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Grape Garden - Stage 7

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Grape Garden - Stage 7
KNiDL Kracko battle.png
Kirby tries to avoid a flash of lightning from Kracko (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land).
Level Grape Garden
Big Switch No
Theme music

Clips of the music that plays in Grape Garden - Stage 7

Stage order
Grape Garden - Stage 6 Yogurt Yard - Stage 1
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Grape Garden - Stage 7 is the final stage of Grape Garden in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. This stage pits Kirby against Kracko Jr., transforming later into Kracko, whom Kirby must defeat to obtain the fourth piece of the Star Rod and advance to the next level; Yogurt Yard.


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The stage begins with an open area with a solid cloud floor. Kracko Jr. appears to the right from Kirby, and then dives below the scene. A Starman appears which Kirby can use to obtain the Hi-Jump Copy Ability. Using this ability, Kirby can jump up past numerous cloud platforms with more Starmen patrolling them. Meanwhile, Kracko Jr. gives chase. During this phase, the cycloptic cloud cannot be harmed, so Kirby should focus on continuing to move upward, especially since attempting to go back down will cause him to fall into a bottomless pit.

Once Kirby reaches the highest cloud layer, Kracko Jr. transforms into Kracko proper and becomes vulnerable to attack. Kirby can easily attack by jumping into the cloud using Hi-Jump, but if he loses that ability at any point, he will have to wait for Kracko to drop another Starman during the fight. In addition to this, Kracko attacks by swooping, firing a dual beam from his eye, and sweeping the stage with a continuous lightning current.

Once Kracko is defeated, he explodes and vanishes, leaving the fourth piece of the Star Rod for Kirby to collect. From there, Kirby does his dance, then proceeds to the hub of Yogurt Yard.