders game of Kirby Battle Royale. It is a vehicle which resembles the Heavy Lobster from Kirby Super Star, and can be driven by a combatant in the game.

Electro Shock Tank appears specifically in the 'Attack Tanker' stage of Attack Riders. It is dumped onto the arena via a central spinning ramp every now and then, waiting for a contestant to hop on and start riding. Its movement speed is modest, but it is capable of jumping quite high using its boosters. Its main feature, however, is the cannon, capable of firing a huge round that circles around the stage. When this round hits an opponent, they will be knocked to the ground, and take severe damage. A gauge to the top-left tells the player when another round can be fired.

While the Electro Shock Tank is tough, it can easily be hijacked, as a single hit will cause the driver to be knocked out of the vehicle. If two Electro Shock Tanks fire volleys at each-other, the volleys will cancel each-other out on impact.


  • Electro Shock Tank's default color is silver, but when a contestant hops on, this will change to match the rider, or the rider's team.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でんばきタンク[2]
denbaki tanku
Electric Tank


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