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Ravel Ability

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Ravel Abilities are a set of six different abilities that Kirby can obtain exclusively in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. Ravel Abilities act similar to Copy Abilities from the main series titles, though they are not obtained from inhaling enemies. Instead, Kirby can find Ravel Balls[1] out in the open in stages either being held by enemies or on their own and he will equip them if he uses the Yarn Whip on them. If Kirby already has a Ravel Ability, it will be replaced by the new one he touches.

Ravel Abilities can also be discarded via "Unravel" by pressing X, which will cause them to bounce away similar to Ability Stars, and can be re-equipped if touched again. Much like most Copy Abilities, Ravel Abilities can be taken outside of the stages they are found in. However, Ravel Abilities cannot be used in the Neighbors' mini-games. Some Ravel Abilities are used alongside Kirby's standard Yarn Whip, while others replace it entirely.


There are six different Ravel Abilities in the game, which are as follows:


Main article: Bobbin

This ability allows Kirby to throw a bobbin attached to a string at his foes. This ability is similar to the Yo-Yo ability, though it functions a little differently.


Main article: Button

This ability allows Kirby to toss bombs that produce a rather large explosion, similar to the Bomb ability.

Knitting Needles[edit]

Main article: Knitting Needles

This hat allows Kirby to create yarn balls at will without the need to wrap up an enemy. When wrapping up an enemy, the hat will produce extra large balls.

Marking Pins[edit]

Main article: Marking Pins

This ability allows Kirby to toss a set of three marking pins in a given direction which fly in a mild spread.


Main article: Nylon

This hat allows Kirby to spin around creating a wind vortex (similar to the Tornado ability) that defeats foes and draws in nearby beads. This ability replaces the Yarn Whip.


Main article: Wire

This ability gives Kirby a sword made of wire that can be used to slice and dice foes, even when underwater. It acts very similar to the Sword ability, and replaces the Yarn Whip.


Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Ravel Abilities

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さいほう能力のうりょく
Saibō Nōryoku
Sewing Ability
  • さいほう is the hiragana spelling of 裁縫.
  • The containers are called さいほうのもと (Sewing Essence), similar to Copy Essence.
French Tricotalent Knitting talent
From "tricot" (knitting) and "talent".
Korean 재봉 능력
Jaebong Neungryeok
Sewing Ability
Portuguese Habilidade Ravel Ravel Ability
Spanish Hilabilidad Combination of "Hilo" (Thread) and "Habilidad" (Ability)


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