Revenge of the King

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King Dedede after his defeat.

Revenge of the King is an unlockable game within Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is a harder and longer version of Spring Breeze. Most of the enemies are replaced with stronger ones. Bosses are also replaced with harder versions as well.


Purple Plants

Purple Plants is basically a more difficult form of Green Greens, bearing a purple color scheme. The room with a Maximum Tomato stays, but it now has more obstacles and a Rose Lovely. It has the same music as Green Greens. Whispy Woods is no longer there, and now it is Whispy's Revenge. Whispy's Revenge can make Gordos, poisonous bugs and apples fall out. Some apples are poison, and it is very easy to tell which one is poison. Inhaling poisoned apples will cause damage to Kirby. Whispy's Revenge can shoot tornadoes, the appearance of which can be indicated by Whispy making an angry face.

Illusion Islands

Illusion Islands is a bunch of strange islands. It replaces Float Islands. There is an area full of Grumples. The music is the same too. Lololo and Lalala's Revenge is here. Lololo is now purple and the Lalala is now orange. Gordos can even move on their own.

Crash Clouds

Crash Clouds replaces Bubbly Clouds. It is full of clouds. Kracko Jr.'s Revenge is here too. One room is infested with invisible Plasma Wisps. Kracko is replaced with the end-world boss Kracko's Revenge , whose lightning beam now goes in 8 directions.

Mt. Dedede Sky

In Mt. Dedede Sky, Kirby uses his Starship to fight Kabula, who can shoot bullets, missiles, and Gordos. Keep shooting stars and dodging Kabula's attacks.

The Revenge

This stage takes place at King Dedede's Castle, where Kirby must traverse through several rooms containing mid-bosses, before reaching the final boss of this sub-game, Masked Dedede. In the ending cutscenes following his defeat, King Dedede, now without his mask, can be seen walking away, sulking with Waddle Dees.