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Royal Road - Stage 7 EX

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Royal Road - Stage 7 EX
KTD Royal Road Stage 7 EX select.png
Stage 7 EX on the Royal Road level hub.
Level Royal Road
Hypernova Section? No
Sun Stones 3
Keychains 5
Rare Keychain Magolor
Mid-Bosses Gigant Edge DX, Hornhead DX
Theme music
Stage order
Royal Road - Stage 6 Royal Road - Stage 8 EX
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Royal Road - Stage 7 EX (referred to in-game simply as Stage 7 EX) is an optional stage in Royal Road, unlocked once all Sun Stones from prior Royal Road stages have been collected. There are three Sun Stones and five keychains in this stage. The rare keychain is one depicting Magolor.


This stage serves as an extensive amalgamation of all the levels that Kirby traversed prior to reaching this stage. It begins in a grassy area reminiscent of Fine Fields, and involves swimming through floating cubes of water while avoiding the timber from Lumberjack Waddle Dees and rolling dirt boulders flying in from the background. At the end of this section, Kirby can find a portal inside a waterfall which will carry him to the next area, but just beyond that is a hidden cache containing some goodies, including a keychain.

The portal takes Kirby to a toybox area reminiscent of certain stages in Lollipop Land. Here, he has to traverse a hallway with floors made of ice blocks and lined with Springy Hands. Using a fiery attack will allow Kirby to safely pass under these hands by breaking the floors. As Kirby travels to the foreground, he will need to be mindful of open spike pits amidst the icy flooring. Along the way, breaking the icy floor can lead to an optional doorway where a Sun Stone can be picked up. Under this same floor, another keychain can be found before proceeding through the portal to the next region.

The next region is reminiscent of Royal Road - Stage 5, and involves Kirby carrying a key over platforms shooting in and out from the background on timed intervals. This process is repeated two more times with more complicated platform layouts. The portal forward can be found after unlocking the third gate.

The next area pits Kirby against a gauntlet of alternating fire-spewing pipes and rolling snowballs in an area resembling the wintry portions of Old Odyssey. All the while, a constant gale pushes Kirby toward the right, so he needs to keep on his little red feet to avoid getting caught in something harmful. At the end of the first hall, a 3D Warp Star will take Kirby to the background, where the wind now pushes him toward the left. The portal to the next area can be found at the left end of this passageway.

The portal takes Kirby to an area reminiscent of the sand temples from Wild World, where he will need to carry some Timed Dynamite across a series of Tilt Gondolas while avoiding the attacks of Burner Guardians and avoiding spiky hazards. Blowing up the first stone block reveals a keychain, and blowing up the second grants access to an optional doorway leading to another Sun Stone. The portal forward is just to the left from there, guarded by Beetley.

The following region takes its look from Royal Road - Stage 5 again, and has Kirby travel through tight hallways lined with extending walls from the background that threaten to launch him into the 3DS screen. After passing several of these sections, the portal can be found at the end of the snaking hall.

Kirby is teleported to a magmatic tunnel reminiscent of those from Endless Explosions, and has to avoid periodic gouts of lava from the ceiling as he proceeds to the right. From there, he has to deal with rotating walls from the background along an otherwise open walkway, with some ice and magma blocks in the way that can be broken with the right abilities. The Gold Keychain can be found in this area. After passing by several more of these same types of obstacles, Kirby can uncover the portal forward by breaking a Bomb Block barrier at the end of the pathway.

The next area places Kirby in a Royal Road-like region where he has to deal with several Sectra Tanks in the background by removing their flooring. The same needs to be done with Gigatzos in Kirby's plane of travel. The next portal can be found at the end of this fairly dangerous area.

The last area resembles Royal Road - Stage 5 again, and here, Kirby receives an Assist Star from Bandana Waddle Dee before doing battle with the Mid-Boss Hornhead DX, which is fought in a room with a spiky ceiling. From there, Kirby needs to move ahead to an even spikier room with a Shotzo firing from the background where he has to fight Gigant Edge DX. With both foes vanquished, Kirby can pick up the last Sun Stone before heading through the goal door to complete this very long stage.

Sun Stone & Rare Keychain Guide[edit]

  • Sun Stone 1 - In the toybox area, Kirby can break through the ice blocks to reveal a side door. Inside is a room with the stone and a Hot Head over another icy floor and a wall that's about to fall over. Kirby will need to quickly grab the stone and then escape.
  • Sun Stone 2 - In the ruins area, Kirby needs to ferry the second Timed Dynamite bundle successfully to the other side, and blow up a stone block to access a side door. Inside, Kirby then needs to use a 3D Laser Bar to carefully break away the blocks surrounding a treasure chest without dropping the chest itself. Inside the chest is this stone.
  • Sun Stone 3 - After defeating both Mid-Bosses at the end. this stone can be collected from the chest.
  • Rare Keychain - In the volcanic area, the second set of rotating walls has an ice block barrier which reveals a Key, which can open a door to a chamber filled with magma blocks. Clearing these away gives access to this keychain.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Special

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  • Music used in this stage includes the following: