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Spin Panel

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Spin Panel
KAR Spin Panel Screenshot.png
Close-up of a Spin Panel on the Checker Knights stage
Type Device
Function Causes a continuous Quick Spin when touched
Found Some race tracks
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
Similar to Dash Panel
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This article is about the panel in Kirby Air Ride, and should not be confused with Turntable.

A Spin Panel is a flat floor-laying panel in Kirby Air Ride which when interacted with causes the rider to perform a continuous Quick Spin for several seconds. For most machines, Kirby will need to briefly brake on the panel in order to activate it, but wheeled machines will automatically activate them. In addition to forcing a quick spin, Spin Panels also provide a small boost to the machine's speed.

Spin Panels are most prominent in the Checker Knights stage in Air Ride mode. Here, they appear along the corkscrew path which is accessed right after exiting the underwater portion of the track. One of the Checklist objectives involves using these Spin Panels seven times or more during a race, and then finishing in first place. Doing so unlocks the Green Greens orchestral arrangement as an alternate track for the Checker Knights course.

Checklist objectives[edit]

Spin Panels are involved in the following Air Ride checklist objectives:

  • "CHECKER KNIGHTS: Use spin panels 7 times or more and take 1st place!"