Revenge of the King

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Kirby Super Star (Ultra) Main Game InfoBox
Revenge of the King Title.jpg
Title screen for Revenge of the King.
Difficulty 5 Stars
Stages 5
Final Boss Masked Dedede
Other Bosses Whispy's Revenge, Lololo & Lalala's Revenge, Kracko's Revenge, Kabula
Unlock Requirements Complete Milky Way Wishes (Super Star Ultra only)
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Revenge of the King is a main game exclusive to Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is a harder and longer version of Spring Breeze, with many enemies replaced with tougher counterparts, and the bosses all upgraded (and Kabula thrown in as well). It is unlocked when Milky Way Wishes is completed, and must be completed to unlock The True Arena.


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King Dedede wants to get revenge on Kirby (presumably for the events of Spring Breeze), so he musters his forces and fortifies his castle. Kirby sets off to defeat him again (possibly presuming that Dedede is up to no good) by traversing the land and besting his minions. He collects three Sparkling Stars along the way, using them to battle Kabula and gain access to the castle.

Once inside, Kirby charges toward the throne room, as King Dedede sends in the last of his minions in a desperate bid to stop the pink menace. As this happens, Dedede is having a running conversation with his closest soldier, Bandana Waddle Dee, who bravely defends his king despite being dismissed. Once Kirby reaches the ring, he battles Dedede, who has donned a mask and jet hammer for the occasion.

Once defeated, King Dedede is knocked out of his castle once more. He and the remainder of his Waddle Dees roam the desert in disgrace, in the knowledge that they simply cannot best Kirby.


The stages are played in the following order:

Stages in Revenge of the King
Stage Boss Mid-Boss(es) Notes
Purple Plants Whispy's Revenge Phan Phan
Illusion Islands Lololo & Lalala's Revenge Fire Lion, Mr. Tick Tock
Crash Clouds Kracko's Revenge Grand Wheelie, Kracko Jr.'s Revenge
Mt. Dedede Sky Kabula This stage is nothing more than a boss fight with Kabula using the Starship.
The Revenge Masked Dedede Bandana Waddle Dee, Grand Wheelie, Mr. Tick-Tock, Phan Phan, Twin Fire Lions Unlike previous iterations of this stage, it includes much more of the castle.


King Dedede after his defeat.
  • Despite this game only appearing in Kirby Super Star Ultra, the copyright year still reads as 1996-2008.

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