Crystal (area)

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Crystal (area)
Crystal Stage.jpg
Screencap of a section of Crystal in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main game The Great Cave Offensive
Mid-boss(es) Poppy Bros. Sr.
Boss Computer Virus
Treasures 16
Theme music

no music given

Level order
Sub-Tree Old Tower
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Crystal is the second area that Kirby visits in The Great Cave Offensive in Kirby Super Star and its remake. The area has 16 Treasures. It is the only area inside of the cave that resembles an actual cave, and is lined with crystals (presumably made of quartz), and many underwater sections. The boss of this area is Computer Virus.


The first room that Kirby enters will place him in a vertical column chamber, with the way down leading into water. There are two treasures here.

The second room is a hub of sorts, with four doorways accessible from the main area. The top door leads to a save room, and the lower three leads off to different sections of the cave. There are no treasures here.

The leftmost door leads to an open area of the cave, where switches can be pressed to create waterfalls that bust through certain walls. There are seven treasures here.

The lower middle door from the hub room leads to a largely underwater section of the cave. There are a great deal of winding tunnels and nooks and crannies here. There are three treasures here.

The rightmost door leads into a more brightly colored section of the cave, which is an open passage leading further off to the right. Lots of quick enemies await Kirby in this room. There are four treasures here.

From here, the boss room awaits (details in the Boss section below).


Crystal Area Treasures  
Treasure Image Value How to reach
Dime DimeSS.png Dime.png 10 G This treasure can be found underneath the doorway in the first room, lying on a bed of breakable blocks.
Glass Slippers (Kirby Super Star) GlassslipperSS.png Glassslipper.png 120,000 G This treasure can be found beneath the previous one, under the blocks.
Glass Slipper (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Goblet GobletSS.png Goblet.png 800 G This treasure can be found by pressing one of the switches to the left of the entrance in the left room.
Saucepan SaucepanSS.png Saucepan.png 10 G This treasure can be found at the bottom of the left room in a pool of water with a small bottomless pit inside. Pressing the switch causes the chest to appear above the pit, then fall in. Kirby has to open it before it falls in to get the item inside.
Brass Knuckle BknuckleSS.png Brassknuckle.png 20,000 G This treasure can be found to the left of the water pit in the left room behind a Gate, with the switch to open it also behind the gate. Kirby will have to use a Copy Ability that allows him to hit the switch from behind the gate to access it.
Amber Rose AmberroseSS.png Amberrose.png 22,100 G This treasure can be found to the far left wall in the left room, on an overhang guarded by a Bomber.
Fish Fossil FishfossilSS.png Fishfossil.png 8,250 G This treasure can be found through a side-passage in the middle of the left area guarded by swift wind currents.
Beast Fossil BeastfossilSS.png Beastfossil.png 24,220 G This treasure is in the same room as the previous one.
Nunchuks (Kirby Super Star) GCO Nunchuks.png Machineparts.png 55,480 G This treasure is guarded by a Poppy Bros. Sr. near the top of the left area.
Machine Parts (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 121,300 G
Bucket BucketSS.png Bucket.png 200 G This treasure can be found in the lower room by swimming through a switchback underwater tunnel past the surface guards, then swimming up a small vertical shaft and breaking through a Star Block.
Summertime (Kirby Super Star) Summertime.png Powerpaintbrush.png 250,000 G This treasure can be found in the lower room along the spike tunnels with moving platforms inset. It is behind a barrier of breakable blocks.
Power Paintbrush (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 222,000 G
100-Dollar Coin 100-dollarcoinSS.png 100-dollarcoin.png 10,000 G This treasure can be found in the water channel at the bottom of the lower room, along the floor. Kirby will need to be quick to get it, or he will be swept past and have to loop back around.
Ancient Gem AncientgemSS.png Ancientgem.png 68,000 G This treasure can be found in the right room up a ladder behind a Bomb Block barrier. Kirby will have to mind the Spikes that appear after the barrier is broken.
Falcon Helmet FalconhelmetSS.png Falconhelmet.png 41,000 G This treasure can be found in a lower grotto section of the right room, behind a large barricade of breakable blocks guarded by a Tac.
Dud (Kirby Super Star) Dud.png Cellphone.png 30 G This treasure can be found further down the path in the right room, under a bomb block barrier in the floor, guarded by a Wheelie.
Cell Phone (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 40,210 G
Truth Mirror TruthmirrorSS.png Truthmirror.png 500,000 G This treasure can be found in the lower-right end of the right room, through a spike and Gordo-filled tunnel with a wind current blowing Kirby back.

Enemies, mid-boss, and boss[edit]

Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSBlipper.png BlipperSSU.png Blipper None KSSJungleBomb.png JunglebomberSSU.png Jungle Bomb Bomb
KSSBomber.png BomberSSU.png Bomber Crash KSSPoppyBrosJr.png PoppyjrSSU.png Poppy Bros. Jr. Cutter
KSSBounder.png GipSSU.png Bounder/Gip None KSSSirKibble.png SirkibbleSSU.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KSSBroomHatter.png BroomhatterSSU.png Broom Hatter None KSSSlippy.png SlippySSU.png Slippy None
KSSCapsuleJ.png Capsulej2SSU.png Capsule J/Capsule J2 Jet KSSSquishy.png SquishySSU.png Squishy None
KSSGim.png GimSSU.png Gim Yo-Yo KSSTAC.png TacSSU.png T.A.C. Copy
KSSGordo.png GordoSSU.png Gordo N/A KSSWheelie.png WheelieSSU.png Wheelie Wheel
KSSGrizzo.png GrizzoSSU.png Grizzo None
Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSPoppyBrosSr.png PoppysrSSU.png Poppy Bros. Sr. Bomb
Image (KSS) Name Copy Ability
Computervirusslimebattle.png Computer Virus various (from Copy Essences)

Boss: Computer Virus[edit]

A Puppet appears!

The room before the boss fight contains three Copy Pedestals, holding the Fighter, Wing and Jet abilities.

From there, the main chamber is a big open space, where Kirby will need to keep moving until he is stopped by a series of computer desktop windows that appear. The fight with Computer Virus, as this Boss is known, takes place in a turn-based fashion, like a traditional Japanese RPG. Kirby has to face down against three opponents (a Slime, a Puppet, and a Magician), one after the other, and can't attack them until it's 'his turn'. Meanwhile, when it's the enemy's turn to attack, Kirby does have the option of dodging or raising his Guard.

Once all three opponents are defeated, the screens slowly disappear, while telling Kirby which non-existent attributes he just leveled up. From there, Kirby can take the Mine Cart to reach the next area of the cave, the Old Tower.